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Handpainted HVBAO Sneakers

19/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Handpainted HVBAO Sneakers

Sometime last year, one of my female friends invited me to have coffee with her gay couple friends visiting from Los Angeles. I brought my ginormous Goyard blue croisiere at that time and one of the gays innocently questioned the authenticity of my bag (which is real, btw) by asking me “ayyy fiax??” (translation: oh is that fake?).  Since then, the word “FIAX” (which is third world gay lingo for fake…pronounced as “fee-yaxe”) stuck in my head and I always laugh a little whenever I use that word because you should’ve seen the way he said it. There he was (hello Cedric I miss you!!), a big broly muscle mary man with an even bigger, brolyer, more muscular LAPD (yep) boyfriend, using the word FIAX… LOL.

Speaking of FIAX, check out these handpainted, made in China, FIAX Chuck Taylors. I hate it when people watermark their photos, especially retailers. Ugh.

Aren’t they cute? Come to think of it, everyone’s doing Chuck Taylors even Dior
friggin Homme and Lanvin have their own versions of the classic
American sneaker. I know I’m too old for shoes like these but at only US$38 (yep, thirty eight dollars!!! cheap!!!) per pair, sorry, but, I couldn’t resist! They also offer FREE international express shipping for all orders $150 and above so you can get your order in just a few days.

Click here, here and here. There’s more HERE. Look up “HVBAO” sneakers. Sizing is unisex (and European)… just use their size chart for the right conversion.

What do you think? Yay or nay? I think they’re too cute and I certainly wouldn’t mind lounging around the house in those.

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Kate Moss for Vogue USA: August 2008

15/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Kate Moss for Vogue USA: August 2008

Gasp! A model! SHOCK HORROR! Supermodel (and I’m not using that term loosely) Kate Moss is on the cover of the August 2008 issue of American Vogue. Man, is Kate lookin a bit chunky or what? Just kidding! The supermo, who single-handedly sparked the heroin chic of bonanza 90s, is now a full-grown woman. Awww. Remember that line from SATC the movie? Vogue designers… Vogue photographers… Vogue airbrushing.

Kate Moss, Vogue USA cover, August 2008
photo via tfs

I wonder what Snejana would look like twenty years from now. I mean think about it. If Rachel Zoe was the woman responsible for bringing anorexia in style in Hollywood via her zoebots, the lovely Snejana is the model responsible for bringing the likes of Olga, Vlada et al down the runways. In other words, she and her Russian gang made “heroin chic” look like a bunch of fat fighters/weight-watchers club members!

The $64 million question is: do you think this cover will sell to the masses? Conde Nast Portfolio recently reported that the May 2008 issue featuring the dull Gwyneth Paltrow is Vogue USA’s worst selling issue, having sold only a mere 310,000 copies. Also, the April 2008 issue with Gisele Bundchen sold 350,000 copies compared to last year’s average of 452,207. It’s Vogue’s worst-selling April issue since 2001.

Meanwhile, WWD mentioned that Conde Nast will print another 10,000 copies of its groundbreaking and HISTORICAL Vogue Italia July 2008 All-black issue. Yay Vogue Italia!

A spokeswoman for Condé said the company increased newsstand
distribution of the special issue by 40 percent in the U.S., and will
reallocate Italian copies earmarked for returns to the U.S. The company
will also print another 10,000 copies to meet the demand for the issue.

Gurl that’s gotta hurt, no? Big, big, big kudos to Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani for making things happen!

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Marc Jacobs BB Bag @ Nylon Magazine August 2008

15/07/2008, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs BB Bag @ Nylon Magazine

I know I’m practically shoving the Marc Jacobs BB bag to your face but please allow me to do so before Fall 2008 fades into oblivion. We all know the Spring 2009 shows are just around the corner and I want this good feeling to last! One of my readers (thanks Regina!) sent me scans of the August 2008 issue of Nylon magazine and lookie lookie at what she found. It’s the Marc Jacobs Sunburst BB bag in baby blue!

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Cole Mohr: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Dress

14/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Cole Mohr: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Dress

Who wore the US$458 runway frock best? Texan model Cole Mohr who is the star of the Fall 2008 Marc by Marc ad campaign?

Cole Mohr, Marc by Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign Fall Winter 2008

Or Irina Kulikova who minced down the runway during Fashion Week and the Asian model whose name I do not know of at eLuxury?

Irina Kulikova, Marc by Marc Jacobs dress Fall Winter 2008

Click HERE for purchase information.

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Oh no they didn’t: 303 Gallery, Chelsea

13/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Oh no they didn’t.

I’m anxiously waiting to see the latest copy of NY Post’s Page Six Magazine. From today’s Post:

Marc Jacobs, 303 Gallery, New York, NY

Dayum! This is exactly why y’all should NEVAH EVAH judge people by appearances. Can you imagine being the employee telling Marc Jacobs to fuck off?

Awww! I love Marc. Isn’t it nice to know someone of his stature doesn’t throw his weight around and pull the dreaded “don’t you know who I am” line? He’s soo humble and down to earth! As if I didn’t already know that. LOL.

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Luxury Brands & Fashion Designer Pronunciations

12/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Luxury Brands & Fashion Designer Pronunciations

Chanel not Channel. Versace not Versays. So how the hell do you pronounce A. Lange & Söhne, purveyor of very fine watches? What about Hervé Léger, who is now being designed by Max Azria?

Olga Sherer, Herve Leger Fall Winter 2008
My head bitch in charge, the fierce Olga Sherer at Hervé Léger fall/winter 2008-2009. Photo via Getty.

Well, The Imperial Hotel Management College of Canada made these videos on how to pronounce your favourite luxury brands. Click click click!


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Serge Lutens, Adora Department Store Greenbelt 5

12/07/2008, Fashion and Style, Grooming, Manila

Serge Lutens, Adora Department Store

It’s been a REALLY busy (and productive) week over here at Camp Bryanboy. Thank GOD it’s Saturday. I went to four business meetings yesterday. Can you believe it? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to pay her bills… and all the nice and nifty things she desires.

Adora, Greenbelt 5

In between meetings, I visited my favourite luxury emporium ADORA at Greenbelt 5.  Click click click!


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At Gucci: Chanel, Prada and Sasha Pivovarova

10/07/2008, Fashion and Style

At Gucci: Chanel, Prada and Sasha Pivovarova

The luxurious House of Gucci recently celebrated its 70th anniversary in Rome. Here’s Natasha Poly, Maryna Linchuk and a glowing Sasha Pivovarova. The question is… is Sasha pregnant?

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Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Lys Bag

10/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Lys Bag

Monogramouflage, Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, is now available at Louis Vuitton Philippines. They remind me of the monogram denim they did a few years ago. I saw some of the bags at the store and as much as they look cute, I have decided they are not for me.

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Caption This: Laura Hollins/Agyness Deyn

07/07/2008, Fashion and Style

Caption This