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Coco Rocha – Elle Yves Saint Laurent

13/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Coco Rocha for Elle by Yves Saint Laurent


and tell me if you can OUTFIERCE Coco Rocha.

Be sure to keep your volume high and keep an eye out for her shoes.

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Does have new interns?

08/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Does have new interns?

God dammit HIRE ME! I love I really do. From runway and backstage photos to models and celebrities, is the ultimate online repository of all things fashion. Have you seen the photos of Chanel’s Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008 show? It’s all about mixed identities my dear. Someone’s got their model names fucked up to the nines and a few fash fags caught them dead on the tracks — and took screen shots. They fixed the tags and everything but come on… Agyness Deyn is that chu?

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008


I don’t know about you but I can spot the difference between Sasha and Gemma or Agyness and Irina 12,000 miles away, blindfolded. AND IN THE DARK. Oohhhh I can feel it. There’s a baby jesus and an intern crying somewhere as I’m typing this. Just kiddin. :-)

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Wisdom

07/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Karl Lagerfeld’s Wisdom

More quotable quotes from Karl Lagerfeld! Here’s Uncle Karl backstage (or is it rehearsal/fitting?) at the Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008 show in London. I love Karl. I really do. It’s amazing how he he’s able to answer questions in a snap of a finger.

"The best idea is always very basic and very stupid."
- Karl Lagerfeld

How does one stay in touch with youth?

"I’m not blind. I see everything. I’m over-informed. I read every magazine. So.. it’s normal. I mean, I don’t live in an Ivory Tower. I’m invisible but I’m informed."

But how do you maintain that?

"I don’t have to make an effort you know. HOW DO YOU BREATHE? Do you think about breathing? Ehh.. it’s the same thing you know. My job… is wanting to be informed, keeping informed. It’s like breathing."

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Chanel Paris – London Fashion Show

07/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Chanel Paris – London Fashion Show

Watch the Chanel "Paris – Londres" fashion show in London live — at 8:15PM today, UK Time! Show starts in about 2 hours. Are you ready?

Chanel Paris-Londres Paris-London fashion show by Karl Lagerfeld 2007 2008

Be sure to add this page ( on your bookmarks and watch the show today, December 6, at 8:15PM London Time, 3:15PM New York. See you there!

PS. Dear Marc… any chance of us lowly internet mortals (me in particular because I’m special haha just kidding) being able to watch YOUR Fall/Winter 2008-2009 fashion show LIVE, online, next year?

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Nicholas X Morley

05/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Obsession du Jour: Nicholas X Morley

I’ve been obsessed with all these chica Australian designers as of late. When you live in the third world where the weather is nothing but pure torture (though I can’t say that’s the case these days because it’s been raining every day for the past few weeks and I LOOOVE it!!), shopping Australian is the best antidote to the Fall/Winter shopping season in the west. There’s mayyyjah sales everywhere but do I really need another cashmere sweater? No. Do I really need another wool coat? No. But I need tees. I need tank tops. I need shorts. I need fun things I could wear in the third world with ease.

Australian designer Nicholas X Morley

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Agyness Deyn

05/12/2007, Fashion and Style


Now this, my friends, is how you work it.

Agyness Deyn at Burberry with PETA protester
Via Jezebel

Ignore those damn PETArds and pose for the cameras.


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Spring 2008 Fashion Show Sites

05/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Spring 2008 Fashion Show Sites

Let’s play a little game on how well you know your Spring 2008 collections! Judging from the photos below (and after the jump), I want to see if you can identify the fashion designer associated with the stage/set. I’ll post the answers tomorrow. Just answer the poll without leaving this browser window. No cheating!!!!

Ready? Here’s #1.

Click click click for more!


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Trans Rat Fashion

04/12/2007, Fashion and Style

Killer Rats, Killer Trannies!

The Brazilians are at it again! Artist Kristofer Paetau made 5 custom, fake Chanel fashion accessories made out of dead rats — a bra, a handbag, a handkerchief, a slip and a pair of shoes and got 5 Brazilian trannies to model them. I’m all for creative expression but what in the world is this? I don’t think the House of Chanel would be pleased if they knew about this. Coco Chanel is rolling in her grave right now as I’m typing this and we all know Uncle Karl is not into Ratatouille!!!!!!

Trans Rat Fashion by Kristofer Paetau

Click click click for more sewer-worthy trannie extravaganza! It’s soo crazy and trashtastic!!


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Suzy Menkes in Preview Magazine???

26/11/2007, Fashion and Style

Suzy Menkes in Preview Magazine???

HOLY JUNKO SHIMADA MARC JACOBS! Who knew Suzy Menkes writes for Preview, a fashion magazine in the third world? A friend just forwarded a scan of Suzy Menkes’ article (One Size Fits All) that appeared on this month’s Preview Magazine. I don’t usually read magazines because everything is available online and it’s weird because I remember reading THAT particular piece during fashion week (late September) on the International Herald Tribune website. I know, because I’m one of those many people who are anxiously waiting for Suzy’s reviews…

One Size Fits All by Suzy Menkes, Preview Magazine, November 2007

I love Suzy Menkes but something is not quite right...

What do you think?


Update 4PM – FYI: I got an update via email!!!! According to Pauline Suaco-Juan, Editor-in-Chief
of Preview Magazine, they purchased both articles from New York Times
Special Features, which syndicates the International Herald Tribune in

Proper copyrights, full attribution and credits were made on the issue itself. Enough with the emails already, mmmkay? At least Preview got Suzy in tow! Oi Vey! Haha!

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Raf Simons or Velour (Sweden)?

25/11/2007, Fashion and Style

Raf Simons or Velour (Sweden)?

Well, what do you know? It’s not just Forever 21 copying Anna Sui. Swedish brand Velour (Spring 2008) seems to be "inspired" by Raf Simons’ Fall/Winter 2003 collection. Who did it best?

Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2003 and Velour Spring/Summer 2008

Or better yet, which one is Raf and which one is Velour? Optical illusions, anyone? I don’t know about you but I like them both. Not that I’d wear menswear, but still.. Hah!

Answers on a postcard…