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26/07/2005, Fashion

Woohoo! I can now breathe oxygen again. Looks like they got my little parcel of love. I hope it goes to good use — and get sold on eBay. LOL. ;)


Click here to see the video.

Be sure to buy my little entry just in case it gets sold on eBay. Remember, it’s for charity! It’s my mom’s birthday today and I’m off to have dinner.

I wish people from the Philippines sent in their entries, too, but it seems I’m the only one from the third world. :(

Oh well. I’m starving.


3:28 pm

(Part 1) Top Secret Project. Here’s my Entry.

19/07/2005, Fashion

No, it’s not Tinkerbell going to a funeral.


I won’t tell you what it’s for because I don’t know whether my FedEx package will arrive there just in time. If the FedEx rep I spoke to was accurate, they’ll most likely receive my entry this coming Friday. I’ll only publicize it here if they picked my entry and post it on their website. Fingers crossed. I hope they pick me. I’m so so nervous at the same time excited. It’s for charity anyway.


After much deliberation and thought, I decided to get rid of a really old Issey Miyake hoodie that I have at the back of my closet. I have no use for it at all. Some of the old things I selected from were my ultra used and abused approx. US$7,000 size 38 (yes, I was THAT skinny back then) Gucci python pants from Spring/Summer 2000 – flashback of the excess, my Alexander McQueen distressed denim jacket, McQueen mesh tank top or McQueen patchwork denim jeans.




I have really funny pictures of me back in the dark ages wearing these outfits. Currently I’m on my laptop, waiting for my younger brother to come home and sort my scanner out on my PC. As soon as he does, I’ll scan the pics and post it on Part 2. You’ll have a blast I think. Hah!

Bryanboy Trivia #260: When Bryan was a child, he plugged the TV, which was 110 Volts into a 220 electrical socket. He was lucky to be alive after being electrocuted, considering the outlet exploded right in front of his eyes. SInce then, he developed a phobia with all things electrical. He is scared of plugging things to sockets such as ipod/cellphone/digital camera chargers, holes, outlets, any cords etc to the back of a computer’s CPU, and turning on/off light switches, TV, DVD players etc. He always has to ask someone nearby to turn something on/plug something because of this phobia.

Enough of my excesses. Let’s go for minimal.

Curious what I recently had for lunch?


I need to purge now. And sleep. I’ve been up since god knows how long.

I’ll update later. I love you all.


8:27 am

Linda E for Ecstasy needs a wheelchair.

14/07/2005, Fashion

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are in the world.

I know it’s old news but it’s only until today that I got the chance to watch the Dior F/W Couture show. I take back what I said a few months ago when I thought Galliano’s gone sedation. His new stuff are spectacular; a great tribute to my good ol’ century-egg-old buddy Christian Dior.

Erin O’Connor – poised and perfect as ever.

My favourite was his take on the "New Look". Models twirling all over the place, fantastic beats, the fabrics, ever so lightweight, the clothes, everything – it was very dramatic and moving.



I’m just disappointed with Linda. Come on – she’s *the* original queen bee bitch but when she hit the runway, she walked as if she’s constipated. Someone should’ve taken the broomstick up her asshole backstage. She almost tripped, not once, but twice – unless my eyes prove me wrong. Even the skinny young eastern european ex-hookers had a better walk than Linda.



Note to Linda: the next time you’re doing runway,

please consider taking a wheelchair and an

oxygen tank with you. I love you, I really do,

but I’m concerned about your welfare.

Even Kirsty Hume, for fucks sake, who resurrected from the abyss ashes, was more graceful than you.

Which outfit did I like most?



I’d make a very good grandmother if I had an

outfit like that.

P.S. Click here to view the entire Dior Collection in pictures or here if you want to see the video.

P.P.S.S. If you know any well-hung, under-30 year old, sugar older brother-type, please let me know. I want some serious couture. My email address is

8:27 am

Protected: High-maintenance? Vain? Who? Me? Nah.

23/06/2005, Fashion

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We don’t have the same Dior darling. Mine is Dior. Yours is ebay.

22/06/2005, Fashion

I’d like to reach out to those of you out
there who buy counterfeit goods.

Please, please, please, please do NOT buy fake items, especially the ones from eBay (unless you have prime evidence they’re real, such as ORIGINAL receipts, tags, etc.)

Do you really think the $25 or something "Dior" tank top you saw is real?

I came across this lady’s blog earlier thru another blog thru another blog and saw:

This fella’ also has on the new Dior tank I just bought off ebay from
HONK KONG- where HE IS! Agh! I don’t understand how this slutty little
man has the cash for all that bling but I’m going to find his ass out!"

I presume you’re referring to the "Dior Not War" tank top, yes? Um, we don’t have the same tank top my dear fan. I got my tank top came from Christian Dior Boutique on May 27 while I was on holiday. While you got your foie (or should I say faux? either way, it’s the same) Dior from eBay. My Dior Not War tank top was HK$2,900 which is about US$373 based on today’s exchange rate. Click the graphic below for the full-size version. Capice?



Remember: counterfeit goods harbour terrorism.
Selling or buying them is illegal.

Have you not heard of those FBI raids who arrest ladies who throw "handbag parties"?

Just a friendly reminder from the fashion police in training.


4:07 pm

Chaos Couture – Snap Out of It

07/01/2005, Fashion

I’m in love. New Versace bags are in, fresh from the boat … er… gondola from Italy.

I’m not a big Versace fan. Why? It’s just not me. I’m more of a Dior bitch.

Versace’s for prostitutes and mafia wives really.

But this one is an exception. Even the name is fucking brilliant: Chaos Couture Snap Out of It. US$1,545 @

It’s gorgeous. I want it. It’s screaming my name. I haven’t seen Versace bags THIS gorgeous in a long time.This one will definitely go to my to-do lists. Think, think, think. Snap, snap, snap.


I’ll think about it. God I’m so tempted to buy this one. Think how gorgeous it is — it looks soo nice with a plain black or white tank top, some fitted jeans, some black flip flops and some Chanel glasses. Gorgeous. So so gorgeous! My account will nag at me though. Speaking of which, I spoke to her earlier this afternoon and talked about filling taxes early this year. She also wants all my receipts from last year’s expenses. Thank god I run my own business and not employed, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to deduct my shopping as "representation expenses" and "gifts".

Welcome to the Philippines though. As if you’d get audited by the taxing authorities. Even politicians underdeclare their incomes. At least I don’t.

This is the only country in the world, I guess, where you can classify US$4,000 sprees at Chanel as "charitable donations/deductions".

Hey… I’d take Chanel, or in this case, Versace, as a donation to my wardrobe. It suffered extreme hassle, emotional distress, pain and mental suffering from the tsunami. I just hope I get a piece of that US$1Billion dollar pie the United Nations is talking about.

5:32 am

SALE: Get your Fendi sneakers NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW and I mean NOW! Say hello to daddy. You’re mine!

04/01/2005, Fashion

I have to admit I’m not really a fan of so-called "sales" because leftovers are bad for your health. But this one is an exception…

Thank god I added the Fendi Zucchino Sneaker (size 40.5) into my shopping bag about 2 weeks ago or else someone would’ve bought the sneaker in my size.


Apparently, whatever item you added into your shopping cart with, it stays there for 30 days. It automatically gets subtracted to their inventory as if you already reserved/purchased an item. For instance… if everything on the site says it’s sold out but you have 1 item on your cart, that 1 and only item in your shopping cart is the last item… and it’s yours! Once you removed the item from your cart, it automatically goes out to the "pool" so someone else can buy that item.

Buy your Fendi Zucchino Sneakers now before they’re gone.

It’s sooo dirt cheap. What’s like $230?…

Weekend booze money if you ask me.

Kalibo AirportI ordered mine in blue and green. There’s the red available but I don’t like it. There’s also a plain gold available and I already have it ages ago. Click the thumbnail to see the pic.

Anyway, off to work I go. It’s 5AM here and I’ve got lots of emails to catch up. Did I say I *hate* Mondays and Tuesdays? Ugh.

9:32 pm

Anorexia Nervosa

27/10/2004, Fashion

Just got my room service.

I’m currently enjoying my mango & chicken salad, tom yang soup and tiger prawns.

I lurve food!!!!!!

8:53 pm

Protected: Fresh scent of New Money

27/10/2004, Fashion

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Excess Baggash – Karma hit me hard this time.

27/10/2004, Fashion

Sometime last week, I told the bunch at bulletin boards that I have never, ever paid for excess baggash coz I usually charm my way out.

Imagine the shock and horror I got earlier when I checked in at Manila airport for my flight to Bangkok.

I *only* have 5 pieces of check-in luggage. One hardcore Samsonite to protect my fur and cashmere things and my Dior snow boots, A Vuitton hardcore suitcase to protect my ‘valuables’, also known as my tops, pants and bags, a large Prada nylon suitcase for my casual clothes, a Prada nylon weekend bag for my shoes & toiletries, and lastly, another Vuitton suitcase for miscellaneous stuff.

So off I went to the check-in counter. The guy even had the nerve make a joke at me, asking me whether I have intentions of returning to the country. "Hello," I said. "This is literally nothing – I literally have filled 2 cars just for my baggage on my previous trips."

Then he gave me a mini sermonette that they can only accept 30 kilos free of charge for business class. The guy weighed my bags and the numbers (of which I usually ignore…) flashed right in front of my eyes on the digital thing. 95 kilos.

"Oh that’s nothing," I thought.

"Sir, please go to the excess baggage counter and pay for 65 kilos. Then go back to me with the receipt and I’ll issue your boarding pass."

"Say what now?," I thought again.

Then I told him: "you mean I’m paying for this stuff, yes? Can you please pretty please at least minimize the thing, like 30 kilos, instead of me paying for 65?"… with matching twinkles on both my eyes… and high voltage pearly whites.

"Ok, I’ll declare 45 kilos… but that’s the most we can do. Next time please pack sensibly… or pay the charge."

The bitch. I *hate* Philippine Airlines.

Bastard cunts charged me approx. $420 in excess baggage.

Think of how many segments I’m doing on my trip. I should’ve just fuckin paid for another god damn ticket and get my luggage business class seat for fucks sake.

So yeah. Karma bit my arse crack… and balls, this time.