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Nick Snider

23/03/2008, Fan Art, Fans, Fashion and Style

Bryanboy Loves Nick Snider

EXCLUSIVE! EXPENSIVE! EXCLUSIVE! EXPENSIVE! The latest addition to the Bryanboy family has a special message out…

Nick Snider

It’s no other than the face of Prada menswear himself (EXCLUSIVE for two seasons running)… the adorable and fierce Nick Snider! Click click click!


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Tanya Dziahileva

23/03/2008, Fan Art, Fans, Fashion and Style

Bryanboy Loves Tanya Dziahileva!

I had the shock of my life earlier today when I woke up to my LA pal Ceci’s email. Woohoo! So far I’ve got Rachel Clark, Marc Jacobs, Alexandra Agoston, Terron Wood, Lawrence Stiers and now… Mz. Tanya Dziahileva! I’m definitely adding this to my "fashion people collection". Yeehaw!

Tanya Dziahileva loves Bryanboy

OMG! OMG INDEED! Isn’t Tanya Dziahileva lovely? I think she’s one of the best catwalkers today. Click click click!


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Happy Birthday from V Magazine!

21/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Happy Birthday from V Magazine!

CECILE ZAMORA VAN STRATEN STOP THE PRESS THAT DINERS CLUB CARD/SINGAPORE AIRLINES PLANE STAT!  I know you’re in Singapore but the wonderful and generous fierce folks at my fave magazine ever, V Magazine, gifted me a subscription and they’re sending me the latest issues via mail! Woohoo! I no longer have to stalk Fully Booked and Powerbooks here in the third world. Holy cutting edge fasheen photography, holy fasheen inspiration V Magazine batman!

Demi Moore V Magazine

This is truly, truly, truly amazing. Can you imagine getting a little note from one of the fashion magazines I’ve read since I was a child?? And we all know I’m no spring chicken. 18 years old my ass. Creme de la Mer now, botox tomorrow! Hah! JK! ;)

Click click click for more V Mag presents!


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Pedro Bissi in Miami for V Man Magazine

20/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Pedro Bissi in Miami for V Man Magazine

It’s raining men in good ol’ Miami and my girl JD Ferguson captured some of the hottest guys EVER, in speedos, for V Man magazine (Spring 2008 issue). Ladies, girls and gentlegays, click here to check out some of JD’s Miami Speedo Story outtakes. Y’all have to look at them damn boys. OMG.

Pedro Bissi, Miami, JD ferguson, V Man magazine
Photo: JD Ferguson

V Man 10 (Ashton Kutcher) is out now. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my friend who is currently on vacation in Singapore is gonna try to get me a copy of V and V Man. Y’all know I’m a simple humble girl with a taste for the simplest things in life. Hah! I can’t wait to get my sweaty hands on both issues. Sucks that V/V Man aren’t available in the third world.

Will someone puhleeeeaze fedex me a man for my birthday? Please? Thank you. Hahaha!

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Balenciaga Spring Summer 2008

18/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2008

After that amazing Spring 2008 Balenciaga show last year with sculptural silhouettes, prominent hips, shoulders and gladiator shoes, this is what the grand house of Balenciaga is offering at the stores now. Explain these ‘watered-down’ versions..

Balenciaga spring summer 2008

The white and blue dress ain’t that bad… though a little Carolina
Herrera/Oscar de la Renta for my taste.
It’s one thing to have showpieces (I know lots of designers have runway pieces and retail versions) but please EXPLAIN the
strapless green floral dress and the pink thing below.

Balenciaga spring summer 2008

Photos via Browns

This is worrying, no? What gives?

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Back in 1995… THEY WERE ALL FABULOUS!!!!

16/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Back in 1995… THEY WERE ALL FABULOUS!!!!

Marc Jacobs loves meat and potatoes! Linda Evangelista! John Galliano sandwiched and getting spitroasted by Dolce & Gabbana! Holy shit you guys, this is how all the fashion people partied 200 years ago when I was 4 years old!!!!! HILARIOUS!!! THIS VIDEO IS A MUST-SEE. Linda Evangelista told John to behave!!!!!!

I wonder if they still get together and party like that.They’re all larger than life now, I guess. What do you think? I mean come on. Just look at John Galliano and Marc Jacobs. This is what they were like before Christian Dior and before Louis Vuitton!!!!

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V Man #6 – MAJOR!

15/03/2008, Fashion and Style

V Man #6 – MAJOR!

The men of Major are featured on the latest issue of V Man. I love them. I really do. My mangina starts quivering and my he-pussy screams holla whenever someone says the term "male models". Don’t we all love a little bit of eye candy? Will someone please try to get hold of V Man #6 asap and scan some pics? I’m in the third world and we don’t have V Man here. I wanna see moar pitchers! Anyway, all of Major’s stars are there — Terron Wood (!!!!!), Blaine Cook, Sean Harju and my man Lawrence Stiers.

Major Models, V Man #6, Sean Harju, Blaine Cook, Lawrence Stiers, Terron Wood

All together now! Well… what do you think?

Good god gracious. Can you imagine the mayhem if I was working at a modeling agency?

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Vogue USA: April 2008 – Gisele Bundchen & LeBron James

14/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Vogue USA: April 2008 – Gisele Bundchen & LeBron

GASP! A model on the cover of American Vogue.
GASP! A black person (LeBron James) on the cover of American Vogue.
GASP! A basketball player on the cover of American Vogue.

Gisele & LeBron James, Vogue USA Cover April 2008

Compare. Now 5 months ago, November of 2007, Carine Roitfeld sent out one of the
coolest fashion magazine covers to date… the super fabulous Andre J. with Carolyn Murphy.
I know covers are shot months before they are printed. Do y’all think
the April 2008 cover was influenced by the old issue of Vogue Paris?
Maybe Anna is on vacation at Parrot Cay and some random intern chose
that shot?

HOTNESS! A model on the cover of Vogue Paris.
HOTNESS! An ethnic person on the cover of Vogue Paris.
HOTNESS! A bearded tranny on the cover of Vogue Paris.

Altogether now…

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Madonna – Interview Magazine (April 2008)

09/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Madonna – Interview Magazine (April 2008)

Madonna is on the cover of Interview Magazine, April 2008 issue. I’m not a big, hardcore Madonna fan unlike most of the gays but I think this cover is fierce.

Madonna, Interview Magazine April 2008

Take note of her boxing gloves. Who knew Chanel made boxing gloves, of all things?

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05/03/2008, Fashion and Style

WHO IS THE YSL THIEF??? reports a thief at YSL!!!! OMG!!!!

Designers paying models in clothing is an age-old practice, as is models helping themselves to an accessory or two at the end of a show —whether they’re invited to or not. Such was the case with one sticky-fingered girl backstage at YSL last week, who gave herself away when we spotted a very familiar-looking black patent-leather platform Mary Jane on the end of her very familiar leg last night. We’re too polite to name names, but if Stefano Pilati is reading this, we’d be happy to lead him to his missing footwear.


Jessica Stam is dat chu? ROFLMAO