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John Galliano’s Diane Pernet Moment

03/07/2007, Fashion and Style

John Galliano’s Diane Pernet Moment

Looks like Ms. Diane Pernet is gonna have to kiss ass to Sidney Toledano or rob a bank because a lot of big papa John’s pieces were MADE FOR HER.

Diane Pernet is that chu?

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2007-2008

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Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2007-2008 Haute Couture

03/07/2007, Fashion, Fashion and Style

Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2007-2008 Haute Couture

OH. MY. GOD. This is the most anticipated couture show of. the. CENTURY!!!!!!!

Linda. Naomi. Karen Mulder. Shalom. Amber. Gisele.


Pictures/review to follow.

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Earth to Mega

26/06/2007, Fashion and Style

Earth to Mega

I’m currently on a bloghopping spree and found Mega Magazine’s blog dead empty. Why? Someone should be doing this, no?

Earth to Mega! Just launch your fashion blog already.

Because I care. LOL

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Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express?

25/06/2007, Fashion and Style

Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express?

Would you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express? Would you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express? They’re taking me to Marrakesh!

I’ve been saving all my money just to take you there… I smell the garden in your haaaaayyyyyyyrreeeee.

I’m telling you. EVERYWHERE I go on teh interweb that damn thing can’t stay away from my online viewing experience.

All aboard thhhhhhhe traaaaaaain. All abooooaaaaarrrrrd thhhhhe traaaain.

I honestly, honestly thought it was gonna be in the $800-$1,200 range. Heck, I’d even buy it if it were up to $1,500. But $4,175? Ugh. Will Mary-kate just bloody buy the damn thing and get photographed in it so I can get it out of my system? Please? I’m begging you. It’s driving me INSANE!

I’m a size 40/size 10 American women’s or size 8 men’s. kthxbye.

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign.

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Balenciaga Sandals (Part 2)

23/06/2007, Fashion and Style

Balenciaga Sandals (Part 2)

You can almost touch it. Feel it. Lick it. Smell it. Wear it.

Click click click click!

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Bling Bling Balenciaga.

22/06/2007, Fashion and Style

Bling Bling Balenciaga.

Remember those ice-hockey inspired Balenciaga heels EVERYONE I wanted? Well, what do you know? Look at what I found from Elle Magazine. Please tell me an Elle intern came to the Hachette Filipacchi Media office with a massive hangover and made a typo on this page.

Shame on you Elle magazine, shame on you.

Balenciaga sandals

For four thousand one hundred seventy five uncle sam dollars ($4,175), I could buy my own all-male, all-6′ and taller, all-well hung, ice hockey team from bumfuck, Canada, have them shipped to the third world by Fedex and get gangbanged day in and day out until I shit RED MAPLE LEAVES.


PS. Pierre Hardy, call me. CALL ME NOW!!!! +63.915.785.1492. Yes, that’s my real number and no, I’m not joking. Don’t play hard to get with me. I’ll give you the best BLOWJOB you’ll ever receive in this lifetime. If you get my voicemail, chances are, I’m probably asleep so please leave me a message and tell me I’m pretty.

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The Nominees starring Agyness Deyn

22/06/2007, Fashion and Style

The Nominees starring Agyness Deyn

The people who run America’s Next Top Model should watch and learn.

This is how you WORK IT.

Need I say more?

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Anya Hindmarch Ching Chong Edition.

22/06/2007, Fashion and Style

Anya Hindmarch Ching Chong Edition

The Asian version of *that* bag is gonna be available for sale on July 6 in Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda. If you’re one of the crazy fools who are willing to queue for hours to get that bag, please keep my fat, third world brown ching chong ass in mind and snap one for me because I live in the cesspit of Asia. My country doesn’t exist according to the people at Anya Hindmarch. Yes, we’re on the same league as Argentina except the people are hotter over there.

Anya Hindmarch I am not a plastic bag!

Think of it as a belated/advance birthday/thanksgiving/halloween/christmas present. I’m soo obsessed about it and it’s not even funny. Yes I’m pathetic enough to want something everyone wants/already have so FUCK ME WITH A FRUITCAKE. I know there are other alternatives out there but getting the real deal is far better. My porn stash and my sex toys will thank you later.

What do you think?

PS. Can I just say that those bags are cheap and shipping them to me is is also cheap? I’ll even slap you in the face with cash if you want me to pay you back but hell I’m not gonna pay $100 for that shit. There really is no excuse for you people not to get me one. Do it for the poor. Do it for the whales. Do it for the seals. Do it for the third world kids. Do it for me because I’m preeeeettttty!! Hahaha. Ok. Over and out. This obsession is silly. Silly, I tell you!

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Roberto Cavalli at H&M

20/06/2007, Fashion and Style

CavalliRoberto Cavalli at H&M

You’ve seen it all before — Karl Lagerfed, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf… look who jumped on the H&M designer bandwagon… it’s no other than Roberto Cavalli! Roberto will design a line that consists of 20 pieces for men, 25 pieces for women and lingerie + accessories. It should be available in 200 selected H&M stores worldwide starting on November 8, 2007.

"As the first Italian designer in the history of H&M, I enthusiastically welcomed this invitation, proud to bring the lively and positive spirit of my work to a new audience, who will be able to see and interpret my style in an individual way. I love freedom and challenges: breaking down barriers, experimenting in different directions. H&M is all this for me. I will add a dash of festivity and dreams."
– Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

I can’t wait to see this collection! I love Cavalli and his man boobs.

PS. I still haven’t forgiven him for doing a Gaultier and sending Nicky Hilton a hippopotamus a fat person on the Just Cavalli SS07 runway show. Click here to see why the runway should be limited to girls 5’9 and taller, 120 pounds and thinner.

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Gucci Resort 2008 (ENOUGH of the Frida bashing, will ya?)

19/06/2007, Fashion and Style

Gucci Resort 2008

Have you guys seen the new Gucci 2008 collection? Ooh la love.

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