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Keira Knightley for Vogue USA September 2008 Cover

11/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Keira Knightley for Vogue USA September 2008 Cover

Keira Knightley
(in Balenciaga) is on the cover of American Vogue's September 2008 issue: 798 Pages of Brilliant Fall Fashion.

Keira Knightley, Vogue USA September 2008 Cover - in Balenciaga

First impression: I love it!
Upon further thought: I like it! (except the hair)

There I was thinking it's gonna be another blond actress in another bland dress but wow… Grace actually put Keira Knightley in separates.

Not bad Anna Wintour, not bad.

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American Apparel Goes Gay

11/08/2008, Fashion and Style

American Apparel Goes Gay

So tell me my dear readers, how do you feel about this gay American Apparel ad?

American Apparel Gay Ad For Him

BTW, this isn't a sponsored entry because I found this banner ad on a different website… though for the interests of disclosure, American Apparel does sponsor my website — thanks guys!

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Seen at Selfridges, London

10/08/2008, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs

Seen at Selfridges, London

Wow wow wow! Marc may have given me the original prototype but here's the finished product. It's larger and it has more structure to it.

Marc Jacobs ostrich BB bag at Selfridges, London

Hey Bryan, was passing the windows to work this morning and guess what caught my eye? Your namesake bag in the display! Sorry for the blurry pic but thought you'd appreciate. Love from London, Michael x

Thanks Michael!

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Kate Hudson for W Magazine September 2008

08/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Kate Hudson for W Magazine September 2008

And how do you, my dear readers, feel about W Magazine taking some cues from a 1994 issue of Harper's Bazaar.?

Kate Hudson, W Magazine September 2008, Nadja Auermann Harper's Bazaar 1994

Take your pick.

Thanks Joey for the heads up!

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Promo Code: Shopbop Last Chance Sale – Today only!!

08/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Last Chance Spring 2008 Sale – Shopbop

This is insane! Shopbop is offering an additional 20% off its sale items (which were already marked down 30-50% off) for today only, August 7, 2008.

Shopbop Promo Code, Last Chance Spring 2008 Sale

Here's what I love: Mariah riding boots by Joie shoes (originally $425 now $170), Metallic Basquet bag by Erotokritos (from $621 now $250), Marc by Marc Jacobs flash patent jacket (from $548 now $220).

Shopbop Discount Code 2008 Last Chance Sale free shipping

Don't forget to use the promo code BONUS20 when you check-out to receive the 20% discount.
As always, shipping is free within the USA. For those of you international folks out there, shopbop ships anywhere in the world!

Now go!

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Petey Wright for VMan Magazine (VMan 11)

05/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Petey Wright for VMan 11

Remember VMAN’s male model search (in conjunction Ford Models) a few months back? Model champ Petey Wright is now on the cover of the latest issue of VMan magazine. He was styled by Nicola Formichetti and photographed by Hedi Slimane, no less.

Petey Wright, VMAN Magazine Fall 2008, Hedi Slimane, Nicola Formichetti

You must get this issue because the OHMYLORD Garrett Neff, who is the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear, is also there. Hail to the brief!

Garrett Neff, Calvin Klein Underwear
Photo credits: VMan

Jeezus bajeezus! I think I’ve had my weekly dose of testosterone just by looking at those pics.

VMAN11 Fall 2008 is out now.

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Vogue Italia July 2008: Black Issue – Naomi Campbell Cover

05/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Vogue Italia July 2008: Black Issue

At long last. My own personal copy of Vogue Italia’s ground-breaking “A Black Issue” finally arrived from New York. The original plan was for me to wait until I get an actually copy of this historical glossy before writing an in-depth review but come to think of it, what else has not been said and done online?

Naomi Campbell cover, Vogue Italia July 2008: A Black Issue

I had chills running down my spine as I leafed through the magazine. The editorials are great. The models are absolutely beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, absolutely STUNNING. Sessilee Lopez is fierce and ferosh — actually, they all are!

The ads tell a completely different story though. Other than the odd ad campaign or two (ok maybe three… etc), most of the ads feature (well duh, nothing new there) what seems to be the current standard of beauty: tall, white, skinny and blonde. It felt creepy looking at all these ads go side by side with the all-black editorials. Is fashion REALLY that racist? Can’t our tastemakers do something about it (ie. offer more diversity)? It’s funny how the issue had a fold-out cover featuring 4 beautiful black models: Naomi, Jourdan, Sessilee and Liya but you flip it out and look at the back, you’ll see a full spread of Valentino’s latest ad campaign with an all-white cast.

I dunno. Enough rambling from me. I’m just glad Vogue Italia showed everyone that “it” (whatever it may be) could be done.

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Expensive Nike Shoes: Nike Dunk, Nike Zoom, Nike Air Jordan

04/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Expensive Nike Shoes

If you think paying three figures for a pair of sneakers is ridiculous, wait till you finish reading this entry.

Believe it or not, I only have one, just one, pair of Nike trainers in my possession. I blogged about it back in March. I bought those Nike+ ipod whataever shoes hoping it would motivate me to jog (I love my good ol’ ipod video and I’m too cheap to buy an ipod nano) but alas, I ended up using the trainers to walk around the house instead. Anyway, I was browsing eBay for Rick Owens boots and as always, one click led to another page and to another page. Lo and behold I saw the most expensive pair of Nikes I have EVER, EVER seen in my entire life. Say hello to the $10,000 Nike Zoom Kobe MVP sneakers. It comes in a Lucite box and signed by Kobe Bryant himself.

Nike Zoom Kobe Bryant MVP sneakers

No, I didn’t make a typo. Yes, TEN THOUSAND DONALD DUCK DOLLARS. Click click click!


4:34 pm

WHO DAT??????

03/08/2008, Fashion and Style

WHO DAT??????

I NEED to know who this person is. Take note of the upper part of his/her/it body.

God I love the Japanese. S/he/it better be Japanese!!! Click click click.


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Gemma Ward, Backpacker

02/08/2008, Fashion and Style

Gemma Ward, Backpacker

There I was wondering whatever the hell happened to Gemma Ward but it looks like she’s been backpacking in Nepal the whole time!!!! I’m so jealous. Y’all know I’ve always wanted to go backpacking for the longest time… unfortunately, Gemma Ward, the Vogue cover girl, got to do it first.

Gemma Ward, Nepal, Backpacker

Gemma recently joined the Annapurna Circuit Trek (how exotic does that sound) in Nepal on her OWN. How cool is that? According to a blogger who was also there, Israelis were the first ones who recognized her, thanks to FTV. Word buzzed around and people made all these snarky comments behind her back. Some of the comments were so mean, particularly about her head. Oh well. Hand model? Bitch please. Poor Gemma.

Here’s another photo of Gemma talking to the locals with her guide… and her guitar!

Gemma Ward, Nepal


This is it. This is really it. I’m gonna look more into this backpacking business. I mean, if she could do it, there is absolutely NO reason I couldn’t. Meanwhile, have you seen the Fall/Winter 2008 Hermès ad campaign? Mariacarla Boscono went to the Himalayas!!!

Mariacarla Boscono, Hermes Fall 2008 ad campaign

Now THAT is probably the way I’d do it if I had the money choice. LOL.