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Lanvin High Tops for Sale

27/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Lanvin High Tops for Sale

[UPDATE: SOLD!!!!!!!]

You know, I’ve been obsessed with Lanvin’s men’s high-top sneakers for the longest time. I love the satin versions they did for fall 2007, the one in pink and blue but alas, you won’t find them anywhere now. Even her royal highness, Susie Bubble, loves them. One of my friends in the US is selling these Lanvin high-tops for US$650. They’re a size UK 7 (American/US 8 men’s), which is totally MY size. I would buy them in a heartbeat if they’re under $400 but at $650, they’re a little too pricey for me. These are soo hard to find and shame on my friend for buying these (probably) on sale and profiting from it hah!. Just kidding.

These are my dream shoes y’all!

Lanvin High Tops

Anyway, they’re brand new, unworn (just tried on), comes with the dust bag and a box. Email if you are interested.

PS. Why am I soo obsessed with shoes as of late? This is getting ridiculous.

PPSS. More pictures after the jump for those who are interested.


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So what the dunk?

27/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Nike what the dunk?

Are you drunk? Meet the $1,750 pair of sneakers. You read that right — one thousand seven hundred fifty American Donald Duck dollars.

Nike What the Dunk sneakers

Will someone please explain to me why these sneakers are so expen$$$$ive?


Depending on your size, the prices vary — it starts at US$1,200 and goes up to US$1,850. Only at Flight Club New York. Cecile, what do you think? Wanna go to Tower Club in these? LOL *wink*

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24/12/2007, Fashion and Style


God I love this man. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again, Isaac Mizrahi (and Unzipped) is one of the reasons why I became obsessed with fashion. I was 8 years old when Unzipped came out! Isaac is so iconic, he’s so adorable and I love, love, love, LOVE him!

Here’s a promo vid of Isaac whoring his upcoming website, He’s launching it on February 1 next year. He’s gonna show you how to make your ass smaller. He’s gonna show you how to get a husband. He’s gonna show you how to pay your mortgage. Yes! HE’S GONNA SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY! Hahaha! Dontcha just love it? Team Isaac all the way, baby!

Hmmm… I’m just curious, I wonder what he would look like if someone gave him an extreme makeover like Marc. What do you think?

I love you Isaac!

PS. YES I want my ass smaller! YES I want to find a husband! YES I want to make more money.

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Pleats Please Casino Jacket

23/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Pleats Please Casino Jacket

Oh la love! This is quite possibly the most beautiful jacket I’ve seen in the longest time. I’ve been obsessing about it for 2 days now. Ladies, meet the Casino Night jacket (Pleats Please Issey Miyake). It comes in 3 colours: black, light gray and cherry.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake jacket, black
Pleats Please by Issey Miyake jacket, light gray, cherry
Casino Night jacket
Pleats Please Online Store (Japan) JP Yen 44,100 (approx. US$386)

My Japanese language skills are nonexistent so I can’t order the jacket from the Pleats Please online store. I’m so desperate so I called the New York boutique yesterday and spoke to this Filipina girl (surprise!) and she told me the jacket is available for US$595 — take note of the huge difference between the Japanese price vs  American price. I was gonna purchase it anyway but the lady told me they don’t ship overseas and they also don’t accept international payments so I can’t like pay for it on the phone and have one of my friends in NYC pick it up. My best bet is to have someone in New York buy it for me and then I’ll pay them back. Anyway… another friend told me I should contact the Tokyo store because they speak English so there. I’m gonna call them after Christmas and see what they have to say/if they can ship internationally. The jacket is nice, no?

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Cool Carine

20/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Cool Carine

Reason #1,507,407 why I think Carine Roitfeld is the BEST.

Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

There is absolutely NO way in hell you’ll see Ms. Anna sandwiched between a tall, fit, tanned, neon swimsuit-clad codpiece AND her daughter Bee.

Can you visualise that thought?

PS. The guy’s name is Antonio.

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The House of Hedi Slimane

19/12/2007, Fashion and Style

The House of Hedi Slimane

Well that break up was quick.  Ladies and gents, the man responsible for thinspofying legions of young males around the
world is back with LVMH and they’re in talks of launching his own
fashion line!

PARIS — Could Hedi Slimane end up back at LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton?The men’s wear star, who parted with Dior Homme in March, has renewed talks with LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault about the launch of a Hedi Slimane fashion house, industry sources said.

Source: WWD

This is gonna be major. Major, I tell you! Even major than the new Ferre! Although I’m dunzo with the thinspo tricks (I’m 127 pounds now and I’m trying hard to gain to 130!!!!), if you’re a Hedi Slimane fan, now is the time to go pro-ana! Remember: nothing tastes as good as thin feels… and a pleasure on the lips means 10 pounds on the hips!

PS. How are you today, Kris Van A? How’s Dior Ommmmm?

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Silly girl!

17/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Girl, shame on you!

This Dec 5 video from the BBC is making its rounds on teh internets. Keep an eye out at the end of the video for this woman who is proud of buying fake handbags. She goes around by saying nobody can really tell the difference because she wears them in nightclubs and events where it’s dark… and she has never been caught.

LOL. Bitch please! Girl, you’re not fooling anybody. Hello, you just admitted you buy fake bags and thanks to the BBC, the entire world knows about it.

Silly girl.

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Marc Jacobs’ Camel toe

14/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Marc Jacobs’ Camel toe

Holy camel toe batman! Nobody else can do it like Marc Jacobs does. Here’s a photo of Marc in a camel toe costume from his Christmas party last night. How, in god’s name, was he able to walk in that thing???? LOL.

Marc Jacobs Cameltoe Arabian Nights Christmas Party 2007

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I have no words.

Update 2:35AM: Isn’t Marc HOT or no? Sing after me: I can show you the world… SHINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDID!

Marc Jacobs Cameltoe Arabian Nights Christmas Party 2007

Donna Karan in a Vera Wang skirt is that chu? JK :P

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Coco Rocha – Elle Yves Saint Laurent

13/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Coco Rocha for Elle by Yves Saint Laurent


and tell me if you can OUTFIERCE Coco Rocha.

Be sure to keep your volume high and keep an eye out for her shoes.

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Does have new interns?

08/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Does have new interns?

God dammit HIRE ME! I love I really do. From runway and backstage photos to models and celebrities, is the ultimate online repository of all things fashion. Have you seen the photos of Chanel’s Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008 show? It’s all about mixed identities my dear. Someone’s got their model names fucked up to the nines and a few fash fags caught them dead on the tracks — and took screen shots. They fixed the tags and everything but come on… Agyness Deyn is that chu?

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008


I don’t know about you but I can spot the difference between Sasha and Gemma or Agyness and Irina 12,000 miles away, blindfolded. AND IN THE DARK. Oohhhh I can feel it. There’s a baby jesus and an intern crying somewhere as I’m typing this. Just kiddin. :-)

Click click click!