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The 48 Hour Trip: From Florence to Bangkok (Part 2)

13/01/2013, Bangkok, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Milan, Swiss Airlines, Travel, Zurich

The high-speed train ride from Florence to Milan was so smooth I pretty much slept throughout the entire journey. One of the attendants woke me up just minutes before arriving into Milan’s Central Station.

Milano Centrale

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Moonshadows Malibu

08/06/2012, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Los Angeles

Free time is very hard to find these days. Period. Its my day off today and I had a few hours to spare. My beau arrived yesterday from Europe and he’s in town for his summer vacation. Rumi and I thought it would be great to celebrate his first time in Los Angeles by visiting Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu. It’s funny and ironic how it’s my bf’s first time in LA and then we left LA. Haha! It’s been awhile since we the three of us reunited so we had a blast cavorting around the western coast. The look on my bf’s face was priceless after he felt the Pacific Ocean on his feet for the first time.

Bryanboy in front of Moonshadows restaurant, Malibu, California
Rumi Neely at Moonshadows restaurant, Malibu, California
Moonshadows restaurant, Malibu black cod

11:18 am

What’s For Dinner?

02/04/2012, Food and Drink

Some of my friends have been nagging at me to watch two documentaries for the longest time — Forks Over Knives and Food Inc. I finally rented both films on iTunes and I must say they’re both eye-openers. The food industry is INSANE. I suggest that you do the same PRONTO. I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way again the next time I have any form of meat (processed or not) on my plate.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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A Little Bit Of Sausage

27/03/2012, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Las Vegas

It’s all about eating lots of fruit and that little piece of sausage…

YouTube Preview Image
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Tokyo Photo Diary

16/12/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Rumi Neely, Tokyo

This month’s Tokyo jaunt has got to be the longest time I’ve ever spent in the city that I found myself saying ‘I’m so Tokyo-ed out’ towards the end of the trip. And how can I not be Tokyo-ed out? I maximized my time with meetings, shopping (more like window-shopping because of the sick exchange rates) and of course, culinary indulgences. Tokyo is a city like no other. The energy and the pace here is simply not the same as, say, New York. I love it nonetheless and I look forward to coming back sooner than both you and I think.

Bryanboy in his big bird outfit outside the Prada Tokyo show venue

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Truffle Rice at Kadowaki

08/12/2011, Food and Drink, Tokyo

Pure indulgence! I had truffle rice last night at two-star Michelin restaurant Kadowaki at Azabu-Juban.

YouTube Preview Image


I’ll share the pics later when I have time. I’m about to be interviewed for Japanese Television!

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Afternoon Tea With Diane Pernet

05/12/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Tokyo

My friend Diane Pernet took me to CHA GINZA, one of her favourite tea places yesterday morning. For about 8 euros, I had what I thought was the best tea I ever tasted. Tea service, as you know, is a ritual, almost an art form, here in Japan.

Diane Pernet and Bryanboy having tea at CHA Ginza

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Starlite Diner

30/10/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Moscow

I know it sounds crazy but I’m one of those people who always go back to the same places over and over again. Maga and I went to Starlite Diner, a Muscovite institution where the young ‘uns go to for that post-clubbing/post-boozing meal. It still looks exactly the same after all these years. The last time I visited this place was roughly around five or six years ago. I went early this time around: early evening (6PM) instead of early in the morning. Don’t ask me why. This geriatric has a one AM self-imposed curfew. Ok two.

Bryanboy at Starlite Diner, Moscow

I ordered what they call “The Really Big Shawn Burger” — three hundred grams of pure beef patties with chili, cheese sauce, bacon and jalapeno peppers. I’m surprised I didn’t get a coronary from that one. It was insane. I really shouldn’t be eating these things because it’s very bad for the figure — you should’ve seen my face when I (unsuccessfully) tried FOUR jackets at the Céline store in Milan — but best to do this now before my metabolism REALLY slows down.

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Turandot Restaurant, Moscow

30/10/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Moscow

Are you Moscow-bound one of these days? A visit to the amazing restaurant, Tvrandot Palace, is a must. It’s been two years since I last went here. Be prepared for one of those ‘out-of-this-world’ experiences. The restaurant known as Tvrandot has got to have the most excessive and decadent interiors ever.

Bryanboy, Patrick and Keith at Turandot Palace, Moscow
Me and my dining companions, Patrick and Keith, couldn’t stop giggling at our ostentatious surroundings. After our meal, we took a bunch of photos, pretending we were old hags posing for Hello! Magazine. “Welcome to our gracious home!” It’s a good thing we went there quite late. We were the last patrons who left the restaurant.

In spite of the European decor, I love how the restaurant serves Asian fare — lots of Chinese and Japanese classics. I had a bowl of hot and sour soup followed by a very generous serving of crispy duck, prepared by waiters who wore period costumes. In other words, I basically had Chinese food inside a restaurant that looks like a Fabergé egg. What an experience!

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For The Voyeur In You

13/08/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion Bloggers, Food and Drink, København

Thought I’d satisfy the voyeur in you by sharing a little weekend treat — photos I took from my iPhone!

Bryanboy at Henrik Vibskov - iPhone photo

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