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2008 CFDA Fashion Awards Winners

03/06/2008, Fashion and Style

2008 CFDA Fashion Awards Winners

Francisco Costa again? I was rooting for you know who to win because the last time he won was back in 1997 and 1992 but wtf, Francisco Costa again?

Karlie Kloss, Spring 2008, Fall 2008 Calvin Klein by Francisco Costa

2008 Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards Winners

Womenswear Designer of the Year: Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Collection

Menswear Designer of the Year: Tom Ford

Accessories Designer of the Year: Tory Burch

Swarovski Womenswear: Kate and Laura Mulleavy for Rodarte

Swarovski Menswear: Scott Sternberg for Band of Outsiders

Swarovski Accessories: Philip Crangi

Congrats to the winners of the CFDWhateva Awards!

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Proenza Schouler: Spring 2008 Sale

03/06/2008, Fashion and Style

Proenza Schouler: Spring 2008 Sale

It’s 4:30AM and I’m trolling around the Net-a-Porter website to see if there’s anything I can afford because my friend in NY just got my el cheapo Margielic t-shirts. Unless an oil sheik papi chulo lands on my lap (or should I say I land on some oil sheik papi chulo’s lap), I really should NOT be spending anything at all ALL right now because the Marc Jacobs BB bag is gonna be available in a few months but hey… just because I’m on a diet it doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu. Anyhooo.

Proenza Schouler Spring 2008 Sale

I know Proenza Schouler is expen$$$ive but holy Lazaro batman! Check out the retail prices of these two Proenza tops. The sequined tank top used to be $2,250 while the waistcoat was $1,825. Both items are now on sale at 30% and 50% off respectively.

I’m all for high fashion but aren’t the prices totally absurd? Isn’t America going through a recession right now? I remember 9 or 10 years ago, you can get a gorgeous wool coat from Louis Vuitton for $800. Yes! Eight hundred bucks.

Me: Ang mahalia jackson ng proenza peste sila!
(translation: Proenza is so expensive!)
Mike: I know
Me: Check out the vest and look at the original price
Mike: Wow!
Ano yan, hand-made?
(translation: Is that hand-made?)
Mike: Maybe it’s lined with fur
Maybe it’s Made in Italy by Italians
Me: Maybe it’s Made in Italy by Italians and lined in Russian Sable
Mike: with an expensive marketing chuva
Me: What marketing? Does Proenza even have ads?
Mike: Vogue ads
Me: I bet you may cut diyan si Anna Wintour
(translation: I bet you Anna Wintour has a cut on all sales)

Oh well. That’s fashion for you.

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02/06/2008, Fashion and Style


I’m playing with my niece before my friend sent me the message: “OMG YVES SAINT LAURENT IS DEAD!”

Yves Saint Laurent

Legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent dies at 71

PARIS (AP) — A longtime friend and associate of Yves Saint Laurent says the famed couturier has died at his Paris home at the age of 71.

Pierre Berge says that Saint Laurent died Sunday evening following a long illness. He did not give details.

Source: AP

Oh my god. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I’m in shock!!! Today is a very sad day… fashion is losing a lot of its old school icons.

May you rest in peace Yves!

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Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine

01/06/2008, Fashion and Style

Yulia Tymoshenko

How fierce is this bitch? Ukrainian powerhouse model Snejana Onopka got nothing on her homegirl Yulia Tymoshenko, who is the current Prime Minister of Ukraine. OH MY GOD I LOVE HER! I really do! With her trademark braids and her AMAZING personal style, Yulia is the ultimate HOTNESS in world leaders. SARKOZY WHO? CONDOLEEEEEEEEZA WHO? I LOVE YULIA!

Yulia Tymoshenko

Click click click for MOAR! Now I know where Miuccia Prada got her inspiration from!!!!!!!!!!


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Summoning the Margielic Storm

30/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Summoning the Margielic Storm

Fashion Victims unite! I’m sure y’all heard by now the LA Times’ exposé on how the brilliantly creative folks over at Maison Martin Margiela were “inspired” (yeah right) by David Penfound’s 1998 painting, Summoning the Storm. At US$1,395, Margiela’s dramatic tee is one heck of an expensive rip-off of a t-shirt that can be bought for as low as US$14.95!

Martin Margiela ripped-off David Penfound's Summoning the Storm t-shirt by The Mountain
Photo:, eBay

I went ahead and ordered two tees, one in size large and another one in XXXL (yes – extra extra extra large!) Are YOU thinking what I’m thinking? I see Paris, I see France. I see slits on the side and shoulder pads! Go go go, buy buy buy!

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Arnold Galang: Prada is dat chu?

27/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Arnold Galang: Prada Spring 2008 is dat chu?

It’s Philippine Fashion Week 2008 and thanks to the very accommodating Joey Espino, I managed to grab a front row seat.  Two of my closest friends were there (one is a journo and
the other was a designer who also showed) so I thought, what the heck,
might as well go, right? I have critics who always give me flak for not blogging about Filipino models, designers and what have you and there are several individuals out there calling me "racist" and such. Puhhhleeeaze!

Now. One of the collections that struck me the most (it was the styling
and the color palette) was Arnold Galang’s collection.

Arnold Galang

Prada Spring
2008 is dat chu? Trembled Blossoms is dat chu? Click click click!


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Crossover Ties, Colonel Ties – Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf

26/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Crossover Ties and Colonel Ties

Praise Jesus! Thank GAWDDDD for helpful British people on the internet. I’ve been trying to figure out what these are called for the longest time and it’s only until now that I found out what the hell they are.

Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, Crossover Ties

Click click click!


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Noémie Lenoir and Laetitia Casta – Vogue Paris June July 2008

23/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Noémie Lenoir and Laetitia Casta – Vogue Paris

Holy gorgeous Noémie Lenoir batman! With all this hype about women of colour on the covers of Vogue (Italia, American, Abybloodyssinian bloody Vogue), is the June/July 2008 Vogue Paris double cover issue a clever ploy by Carine and Co to know which cover will sell more… the ethnic girl or the white girl?

Same outfit, same poses, same everything except for the hair.

Noémie Lenoir and Laetitia Casta, Vogue Paris, June July 2008

Answers on a postcard…

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Marc Jacobs BB Bag Preview

22/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Marc Jacobs BB Bag Preview

One of the main reasons why I’ve always fantasized about working for a magazine is to constantly be surrounded by beautiful things (I’m such a materialistic whore, I know). Unfortunately, working in "the closet" is not a paid job and you cannot make a living out of it. It’s only available to interns. It’s funny because an acquaintance who used to intern for a magazine sent me a message not too long ago saying that she saw "my" bag in white. And now… another lovely angel emailed me yesterday, this time, with photos of fall/winter 2008 bags. One of them is "my" bag in a larger size and a different color!

Marc Jacobs BB Bag

I love this photo! It’s like a small African nation’s GDP right then and there. Look at all those bags in exotic skins — lizard, snake, ostrich and more! Thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of merchandise piled on top of each other. How I wish I was in that picture… I’ll pose with my hand on my crotch, faking an orgasm from all that jazz!!!! I spy with a Fendi Spy…. is that a Chanel bag? Click click click for a closer inspection of things none of us can’t afford.


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Marc Jacobs for Interview Magazine June 2008

17/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Marc Jacobs for Interview Magazine June 2008

Andy Warhol turns 80 and Marc Jacobs goes hot androgynous mess on the latest issue of Interview magazine. I love it! I love Marc! He really is the sexiest, most chica fashion designer out there!

Marc Jacobs, Interview Magazine

Marc with red hair! Marc in high heels! Marc in tights! Out of all the editorials and features he’s done, this is my favourite one. The man certainly knows how to work it. Click click click!