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Love & Other Drugs

30/03/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Film

I rented the film Love & Other Drugs (starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway) on iTunes and watched it during my thirteen-hour flight from Stockholm to Singapore. It’s a touching film that made me laugh and cry. My only complaint? There’s a ton of boob flashing which I thought was really unnecessary, otherwise, it’s a good chick flick. Download or buy it if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

YouTube Preview Image

BTW, Jake is to die for. He truly is the hottest man in Hollywood. Men with a bit of stubble, hairy chests and coloured eyes make me go weak in the knees.

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Quando, Quando, Quando by Dolce & Gabbana Trailer

13/08/2010, Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion and Style, Film

Quando, Quando, Quando by Dolce & Gabbana Trailer

Fashion films are all the rage these days and Italy’s favourite designer power duo, Dolce & Gabbana, recently produced a new movie called “Quando, Quando, Quando“. The film was shot in Rome, starring the gorgeous Monica Belluci. Here’s the trailer.

I smiled when I saw that group of men, especially the one who stuck his tongue out. I had flashbacks of what happened when I walked the streets of Florence in those vertiginous DSquared2 skeleton heels.

Click click click for behind-the-scenes photos.


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Tiger by James McFay [Movie Trailer]

15/07/2010, Film, Tokyo

Tiger by James McFay [Movie Trailer]

Have you ever heard of this film, Tiger? It’s a story of two lonely models who fell in love in Japan.

I need to see this film and I can’t wait to get the DVD in the mail. Support indie filmakers and buy the DVD by clicking HERE.

Speaking of Tokyo, there’s a chance of me going back to Japan for a few days later this year. I don’t have specific dates but it’s gonna be around December.

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The Human Centipede [movie trailer]

08/05/2010, Film

The Human Centipede [movie trailer]

Have you seen this film?

The Human Centipede Movie Poster/Trailer

I’m sure y’all know by now my taste in films tend to gravitate
towards the chick flick category and I’m not really a big fan of horror movies. Remember Paranormal
Activity? Yawnsville. I watched that film on the flight from Detroit to
Narita. The Human Centipede on the other hand, oh my lord, how grim is


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Eat, Pray, Love feat. Julia Roberts [movie trailer]

23/03/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Film

Eat, Pray, Love

America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, has a new film called “Eat, Pray, Love”. Watch the trailer. I need to do this in my life!!!!!!

Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts

I’d love to travel for a year. I’m sure it’s gonna be life-changing. I’ve just got back after being gone for almost two whole months (ok, NYC, Milan, Paris (for a few hours), New Jersey, Texas, New York and Tokyo are hardly exotic) and I’m already having problems adjusting to my usual environment. What, my pitiful cocoon in the third world? My mother missed me and cried when she opened the door over the weekend before telling me ‘wow, you got fat’.

Sometimes I feel like the world is soo small but I know it’s very big. There are tons of places I really would like to go. India is one of them. I’ve already been to Bali. I guess I just have to work harder, save more money and wait for the right moment to do it.

Can’t wait to see this film. The movie premieres August 13, 2010 in the USA and September 29, 2010 in the Philippines. Boo! Hiss!

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New York, I Love You [movie trailer + dvd]

25/01/2010, Film

New York, I Love You

Have you seen this movie? Between you and me, I don’t remember this film being shown at the theaters last year. 2009 went soo fast.

From the makers of Paris, Je T’aime comes this film called New York, I love You starring Bradley Cooper, Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Shia LaBeouf, Ethan Hawk, Christina Ricci and more.

I’m a sucker for chick flicks (it’s the only thing I watch, really) so I bought the DVD online. Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

New York, I Love You movie

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… less than 3 weeks, I think. Funny how it falls during fashion week.

I need a date. If not, well, I’ll probably just watch this movie in my room.

photo via google images

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Valentine’s Day Movie [trailer]

21/12/2009, Film

Valentine’s Day Movie [trailer]

Y’all know I LOVE as in “THE ONLY MOVIES I WATCH KIND OF LOVE” are chick flicks so I’m very excited about this Valentine’s Day movie.

Now who wants to take me out on a date in February on Valentine’s Day? I wanna see this film. Men only please, no fag hags. If memory serves me right, it premieres during Fall/Winter 2010-2011 NY Fashion Week.

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Watch The September Issue Online [full-length video]

28/10/2009, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, Film, Vogue USA

Watch The September Issue Online

For those of you unlucky ones who haven’t seen RJ Cutler’s smashing “The September Issue” documentary, boy, consider it your lucky day. Watch the full-length video below.

[Update - 11/03/2009: Due to a copyright claim by Actual Reality Pictures, producers of The September Issue, I am removing the (where it's hosted) video player on my site. You may, instead, buy the September Issue DVD HERE.]

Anna Wintour, September Issue

It’s an hour and twenty something minutes long so grab some popcorn and a drink. Or a bag of raisins and some mineral water.

As always, I have one thing to say. You’re welcome.

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Grace Coddington Part Deux

03/09/2009, Fashion and Style, Film, Vogue USA

Grace Coddington Part Deux

Here’s another tidbit from The September Issue.

I’m telling you — Grace Coddington is the STAR! The bit before this clip where she explained why she’s still working with Vogue after all these years almost made me cry. If you haven’t seen it yet, run, don’t walk, run, to the nearest movie theater where it’s showing.

You’re welcome.

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The September Issue

02/09/2009, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, Film, Vogue USA
Anna Wintour The September Issue Movie Poster

Here at the cinema about to watch the September Issue with John, Ashley and Jesse.

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