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A Shaded View of Florence

16/06/2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Florence, Pitti Uomo

A Shaded View of Florence

Fellow fashion blogger and friend Diane Pernet arrived today in Florence for Pitti.

She’s staying at the same hotel as I am and she’s one floor up. Thought I’d visit to say hello… it’s been quite awhile since I last saw her.

Diane Pernet

You should have seen her reaction when she opened the door and saw me. She was like, “stop! wait right there…” and she grabbed her camera to take a photo of me. It turns out that it was the first time she smiled today.

Fun times!

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Blog Love

11/06/2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Florence, Luisa Via Roma

Blog Love

I'm currently here in Florence to celebrate Luisa Via Roma's 10th year anniversary of As you know, I've supported them for as long as I can remember and it's wonderful to see how they've evolved over the years. Luisa Via Roma is one of my favourite online stores. Their selection is amazing and they have always been the first in posting collections in advance.

Luisa Via Roma Florence

It's my first time to visit Florence so you can imagine how I had goosebumps when I passed the store on during my night stroll. The store is a block away from my hotel!

Anyhoo, this bag was waiting for me when I arrived into my room.

The folks at Luisa Via Roma sent me this very cheeky t-shirt.


It's the perfect antidote to THIS.

Just sayin' :-)

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Burberry’s Bryan Boy Booties or Bryanboy’s Burberry Boots?

27/05/2010, Burberry, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers

Burberry's 'Bryan Boy' Booties or Bryanboy's Burberry Booties?

Remember those stunning fall/winter 2010 Burberry Prorsum boots I've been obsessing ever since I saw them on the runway? Well, I need some high-resolution photos of the boots for a piece I'm
contributing to a magazine the UK. I emailed Burberry, lo and behold I got this link. Click HERE.

Burberry Bryan Boy Booties

"Bryan Boy Booties"????????????

False alarm…. or???

I'm not gonna hold my breath… I think it's just a false alarm.

Assuming it's not, well…


I'm gonna have to think of something to say.

UPDATE – 6:22AM: StyleBubble saved the day! False alarm indeed.

6:30 am’s Greatest Fashion Blogging Moments

26/05/2010, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage's Greatest Fashion Blogging Moments, the grand-daddy of all fashion websites, just published a
"Great Moments in Fashion Blogging History" list.

I must admit that personally, I feel like it's rather premature to do a 'blogging moments' retrospective considering bloggers have only been inducted to the big fashion machine a few seasons ago. It's like Justin Bieber releasing a 'Greatest Hits' album. We still have a long way to go. Every day is a new day… there's so many new things to learn, so many new events to experience to further hone our craft.

Nevertheless, it's an honor to be recognized, so thank you

It's also very nice to see talented people who I consider friends make the cut. Great Fashion Blogging Moments

I'll never forget that moment at the Boom Boom Room, I mean, Top of the Standard whatever the current name is. Marc Jacobs and I exchanged hugs and kisses, then pointed to all the photographers in front of us and told me "Welcome to New York!" Surreal. Absolutely surreal.

And that photo of Tinsley Mortimer kissing James Kurisunkal? Pure gold.

Click HERE to read the feature.

On that note, I hope to make more amazing moments and milestones in the future.

And of course, I hope to get to share them to you my beloved readers.

Forward ho!

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Lady Melbourne

02/05/2010, Fashion Bloggers, Singapore

Lady Melbourne

Aussie bloggers represent! Phoebe, aka Lady Melbourne, is here in Singapore.

Lady Melbourne

I've met her in Melbourne last year so you can only imagine how great it was to see her once again at the Henry Holland show last night.

Visit her blog,

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Selfridges Wants to Know if You Have What it Takes to be the Next Me

09/04/2010, Fashion Bloggers, UK

Selfridges Wants to Know if You Have What it Takes to be the Next Me

Do you have what it takes to be
the next big thing in the fashion blogosphere?

It's 37 degrees celsius here in the third world. I'm going through my
RSS feed to save me from this ridiculous weather and I saw this
hysterical item
from Style Bubble.

Selfridges has
been giving a lot of blogger
lately, with its newly revamped website that now has e-shopping
.  They're currently looking for the 'next Bryan Boy, Arianne
Huffington or Perez Hilton' as well as hosting blogger-related
activities with Jackie Dixon of Show Me Your Wardrobe
shooting in-store, Fred Butler creating a
super accessory live as well as errr… Style Salvage Steve doing a
live interview… (once he gets over his scary fever…).


superstore Selfridges (who I love very much) is looking for the next me,
Arianna Huffington and Perez Hilton.

Just like the high churn rate of models with the abundance of new
faces that pop up every season, bloggers are disposable, too! I think my
15 minutes are up.

Even if you don't like me, you must admit I'm somewhat of a master
when it comes to stretching out those fifteen minutes.

Thank you Selfridges for making me smile. I needed that after hearing the news about Malcolm McLaren.

As for me, well, I'm always on the hunt for greener pastures to pay my bills.

Anyone wanna sponsor me a speech therapist, a nose job, veneers AND liposuction? I think it's time to haul my has-been carcass (or never-was, perhaps) on a magazine or television. I kid, I kid you.

I think I'd make a good carton character, no?

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self service 32: malgosia bela & carmen kass

01/04/2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Press Coverage, Self Service

self service 32: malgosia & carmen kass

Remember that polaroid shoot I did in Paris last October? The same shoot with the electrifying Giovanna Battaglia? Well, the latest issue of self service is out. Malgosia Bela and Carmen Kass are both on the cover.

self service 32 featuring malgosia bela and carmen kass

Looks like I’m gonna troll the internet to see if I can buy this issue online because it’s not available in the Philippines. Boo.

The $64 million question is, do you guys think me and the amazing Tommy Ton (Jak and Jil) would make a great sticky rice gaysian power couple? Hahaha ;-)

self service magazine tommy ton, bryanboy

Lastly, self service magazine just launched their new blog. Visit

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Tavi Gevinson, Cathy Horyn, Bryanboy, Suzy Menkes, Jessica Michault, Christina Binkley, Tommy Ton, Susie Lau : Now Sit Down and Shut Up

23/03/2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers

Tavi Gevinson, Cathy Horyn, Bryanboy, Suzy Menkes, Jessica Michault, Christina Binkley, Tommy Ton, Susie Lau : Now Sit Down and Shut Up

Yes, that includes you Hilary Alexander, Rumi Neely, Lisa Armstrong, Garance Dore, Sarah Mower, Scott Schuman.

Before the collections began last month, the Wall Street Journal published an article about seating assignments at the shows. They also published this mock seating chart.

I have no idea what I was searching earlier but lo and behold I unearthed this priceless ancient relic from New York magazine published sixteen years ago. April 11, 1994 to be exact. NY Mag did a mock seating assignment of the Richard Tyler show — the hottest ticket back then.

Get ready to be tickled!

Click HERE to download the PDF file.

Who made it to the front row? A teenage newly-wed Drew Barrymore, Mariah and her entourage (some people never change), a young Stephen Gan and of course, Hal Rubenstein who once shouted "If you don't seat me in the front row, I'm walking out and taking every New York Times writer with me".

Hysterical, isn't it?

And what do we have these days? The old guard and the nouvelle vague in a tedious and predictable slanging match that is neither new, imaginative nor innovative — supposedly the hallmarks of 'fashion'.

Oh the irony of it all.

Sixteen years from now, an eight year old kid will hark back to the days when some heiress or society wife would go to Worth, Poiret and Mainbocher to buy an entire season's worth of clothes including stuff to do her gardening in.

Or celebrities, footballer's wives and the twenty year old wives of Russian oligarchs snapping up Galliano for Christian Dior, Chanel Armani Prive, Gaultier or bless you, Elie Saab — your choice.

He'll also send a message to his colleagues via mental telepathy with a screenshot of this blog entry (twitter, what twitter?), and he'll whine why a five year old girl received a CFDA nomination ballot while sitting front row at Joseph Altuzarra.

(Contrary what you all think, fashion shows are here to stay. We have livestreaming, yes, but what is there to stream if there is nothing to show?)

Can't we all just get along?

Just saying.

May god help us and may Suzy Menkes and Candy September is the January of fashion. "I made
that designer; I can break him
" Pratts-Price outlive us all through
time and eternity.

Love you Candy!!!

photo credit:

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A Delightful Surprise from Matthew Williamson and Vogue Australia

06/03/2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Matthew Williamson, Vogue Australia

A Delightful Surprise from Matthew Williamson and Vogue Australia

For their March 2010 issue, Vogue Australia recently asked members of the fashion pack, such as designers Jason Wu, Jonathan Saunders, Antonio Marras and Peter Dundas for their favourite websites. My reader Angela sent these scans.

Vogue Australia

Here’s Matthew Williamson‘s answer.

Matthew Williamson

How delightful! I’m really, really touched with his very kind words.

Although I receive many emails and interact with people around the world, there are times when I feel blogging is a one-way thing because of the anonymous nature of the internet. You know, here I am, communicating to my readers via an online web site but there’s a wall that blocks me from knowing who exactly reads my blog.

Thank you so much Matthew Williamson and Australian Vogue!

Oh oh oh speaking of Matthew, I have something to share to you guys…

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Behind the Scenes: American Vogue March 2010 Power Issue – Fashion Bloggers

21/02/2010, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, New York City, Vogue USA

Behind the Scenes: American Vogue March 2010 Power Issue – Fashion Bloggers

You’ve seen’s video a few days ago, now here are several “behind-the-scenes” photos from my phone.

Last December, I flew to New York to take part in American Vogue’s shoot about fashion bloggers. Our call-time was 8AM that day outside the Conde Nast Building at Time Square.

Vogue March 2010 Style Fashion Bloggers Shoot

Click click click!