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Protected: Bravo John Galliano!

07/10/2007, Fashion

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John Galliano is the hotness

07/10/2007, Fashion

John Galliano is the hotness

One of my friends is an artist from Serbia (I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek if you can point that on the map) and yes, he’s a chubby heterosxual. I’ve been brainwashing him over the past few weeks, giving him a crash course on everything he needs to know about fashion because we’re kinda working on a secret project. He loves Etro and I even made him watch the Versace show where he was all like "OMG that’s Vlada!". The only thing I don’t like about him is the fact that he would make these silly little comments like "look at those tits. what’s her name?". Sooo annoying. Anyway, today’s lesson is about the wonderful world of John Galliano and Christian Dior. I’m sure you all know I love big papa John. There is really no one like him.

Me: What do you think of this guy?

John Galliano
Photo via Getty

Branko: Ugh.
Branko: stop that.
Branko: he looks like a tranny!

John Galliano
Photo via Getty


Branko: he still looks like a tranny.

I died. Some people simply have no respect whatsoever. But then again, tranny ain’t a bad thing. Give me a tranny any day over a cradle-snatching crystal meth-smoking gym freak Chelsea queen. Aye?

Oh well.

**Update – 2:05AM**

Branko: holy shit you were right!
Me: what now?
Branko: mcqueen is so avant garde
Branko: wow

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Guess Chanel’s Plus-Size Mascot

06/10/2007, Fashion

Guess Chanel’s Plus-Size Mascot

Guess the glamazon who’s making headlines in Paris this season. Even Karl Lagerfeld (yes, of all people) thought the girls now are so thin he had to reject three models because they look “deformed”.
It makes perfect sense though. When your clothes pay homage to Americana (where 60% of the population are festively plump and morbidly well-fed) and when you’re targeting the Lindsay Lohan generation, it makes perfect sense to send someone down the runway with a figure that most people can relate to. No, it’s definitely not Velvet D’Amour or Crystal Renn for Gaultier. You know what? Whatever. I love Americans. And I fucking love beef jerky. I think it’s the best invention EVER.

Gemma Ward

The drag queen at Fashion Addict Diary wanted to know whether or not it’s time that we stuff our faces full of creampie. I don’t know about you but I’m still allergic to cream-filled internal combustion… cookies! DO. NOT. WANT.

Anyway… click click click!


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I know an IT-bag when I see one.

06/10/2007, Fashion

I know an IT-bag when I see one.

This is IT. This is really IT. This gorgeous bag from Chanel’s spring/summer 2008 collection is gonna be Chanel’s  IT-bag for next summer. I’m good when it comes to these things. Trust me.

Chanel It-bag

Oooh la love.

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Chanel’s Quilted Ankle Monitors

06/10/2007, Fashion

Chanel’s Quilted Ankle Monitors

There is no such thing as a price drop when it comes to Chanel classic quilted bags. Investment pieces indeed — there is always a price increase year after year after year. For those of you cannot afford to spend a couple of grand on a new 2.55 comes a new cool mini "ankle monitoring" version which serves as an entry-level piece to House that Coco built. Chanel is smart. Very, very smart, no?

Chanel ankle bags

Japanese kids are gonna go ape-crazy on this sort of shit and good ol’ Gabrielle Chanel must be rolling in her grave right now. Click click click!


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First Look: Chanel Spring/Summer 2008

05/10/2007, Fashion

First Look: Chanel Spring/Summer 2008

Mark my words: stars are the new skulls! After Stefano Pilati’s star-studded collection for Yves Saint Laurent (no, not stars but REAL stars), Uncle Karl follows suit with lots and lots and LOTS of stars for Chanel.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2008
Photo credits: Yahoo/AFP/Getty

Keep an eye out for those little 2.55s that act like ankle alcohol monitoring straps. Karl must have been inspired by Hollywood’s infamous young train wrecks. Oh well.

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Madonna fails in style.

05/10/2007, Fashion

Madonna fails in life style.

And this, my friends, is why soFEEsticated gays like me prefer a Gareth Pugh-wearing Kylie over Madonna. I think Madonna’s stylish days ended when she stopped wearing those Gaultier cone bras.


Photo via Jezebel/Flynet

Madonna is definitely iconic, yes, but you’ll never see Kylie wear shit like THAT. Sorry Maddy. Time for yet another reinvention.

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Agyness Deyn at Karl Lagerfeld Spring/Summer 2008

05/10/2007, Fashion

Agyness at Karl Lagerfeld

WOAH. This image is sooo… moving. Can you tell me why?

Agyness Deyn

I know why!

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Versace Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Show Video

04/10/2007, Fashion

Versace Spring/Summer 2008 Fashion Show

The drag queens at Frillr answered my prayers and they uploaded the Versace spring/summer 2008 fashion show video!


Many thanks to Ed of Insidethegaygate who identified the track they used: Simean Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation.

PS. Belated happy birthday to Hans of Norway!

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Don’t mess with me Rachel Zoe.

03/10/2007, Fashion

Don’t mess with me Rachel Zoe.

It rhymes, no? Someone call Henry Holland quick! Ask him to make a t-shirt for Rachel.

Rachel Zoe

Who’s more influential now, Rachel? You really, really, really need to stop taking them drugs.

Team Anna forever!