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Yves Saint Laurent, the Movie

09/12/2013, Film, Saint Laurent Paris

I’m curious about this new film, Yves Saint Laurent, coming in 2014. The film stars Pierre Niney as Yves Saint Laurent, Nikolai Kinski as Karl Lagerfeld and Guillaume Gallienne as Pierre Berge.

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The Great Gatsby (1974) vs The Great Gatsby (2013)

02/05/2013, Film

Somehow it feels as if the whole world is touting and hyping The Great Gatsby (2013) as the movie of the year. I’ve read the book (by F. Scott Fitzgerald) and saw the 1974 film a long time ago but I want to see Baz Luhrmann’s epic rendition purely for the stunning production and visuals.

2013 featuring Leonardo DiCaprio
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1974 featuring Robert Redford
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Deflowering My DVD Player

25/07/2012, Film

My super gracious agent hosted a lovely summer lobster dinner at his apartment last night. Before exiting, he pulled out a stash of DVDs for me to borrow. Yay for more reasons to keep my sanity intact by staying indoors, away from this horrible, sweltering weather.

Classic gay movie DVDs

Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing told me to watch the DVDs in the following order:

1) Mommie Dearest featuring Faye Dunaway
2) Auntie Mame featuring Rosalind Russell
3) Mahogany starring Diana Ross
4) All About Eve featuring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders and Celeste Holm
5) Grey Gardens featuring Edith and Edie Beale
6) Eyes of Laura Mars starring Faye Dunaway
7) Black White + Gray starring Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe

Have you seen any of these films? I’ve seen Grey Gardens a couple of times before but that’s about it. Whenever people ask what my favourite film is, I always rotate and pick one from my list: Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, Clueless, Unzipped and Paris is Burning.

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When Was The Last Time You Cried?

29/04/2012, Film

I’m not really a Channing Tatum fan but after yesterday’s waterworks, consider me a plus one. I saw the film “The Vow” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams on the flight from Manila to Singapore (en route to Sydney). I have NEVER weeped that much inside a plane before. My face was literally on my t-shirt; I’m so glad I took out my make up after take off. The super beautiful Margherita Missoni told me that “emotions are enhanced when flying.” “It’s normal to cry and laugh in an abnormal way,” she added. And she’s right. We all know I’m a sucker when it comes to chick flicks. Serve me a glass of white with a few cheesy, romantic lines and I’ll turn on the waterworks in no time.

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Charlize Theron – Young Adult

11/03/2012, Film

Now that Fashion Month is officially over, I can slob it up, eat, get fat, watch movies and turn myself into a caveman. Charlize Theron’s flick, “Young Adult”, is being shown in theaters here in France but I’m gonna do it the Bryanboy way — rent it on iTunes, watch it on my bed while eating like a pig, wearing cashmere pyjamas.

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One Day (Trailer)

16/10/2011, Film

I saw this film with the boyf earlier this evening and (like with most romance/chick flicks) I cried. I’m sure everyone in the cinema shed a tear or two as well.

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Have you seen it? I can’t believe Anne Hathaway got hit by a truck and the scene was brutal!

I’m buying the book. Click HERE to do the same.

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People Like Attention And Affection

10/08/2011, Film, Musings

The thing I dislike most about indie films is that I never get to see them because they are often widely unavailable or they don’t make DVD versions. I want to see “Weekend”, a movie about two men meeting on a Friday night and then they hung out, bonded and got to know each other for a whole weekend. I have a feeling they fell in love blah blah blah then it didn’t work blah blah blah etc. I don’t know the rest of the story but I definitely want to see it.

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Weekend Movie starring Tom Cullen and Chris New
Looks familiar? Can I see a show of hands?

I’ve gone through that shit dozens of times. I think it’s exactly the same for most people. It’s human nature that we like attention and affection. Give me attention and maybe I’ll show you a little bit of affection. Show me a wee bit of affection and I’ll definitely give you some attention.

We all have met strangers that we like… some we dispose, while some, well, let’s say we end up having a deep connection with. I cannot count the number of guys I’ve met over the years at my travels where the two of us get along so well but we have to cut it short because of the distance between us. I was single for what, many, many years and it was only until I met my boyfriend that I decided to give this relationship thing a go. Mind you, it’s the same story. We met in Stockholm, we spent time together, etc, etc etc and after two or three months, we bit the bullet and made a commitment.

During the earlier days of my relationship, I disliked it whenever guys from my boyfriend’s past reached out to him — you know, former flames, former friends with benefits the whole lot, people who weren’t aware that my bf is now partnered. I know how some gays work and the length some would go to just to get some dick and nuts, even if the other person has a partner or what have you. I hated the idea of him still talking to them and I’m glad I made that point. Sissy as I come, I have to mark my territory. It’s the alpha male in me.

People come as package deals, of course, and we all have to accept that this is always the case. Nobody comes without excess baggage. Though I must admit, my bf deserves an award for being secure in our relationship because when you think about it, I’m the one that travels the most and I meet so many people in so many cities yet I’m the one who is insecure and watching him like a hawk. Ironic, isn’t it?

There will always be someone out there who is prettier, thinner, more talented, more intelligent, nicer, richer, taller, blonder, darker, tanner, have a bigger dick or boobs, have better skin, have a tighter ass, etc. No one is irreplaceable. If you are too perfect, you can easily be replaced by someone less perfect than you. Most of us fear our partners meeting other people (whether from the past… or in the future) and forming something meaningful with them. My fear is that my bf would give up on me in exchange for someone similar and closer to him. I’m not exactly the most normal and stable person out there, what, with my lifestyle and nature of my work? I’m anything but normal.

Watching that trailer made me think. How many of us know our limits? Single or not, do you easily fall for someone after meeting them and bonding very briefly? To those in relationships, do you continuously see other people (thinking it’s harmless) and stretch your limits to see how far it would take you?

Enough babbling on a Wednesday. If you get the chance to see this film, be sure to let me know how it ends!

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Bull Head

02/08/2011, Film

Because of my schedule, the only time I get to watch films is whenever I’m 35,000 feet up in the air. I saw two bone-chilling movies yesterday — Rundskop (Bullhead) from Belgium and The Killing Room starring Chloe Sevigny. Have you seen both films? Crazy.

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Apoptose. Who knew such a word exists in the dictionary?

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God Save Their Shoes

30/07/2011, Fashion and Style, Film, Shoes

There’s a new documentary in town and I can’t wait to see it. Ladies and gays, meet “God Save My Shoes”.

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CHANEL Cruise 2012 – The Tale of a Fairy

11/05/2011, Chanel, Fashion and Style, Film

Allow me to present you Karl Lagerfeld’s latest new film for Chanel featuring his Cruise 2012 collection, “The Tale of Fairy”, starring Anna Mouglalis, Freja Beha, Kristen McMenamy, landy Amanda Harlech, Baptiste Giabiconi, Mark Vanderloo, Bianca Balti, Brad Kroenig and many others.

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