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Alexandra Agoston at Christian Dior Cruise 2008

17/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Alexandra Agoston at Christian Dior Cruise 2008

It ain't a show unless John Galliano's Aussie muse Alexandra Agoston is there! Isn't she pretty?

Alexandra Agoston, Christian Dior Spring 2008
Photo: JD Ferguson

After 10 long years, my buddy JD's backstage coverage of Christian Dior's Resort 2008 collection is now online at V Magazine. Click here to check it out.

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Celestina Minaudieres by Tina Maristela Ocampo – Vogue June 2008

17/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Celestina – Vogue June 2008

Giselle Cordero is gonna crucify me for saying this but look at all these chica clamshell minaudieres by Filipina designer Tina Maristela-Ocampo as featured on US Vogue’s “Last Look”.

Celestina Minaudieres
Scanned by: The Prophet

They’re so gorgeous and CHIC but soo ultra mega expens$$ive!! Click here to see a selection of Celestina products are available online at Vivre.

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Ali Michael on Today Show

15/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Ali Michael on Today Show

I originally did not want to run the Ali Michael (who just turned 18 today and lost her period for OVER a year) Teen Vogue explosive but emotions are high right now online and I have to take a stand. Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate slim and slender models. IMO, clothes usually look best on a long, lean body with angular features. Olga Sherer is super fierce, fantastic and I love her! I also confess that I’m one of those people who are too quick and careless in judging a model’s body, labeling someone with just a little bit of excess weight as “plus sized”!

I do, however, support and commend Ali for speaking out on what she went through. I know there will always be someone out there willing to hit the extreme to do the job but the amount of pressure placed on models these days is absolutely insane and worse, some of these girls are so young and they’re only getting younger and younger! I don’t blame beautiful young women such as Ali to succumb to this intense pressure. If anything, I think the industry should SLOW down in discovering new models. There’s just too many of them these days, the churn rate is so high! You know there’s wayyy too many models out there when you don’t even know their names or remember their faces!

Ali Michael backstage at Lanvin, Spring/Summer 2008. Photos by
Ali Michael backstage at Lanvin, Spring/Summer 2008. Photos by

What are your thoughts on this? I have so many things going through my head. For instance, why is Teen Vogue running the story just now? Are they sensationalizing this? Is this a temporary stand? Will Teen Vogue feature “skinny” models hiding (if any) their eating disorders in the future?

Patty over at Fully Chic has snippets of Ali’s “coming out” story on Teen Vogue. Check it out.

What annoys me the MOST however is how Today reports that the average American woman is 5 foot 4 tall and 163 pounds. I hate it with a passion whenever the media brings out “real woman” statistics. Why is it such a big deal to focus on “skinny” models (a very tiny speck of the population) when everybody else is UNHEALTHILY packing (myself included) the pounds?

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Raf Simons Footwear Spring 2008

14/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Raf Simons Footwear Spring 2008

2:28AM Quick UPDATE re: Raf Simons Footwear. I no longer want (to pay for) them. I take
back everything I said unless it starts raining manna from heaven. Thanks for the reality check. Anyway, someone
online bought a different style/more affordable version
and the results are not pleasant.

Just click here. (you’ve been warned. There’s a man’s foot on that page.)

and here. (it just occurred to me this guy is a hardcore raf collector to the point where he even bought a flintstone caftan of some sort.)

That’s all!

On a side note, what the fuck was I doing obsessing about men’s footwear anyway?



“De Stijl” Hiking Boots – US$1,895 [here]

Raf Simons

“Astronaut” High Sandals – US$1,250 [here]

Raf Simons


Should I spend my holiday money on new footwear or should I fuck fashion and go on a vacation instead? The good news is, they don’t have the boots in my size, which is 41/42, thanks very much, but the sandals, my god those sandals, are just a few keystrokes away… MUST. RESIST. TEMPTATION.

Why are they making it soooo difficult? $1,895!!!!! Ugh! We’re talking about footwear here, not handbags! (I don’t wanna hear anything about the ostrich bag either… I’m gonna have to call on the powers of “The Secret” for that.) Answer me my minions, answer me now!

PS. Mike Dumlao in NYC I know you know people at Seven New York. Get their ass on the phone… ask  for a 75% discount and tell them I’m willing to be their slave for an entire year. I have talent. I’m good at answering phones and taking messages! Desperate times, desperate measures!!!!!!!!!!!

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Terron Wood, Simon Nessman, Blaine Cook

13/05/2008, Fan Art, Fashion and Style

Terron Wood, Simon Nessman, Blaine Cook

OMG Ladies!!!!!!! Talk about an all-star Major trio. It’s Terron Wood, Simon Nessman and Blaine Cook! Who needs a man with a plan when you’ve got three hot boys with a lovely toy? Repeat after me on three. One… two… three. I’M HERE FOR THE GANGBANG!

Terron Wood, Simon Nessman, Blaine Cook
Photo: JD Ferguson

Don’t answer the poll until you saw the entire post. No cheating mmkay?

I said no cheating! Now. Click click click!


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Terron Wood is back!

13/05/2008, Fan Art, Fashion and Style

Terron Wood is back!

There I was, whingeing and rambling away at one of my friends on the phone how I’m soo depressed, how my life is so direction-less, how I need to do something ultra big, how I need another holiday from my ‘work’ holiday… then comes a little email surprise for me from Ms JD who popped by Ms Jason’s office at Major Models. Enough drama from a stale 20-something queen… talk about perfect timing and an instant perk me up. I’m soo happy!

Terron Wood
Photo: JD Ferguson

Terron Wood is back and how MAJOR is he? I’ve got more pics (I died!!) coming up from my favorite men’s board in the world EVER EVER EVER! Stay tuned.

PS. How fast time flies eh? I totally forgot how it’s Resort 2009 show season now… My god!!! I’m soo out of the loop I need to get my act together.

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Anna Wintour

12/05/2008, Fashion and Style

Anna Wintour

How powerful is this photograph? Anna Wintour in Chanel Haute Couture.

Anna Wintour, Costume Institute Gala, Superheroes, The Met

And Emily?

Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld

That’s all.

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Bryanboy Loves… Chloe Dao

11/05/2008, Fan Art, Fashion and Style

Bryanboy Loves… Chloe Dao

Lookie lookie what I found on my inbox courtesy of my friend Marius in LA. It’s Chloe Dao, winner of Project Runway Season 2!

Chloe Dao

Check out Chloe’s boutique, Lot 8 by visiting

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Marc by Marc Jacobs, Greenbelt 5

11/05/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Greenbelt 5

I came, I saw, I bought something and I took pictures. As promised to you previously, I finally went to the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Manila.

Marc by Marc Jacobs store Manila, Greenbelt 5, handbags

You would never believe the trouble I went through for the pictures you are about to see. Click click click!


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Bryanboy’s “A-HA” Moment #16,311: Diane Pernet

10/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Fashion and Style

Bryanboy’s “A-HA” Moment #16,311: Diane Pernet

I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to fashion icon Diane Pernet on the phone last week. A new friend rang her while we’re walking on the streets of Sydney looking for a nightclub. I’m a big, big, BIG fan of Diane and to be able to speak to her in this lifetime is, gosh, something else. She’s super nice, super cool and her soothing voice… Diane is a deity!

Photo: Diane Pernet/MySpace

Everything went well until this huge ass garbage truck (which made a lot of noise) came outta nowhere went straight to my direction. Everything happened so fast so I screamed on the phone something like….


in the loudest, gayest voice EVER only to realize the truck wanted to park near the pavement.

And then SNAP!

Diane Pernet, fashion icon, journalist and blogger, world traveler, mentor to many and staunch supporter of talent and creativity, was still on the phone with me. Y’all should’ve seen the priceless look on my face when that happened. Put yourself in MY shoes and tell me how you’d react.

Oh dear. The things I get myself into. It’s funny reminiscing about it now but back then… man, oh man oh man, it was fucking embarrassing.

I am so sorry Diane!!! I hope to meet you one day!!!

PS. On a lighter note, do that to Miranda Priestley and bitch would prolly say “that’s all” before hanging up on you. LOL!!!!