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Breaking News: Isabella Blow Takes Her Bow

08/05/2007, Fashion and Style

Isabella Blow Takes Her Bow

OMG! OMFG! I cannot fucking believe this. WWD just sent a "breaking news" email that the legendary Isabella Blow passed away!

"Isabella Blow, stylist and former fashion director of Tatler and London’s Sunday Times, has died under circumstances still being determined.

The front row fashion fixture was a staunch supporter of emerging talents, and was credited with discovering the likes of Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy."

Oh my god. Good ol’ Isabella is one of the reasons why London is still on the fashion radar. Always adorned with billion-dollar millinery, she’s quite the fabulous fashion character.

Big hugs and kisses to those of you who adore Isabella.

PS. Cancer was the cause of death according to Hilary Alexander/Daily Telegraph.

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Kate Moss for Topshop (Pandemonium in London Galore)

01/05/2007, Fashion and Style

Kate Moss for Topshop

I haven’t really paid any attention to KM for Topshop recently, I mean, she’s EVERYWHERE! I’ll keep this entry short and sweet — did *YOU* get anything? And for the Topshop people in viva third world, are we getting Kate’s line locally?

Click click click for Topshop pandemonium!


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Gemma Ward for Christian Dior

01/05/2007, Fashion and Style

Gemma Ward for Christian Dior

She worked it like she owned it.

Photo credit: Christian Dior

I love Gemma and I love Christian Dior! What are you waiting for? Email me pictures of your best Bryanboy pose and I’ll post em online. My email is or MMS +63.915.785.1492.

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01/05/2007, Fashion and Style

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Who’s on top of the food chain?

30/04/2007, Fashion and Style

Who’s on top of the food chain?

© 2007 by Bryanboy

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Blast from the past: Chanel 1995

24/04/2007, Fashion and Style

Blast from the past: Chanel 1995

People of the world you HAVE to watch this video I love it. I fucking love it! Look at all the supermodels in their Chanel finest, pearls and all, the way they walk, HIGH VOLTAGE attitude, clear Chanel plastic bags (like the gold one they made this year except they did it in a different color 12 years ago), turbans with camelias, lots of pearls, a festively plump Karl Lagerfeld and his trademark fan, everything!!!!! I love it! I fucking love it, I was practically a fetus during this show (October 1994)… how I wish I was there to capture the ‘moment’.

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Run, Anna Wintour, Run!

23/04/2007, Fashion and Style

Run, Miss Anna, Run!

Here’s a little Anna Wintour sighting at the Christian Dior F/W2007-08 RTW show in Paris. I love how she’s the first person to bolt out of the venue (see 06:44), blocking the view etc. Classic. I love Anna!

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Daddy Sonny where are you?

19/04/2007, Fashion and Style

Daddy Sonny where are you?

Goooood I’m soooo busy it’s insane! Thought I’d take a breather and catch up with the fall/winter vids and came across this (Louis Vuitton).

Fantasy fantasy fantasy. Close your eyes for a second and imagine me galloping on the runway in front of all this extravaganza.


Sonny babe, are you there somewhere in that photo? First one to spot where Sonny is will get a kiss on the cheek from me and an oreo cookie.

P.S. I really need to do a new faggotry in motion video do I?

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John Galliano’s First Fashion Show – 1984

14/04/2007, Fashion and Style

John Galliano’s First Fashion Show

Lookie lookie at what I found — John Galliano’s first ever fashion show — June of 1984.

The man sure does love volume alright.

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An open letter to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel

10/04/2007, Fashion and Style

An open letter to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel

Chanel aged calfskin bag with charms. Spring/Summer 2007. Priced at US$6,995 + tax, the most a pauper can do is write a letter to the powers that be and pray to buddha, allah or jehovah for manna to fall from the sky.

Photo credit: + Getty

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