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Vogue USA: April 2008 – Gisele Bundchen & LeBron James

14/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Vogue USA: April 2008 – Gisele Bundchen & LeBron

GASP! A model on the cover of American Vogue.
GASP! A black person (LeBron James) on the cover of American Vogue.
GASP! A basketball player on the cover of American Vogue.

Gisele & LeBron James, Vogue USA Cover April 2008

Compare. Now 5 months ago, November of 2007, Carine Roitfeld sent out one of the
coolest fashion magazine covers to date… the super fabulous Andre J. with Carolyn Murphy.
I know covers are shot months before they are printed. Do y’all think
the April 2008 cover was influenced by the old issue of Vogue Paris?
Maybe Anna is on vacation at Parrot Cay and some random intern chose
that shot?

HOTNESS! A model on the cover of Vogue Paris.
HOTNESS! An ethnic person on the cover of Vogue Paris.
HOTNESS! A bearded tranny on the cover of Vogue Paris.

Altogether now…

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Madonna – Interview Magazine (April 2008)

09/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Madonna – Interview Magazine (April 2008)

Madonna is on the cover of Interview Magazine, April 2008 issue. I’m not a big, hardcore Madonna fan unlike most of the gays but I think this cover is fierce.

Madonna, Interview Magazine April 2008

Take note of her boxing gloves. Who knew Chanel made boxing gloves, of all things?

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05/03/2008, Fashion and Style

WHO IS THE YSL THIEF??? reports a thief at YSL!!!! OMG!!!!

Designers paying models in clothing is an age-old practice, as is models helping themselves to an accessory or two at the end of a show —whether they’re invited to or not. Such was the case with one sticky-fingered girl backstage at YSL last week, who gave herself away when we spotted a very familiar-looking black patent-leather platform Mary Jane on the end of her very familiar leg last night. We’re too polite to name names, but if Stefano Pilati is reading this, we’d be happy to lead him to his missing footwear.


Jessica Stam is dat chu? ROFLMAO

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Alexandra Agoston at John Galliano!

02/03/2008, Fashion and Style

Alexandra Agoston at John Galliano!

It’s 9:29AM and I just got up from a nap and guess who greeted my inbox? Good ol papi Sonny Vandevelde sent me these gorgeous photos of one of John Galliano’s favourite girls, Alexadra Agoston!

Alexandra Agoston

OMG!!!! I love Alexandra!!! She’s 100% elegant, 100% pure couture, always appearing in haute couture shows. She’s right up in there in my "underrated" list. I honestly didn’t know she’s Australian and I only recently found out from my dear Sonny’s blog.

Click click click!


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$780 John Galliano Trucker Hat

02/03/2008, Fashion and Style

$780 John Galliano Trucker Hat

It’s like Von Dutch all over again!

John Galliano and legendary milliner Stephen Jones made this cute, limited edition camouflage trucker hat. The price? US$780.

John Galliano Stephen Jones trucker hat
Price: US$780 at Aloharag. I repeat: seven hundred eighty donald duck dollars. Work that mastercard work!

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Protected: Spotlight on Sonny and Snejana

28/02/2008, Fashion and Style

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Malin Ones, Just Cavalli Fall Winter 2008-2009

28/02/2008, Fashion and Style

Malin Ones, Just Cavalli Fall Winter 2008-2009

Check out the legs of Malin Ones, the girl who opened the Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2008-2009 fashion show in Milan. Her legs are soo lean and sooo long! I wish mine were like that.

Don’t y’all hate aging? I swear, everything goes to my hips and my upper thighs the more years I add to my books. Ugh.

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Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008-2009

26/02/2008, Fashion and Style

John Galliano Needs to Go to Rehab

I HAVE NEVER FELT SO LET DOWN AND I’M SURE MANY WILL SHARE MY SENTIMENT!! I know the wonderful and extremely hardworking folks at Christian Dior are trying to stay away from the rebellious image of youth to court back the geriatric clientele they once lost but come on… have y’all seen the fall/winter 2008-2009 Christian Dior ready to wear collection? Well… I see some pre-rehab Donatella Versace influences here and there. Oops. I meant Versus by Versace. Sorry.

This is Versus Fall/Winter 2004:

Versus by Versace, Fall/Winter 2004-2005

Compare it to Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2008:

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008-2009

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Nils Butler: MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25/02/2008, Fashion and Style

Nils Butler: MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Nils Butler. He’s with Ford Homme in Paris and I saw him at COACD the other day.

Nils Butler

He is so my new favorite male mowdil. Hot sex on a bloody fuckin pogo stick, I have never seen anyone do ‘Magnum’ better than him. Are you ready? Click click click!


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Behold the Power of the Vajeen: Louise Goldin, Donna Karan, Prada

21/02/2008, Fashion and Style

Behold the Power of the Vajeen

God I love fashion. As a gay teen, it’s always nice to learn more about the female anatomical form and where else to learn it from other than three female fashion designers in London, New York and Milan? I’m honestly surprised why the feminist fatties (who I love so much btw) over at Jezebel have not picked up one of the hottest trends for women this fall/winter 2008-2009. Ladies… it’s all about the VAJEEN… yes, your VAJAYJAY next season.

Louise Goldin, Fall/Winter 2008-2009, Masha Tyelna

When I saw Masha Tyelna’s outfit at Louise Goldin’s fall 2008 collection in London, the first thing that came to my mind was… "oh my god she looks like a furry vajayjay! FIERCE!!!!!".

Confused? Click click click!