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Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie [watch online - FREE!]

11/08/2009, Film

Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie

It’s the ultimate story of my, no, OUR lives! Except she ended up with the man in the end and we’re still paying the damn visa bill.

I just spent an hour and forty four minutes watching Confessions of a Shopaholic movie for the 3rd time. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, go ahead and watch the whole movie below.

You’re welcome.

PS. Oh my nerves, that blond girl from Popular is there and she hasn’t aged a day over 25! I’m surprised she’s still getting acting jobs. Whatever happened to Mary Cherry?

9:29 pm

Yves Saint Laurent 1992 Documentary – The Look

16/04/2009, Fashion and Style, Film

Yves Saint Laurent 1992 Documentary

There’s Lagerfeld Confidential. There’s also Signe Chanel and the Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton documentary by Loic Prigent. But have you seen the documentary produced in 1992 (yes, that’s seventeen years ago — I was two years old) about Yves Saint Laurent’s extraordinary, colourful and dramatic life? It’s a must for any fashion lover out there.

If you do not watch this emotional and tear-jerking film in its entirety now or later, I have one thing to say: YOU. ARE. DEAD. TO. ME.

And yes, I love you Suzy Menkes!!

“While other little boys played with tin soldiers, Yves busied himself with paper dolls. Ridiculed by schoolmates, the delicate child swore that one day that he would be famous. At the age of 18, indications of things to come: first prize at a sponsored Parisian fashion competition beating the 19 year old Karl Lagerfeld into second place where some would say he has remained.”

Click click click!


11:48 am

BRUNO the Movie (Trailer) feat. Sascha Baron Cohen

03/04/2009, Film

BRUNO the Movie (Trailer) feat. Sascha Baron Cohen

Now Bruno, my dear readers, is the must-see movie of the year! I can’t wait for this film to hit the theatres.

“What is D&G?”
“Dolce & Gabbana, hello!”

7:27 pm

Dans Paris Movie

30/03/2009, Film

Dans Paris Movie

I need to see THIS film. I’m not really a big fan of sappy love stories (gimme a break, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion is my fave film of ALL TIME) but Dans Paris made an impression on me. It’s the story of a man who broke up with his girlfriend in a small town in France. The guy moved to Paris where his father lives and both his dad & his womanizing bro (Louis Garrel… so so hot! Give me a piece of that!) tried to help him recover throughout his depression.

Meanwhile, this is so sad.

I just ordered a DVD online WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES so hopefully I’ll get it within the next few weeks.

4:31 am

Audrey Tautou for Coco Avant Chanel the Movie [Video]

13/03/2009, Fashion and Style, Film

Audrey Tautou for Coco Avant Chanel

Wow. Just wow! Coming to French theaters this April 22, the film Coco Avant Chanel starring Audrey Tautou, looks amazing!

*photo credit: warner bros. france via imdb

3:41 am

My Fair Lady (Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harisson)

27/12/2008, Film

My Fair Lady (Audrey Hepburn)

My Fair Lady (starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harisson) has the WORST movie ending ever!!!! Bah. I’m so disappointed!!!

My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison

Oh and Ralph Lauren 40th anniversary is dat chu?

I’m going to bed now. It’s 3:35AM I have so many things to do tomorrow later today.

5:08 pm

Watch Desperately Seeking Susan Online (Madonna, Rosanna Arquette)

25/12/2008, Film

Desperately Seeking Susan

I know it’s crazy because I’m not really a big Madonna fan but I love her more now after watching this old film. I’m probably the last person in the world who’s seen it but if you haven’t, here’s the entire movie that you may watch online, courtesy of YouTube. It’s hysterical! My favourite line: take a valium like a normal person. Hah!

Click click click!


8:12 pm

Slumdog Millionaire the Movie (Trailer)

10/12/2008, Film

Slumdog Millionaire

I HAVE to see this film. I have to. There must be a way for me to see this movie in spite of me living in the third world, without having to wait for the DVD.

Help, anyone?

2:04 am

Muriel’s Wedding

14/11/2008, Australia, Film

Muriel’s Wedding

I’m so disappointed with you guys! Why do I have this feeling that I’m the last person in the world to know about Muriel’s Wedding? It seems that everyone on my international network (natch!) have seen this 1994 camp Australian classic except for me!

“Wait!! Let her finish her orgasm…”

Awww poor Muriel. Now this clip is *so* HYSTERICAL! You guys have absolutely *NO* idea how I sometimes wish I had a real “real” job where I can meet hot guys people every day. A lot of folks think being a full-time blogger is like taking a stroll at the park where everything is piss-easy…

At 8 bucks a pop (free shipping if you’re in the US), I just bought the DVD online. Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

8:23 pm

MOVIE: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

13/08/2008, Film

MOVIE: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

OH MY GOD! Say hello to the story of my life.

No, seriously. That's really my story. Except I have a blog and I don't work for a magazine (thank god for that otherwise, I would've been fired a looong time ago). Hahaha!

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

I've read THE BOOK by Toby Young… now it's important for me to see the film!