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Natalie Massenet & Net-a-porter girl, where are you?

21/10/2007, Fashion

Net-a-porter girl, where are you?

I think it was last year when someone who works at fabulous online luxury emporium Net-a-Porter left a comment on my blog how some folk at Net-a-Porter read me. I spent the past 3 hours going through my emails etc and I can’t, for the life of god, find her contact info. I need you. I need you now. I need you more than anyone else in this world. I need you more than I need my parents. I need you more than I need a boyfriend. I need you more than I need hot sex. We all know good shoes should come first before hot sex and frankly speaking, I don’t need hot sex, I need good shoes!

Ms. Natalie Massenet, you are the queen of them all.

This is a life and death situation. I saw the most gorgeous shoes EVER (amongst other gorgeous things), it’s available in my size and I wanna buy a few pairs. Please hook me up with a promo code like STAT! The shoes are screaming my name and my visa is waiting to be abused. I need them in black. I need them in white. I need them in every colour available. I promise to wear them forever (oh who are we kidding but still) and take lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures so that my readers can see them and then hopefully I can evoke some emotion out of them and then they’ll buy the entire lot online. I did my research and nobody else seems to like them except for me but whatever, I think they’re beautiful in spite of the fact that you still have them in almost all sizes otherwise they would’ve been a goner. I don’t want to post pictures of the shoes on my site because I don’t want people to snap them up. Not for now at least. Haha!

Hook me up with a promo code now! LOL


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Fendi at the Great Wall of China: First Look

20/10/2007, Fashion

First Look: Fendi at the Great Wall of China

I have no words. This, my friends, is truly one of the most amazing moments in the history of… well, mankind. Amazing! Karl is truly, truly, truly amazing. This is soooo surreal… and magical! You really have to hand it out to the folks at Fendi. They’re the best.

Fendi at the Great Wall of China? You bet!

Fendi at The Great Wall of China Beijing

Quite possibly the most spectacular fashion show venue EVER!

Fendi at The Great Wall of China Beijing

Oooh la love Fendi!

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Protected: Does Hamish Bowles ever, EVER have sex?

19/10/2007, Fashion

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Vote Mich Dulce!

18/10/2007, Fashion

Vote Mich Dulce!

People of the civilized world, I know many of you don’t really give a fuck about third world fashion but I have a teeny, tiny favour to ask. My favourite third world fashion magazine got this chu chu bells fashion awards thing and I want you to please vote for my friend Mich Dulce for the Streetwear Designer of the Year award.

Remember how she made me her doll earlier this year for shits and giggles??? Well, not many designers let me raid their studios and play dress up.

No one on that page is worth your time or effort (just kidding) so let’s skip the bullshit and vote for my friend, Mich. I mean really, Piolo Pascual? Bitch. Please.

If Mich doesn’t win this contest y’all know that competition is rigged. Hahahaha! What are you waiting for? Trust me, it won’t take more than 10 seconds of your time. In fact, it shouldn’t take longer than 5 seconds. Just click the radio button beside Mich Dulce’s name, enter your first name and your email address (optional) and vote, vote, vote.

Vote now!

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Kasia Struss is Spring 2008′s Catwalk Queen!

17/10/2007, Fashion

Kasia Struss is Spring 2008′s Catwalk Queen!

The fashion show report card is out! Polish model Kasia Struss is Spring 2008′s catwalk queen having walked a mindblowing 75 runway shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris in a span of four agonizing weeks! Bitch really worked it out like a proper show pony.

Kasia Struss
Congratulations Kasia Struss!

2nd Place: Olga Sherer and Tanya Dziahileva with 73 shows under their belts.

Click click click to find out whether or not your favourite girl made the Top 20 list.


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Fashion & Racism Drama: Token Ching Chong, Token Nig Nog

16/10/2007, Fashion

Token Ching Chong, Token Nig Nog

Let me pick your brain for a bit. This is a long, race-sensitive blog entry so I request that you exercise some caution.

Now that everyone seems to have gotten over the whole size quadruple
zero brouhaha and fatties are now being represented by Gemma Ward at
Chanel, people are now going gaga about the lack of coloured models and the photo mosaic above, courtesy of V Magazine, is a good representation of what they are whingeing about.

Click click click!


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Yves Saint Laurent. The Belt. The Boots.

13/10/2007, Fashion

YSL. The Belt. The Boots.

I know I said no more logo-a-gogo but the folks over at Yves Saint Laurent emailed me some promotional chu chu bells yesterday about their new online store. Two things caught my eye — the logomania logo buckle belt that the lovely Raquel Zimmermann wore on a recent Vogue Paris editorial and these gorgeous black "Ascot" boots. I bought so much crap on eBay in the past 24 hours from derby hats to spiked bracelets (don’t ask). Ugh.

Yves Saint Laurent

The belt is quite affordable at US$395 a pop whereas the women’s boots are something else — a pricey US$995. It’s not too bad considering I bought 2 pairs of their men’s Johnny boot (with the monk straps and heels) like ages ago they practically became my favourite boot and I’ve worn them for a good couple of years until both pairs are chipped. It’s sad that they don’t make them anymore and all new versions of the Johnny boot aren’t… well, it’s just not the same. I’m gonna buy a pair of fall boots so I’m shopping around. So far this pair…
and the Miu Miu biker boots ($895) I saw from not too long ago are nice.

YSL’s online shop only caters to USA residents so I can’t buy these online. It’s sad that the Yves Saint Laurent store in good ol’ Manila closed shop earlier this year (it shows how third world we truly are haha) but I don’t blame them. Most of their in-season pieces ALWAYS arrive late, their (often poor) selection is wayyy overpriced compared to other YSL outlets around the world and they only put items on "sale" after a year or two (FOR REAL)… with what, a mere 10… or 20% (if you’re lucky) discount? No wonder goods don’t move fast and third world buyers go somewhere else to shop. In any case,  I doubt the Manila ex-store would carry these boots… or the belt anyway. Alec… or will anyone in Paris please find out how much the belt and the boots are? +33-01-4265-745. I’m gonna call HK tomorrow and see if they’re available. I’m a size 41!


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Bowler Derby Hats: Obsession du Jour

12/10/2007, Fashion

Bowler Derby Hats: Obsession du Jour

Sing after me: I’m an alien. I’m a legal alien. I’m an Englishman in Nuuuu Yawwwwk. After watching the spring/summer 2008 Christian Dior show, I cannot get enough of these bowler derby whatever hats.

Christian Dior Hats Spring/Summer 2008
Photo credit: TFS/Catwalking

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11/10/2007, Fashion


JD FERGUSON!!!!! Kevin Costner and that "IF I BLOG IT THEY WILL COME" have nothing on me. Same applies to Jared Leto and Oh No They Didn’t! Hahahaha!

Christmas came early this year! Although I got a hint not too long ago… HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS AND IT’S GONNA BE THIS GOOD?????? I did my usual round on TFS and saw these photos…. it’s two of my favourite fashion people in the world, Sonny V. and Rachel Clark spotted at Chapurin, Spring/Summer 2008, courtesy of the guys at Catwalking! For those of you  who are familiar with their photos, their stories and their work, you’ll know what I mean when I say they are both amazing, inspirational and awesome. They’re special. Really. Even more so than me. I’m no one but a foul-mouthed, gender-bending attention whore so inspirational I am not.


Sonny Vandevelde and Rachel Clark, Chapurin Spring 2008

Click click click for more photos!


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Rachel Clark: Galliano Girl

07/10/2007, Fashion

Rachel Clark: Galliano Girl

It’s 7AM, I’ve been up all night just to see the Galliano pics. I’m sure I’m NOT the only one out there who PATIENTLY waited for Galliano. TFS tsk tsk tsk. Hahaha! Christian Dior, Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy, Hermès, John Galliano. Once again, big, big, big congrats to Rachel for a brilliant 2nd season. I’m telling you all, I feel like a proud mother (I KNOW HER I KNOW HER!!) it’s not even funny.

Rachel Clark

Enough obsession. God forbid I end up one of them teenage Backstreet Boy girl fans. Hah! I’m not sure why she’s got her eyes closed on the Galliano pic but I’m sure a better photo will surface anytime soon. Now if only Carine Roitfeld give good ol’ ME, BRYANBOY Rachel a Vogue Paris editorial/cover I’ll be super duper happy.

Tomorrow I’m gonna buy beef jerky to celebrate. Yeeehaw! Here’s the last part of the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2008 soundtrack. I love!!!!