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Very Coutury Poses

26/01/2008, Fashion

Very Coutury Poses

Guess where!

Dior Haute Couture

First one to guess it right shall win a kiss from me on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

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Pierre Hardy Flip Flop Boots

25/01/2008, Fashion

Pierre Hardy Boots

Remember those spring 2008 gold open-toe Prada boots I creamed my pants over many times last year? Well, Pierre Hardy made these black flip flop boots which I think are equally adorable… and probably about a third of Prada’s price.

Pierre Hardy Flip Flop Boots
Pierre Hardy Flip Flop Boots
€238.00 @ Luisa Via Roma

Pair these off with a plain gray t-shirt with super super super short short short faded denim or black cotton and bam! Chica, no? Anyway… y’all know how I feel about my feet and if it weren’t for my fug ginger-ass toes, I would totally buy these boots in a heartbeat. I know I need to get over it but I really hate feet.

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Protected: Charlotte di Calypso, Kinga Rajzak, Kim Noorda

24/01/2008, Fashion

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Christian Dior Couture Spring 2008 Fashion Show Full-Length Video

24/01/2008, Fashion

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2008 Full-Length Video

It’s here. It’s finally here! I want those shoes! Ahhhmayyyyzunnng! Natasha Poly owned the show, Sasha Pivovarova is fierce and Mariya Markina (the third girl) is adorable. Legs are shakin and knees are wobblin… watch all the girls pose in decadent couture. You have to give props to them though for being able to navigate the runway in those shoes.

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed the sudden shift in models? The usual big guns – Freja, Lily, Anja, Raquel, Trentini, Agyness, Stam aren’t doing couture, no? Anyhoo… moar moar moar. How do you like it, how do you like it, moar moar moar!


2:57 am

Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2008-2009

24/01/2008, Fashion

Suzy Menkes Interviews Kris Van Assche

Wow. To be honest with you, this is the first time I heard Kris Van Assche’s voice. I think he’s such an articulate, eloquent and well-spoken man. He seems to be a little ‘soft’ though. Perhaps its because he’s a young designer compared to, say, oh I dunno, Lagerfeld, Galliano or Marc?

He’s gorgeous, no? Will someone please give me a piece of him? Betcha $5 he’s uncut. I want a boyfriend like that. Enough of the damn blond aryan twinks. What we all need is a gorgeous, slim man with a little bit of facial stubble. STUBBLE, I repeat, STUBBLE, not BEARDS. Anyhoo – think of the possibilities! I have one word: exfoliation.

8:07 pm

North Face 485 Collection ‘Tellurium’ Jacket

23/01/2008, Fashion

North Face 485 Collection ‘Tellurium’ Jacket

The North Face has some major balls. Guess how much this jacket from North Face costs. $200? No. $300? No. $350? Nope. $400? No, try higher. $500? Definitely not.

North Face 485 Collection 'Tellurium' Jacket


The North Face 485 Collection "Tellurium" jacket is $800 at Nordstrom. Yes! Eight hundred donald duck dollars! Are they out of their minds? This isn’t Prada Sport on sale… it’s North Face! It’s just as bad as that $10,000 Coach Legacy Alligator Bag. If we were to play brand association game right now (you know, you tell me the brand and I’ll tell you the type of people who wear it), I would associate the brand "North Face" to the legions of young American tourists who go to Europe in their North Face puffer/quilted/down jackets.

Come on… $800. North Face? Outrageous! That’s just wrong.

PS. Online superstore Yoox just added a plethora of new items on sale… most items at 60% off! We’re talking about men’s Aquascutum coats at $600, a men’s Balenciaga coat at $630, Antonio Marras at $278 and more!  Enough about coats… I don’t need one of those! Click click click to check it out.

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Holy Chanel Jacket Batman! Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2008

22/01/2008, Fashion

Holy Chanel Jacket Batman!

Here’s the backdrop of Chanel’s spring/summer 2008 haute couture fashion show.

Chanel Giant Jacket Backdrop, Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

So tell me, how does this Chanel jacket make you feel?

7:25 pm

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2008: Devon Aoki

22/01/2008, Fashion

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2008

WOAH! Devon Aoki is back and she’s so… petite? The grand house of Chanel just held their spring/summer 2008 haute couture fashion show in Paris and here’s Devon Aoki enjoying the limelight.

Devon Aoki, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2008 Printemps Ete Paris

Devon Aoki, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2008 Printemps Ete Paris

8:37 am

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008 Video

22/01/2008, Fashion

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

It’s 8:21AM and I just got out of bed. Guess what greeted me along with my morning coffee? John Galliano’s latest haute couture collection for the house of Christian Dior! Ladies… get your duvet and your damn blankets ready because it’s that time of the year to pretend they are dresses and to sashay around the house in em. It’s haute couture season! 

WATCH AND LEARN FROM NATASHA POLY. She’s the first one to come out on this video. Keep an eye out on how fierce she walks and how graceful and elegant her movements are. She makes the other girls look like thugs! I stayed up all night waiting for this show!!! I saw the photos before I went to bed and I was impressed but I have to admit this collection didn’t have the same impact his previous ones did but this… his latest collection is alright. More later…

PS. MY GIRL MARIYA MARKINA IS THERE! I LOVE MARIYA!!!!! She’s the one wearing yellow gloves and a yellow cocktail dress.

5:56 pm

Tom Ford Ad Campaign Eyewear Spring Summer 2008: Jon Kortajarena by Terry Richardson

21/01/2008, Fashion

Tom Ford Eyewear Spring 2008 Ad Campaign

Fashion perverts Tom Ford and Terry Richardson does it again for Tom’s spring/summer 2008 ad campaign, this time, it’s all about foot fetishes and golden showers. Jon Kortajarena is the model. Y’all know where I stand. I fucking loathe feet but I fucking love golden showers. I’ll let you pee on me but only if I pee on you first. Pee on my back! Pee on my ass! Pee on my arm! Pee on my chest! As long as it doesn’t get in contact neck upwards, face, etc then I’m all up for it!

Tom Ford Eyewear Ad Campaign Spring Summer 2008, Jon Kortajarena by Terry Richardson