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Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Shoes

08/02/2008, Fashion

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte

These Christian Louboutin for Rodarte shoes are so fierce I want to wear them all day and all night, out on the go or dancing in front of the mirror, indoors, wearing nothing but my underwear.

Rodarte for Christian Louboutin Shoes 1Rodarte for Christian Louboutin Shoes 2

Rodarte for Christian Louboutin Shoes 3Rodarte for Christian Louboutin Shoes 4

Photo credit:

I’m a size 40 or 41, in American, size 9-10. I have models’ feet, thank you. Email me for my mailing address. Always remember: bad girls never wear flats.

Click HERE to purchase the latest Christian Louboutin shoes for for more information.

PS. Check out the latest Christian Louboutin auctions on eBay. See below.

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Bryanboy Loves Marc Jacobs.

06/02/2008, Fashion

Bryanboy Loves Marc Jacobs. For realz and fer shur.

Anyone who says Marc Jacobs is *always* late should be flogged because my birthday present arrived a month and a half early, delivered straight to my inbox. Fedex? What Fedex? Electroshock therapy much? From the runways of New York City direct to my humble bedroom in the third world, I present you this:

Marc Jacobs loves Bryanboy photo.

Oprah’s Wildest Dreams is dat chu? Oprah’s Angel Network is dat chu? It’s always nice to put a face to someone’s voice…

Click click click for MOAR!


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JD Ferguson at

06/02/2008, Fashion

JD Ferguson at

Check out this cool and candid interview featuring my man JD. I don’t know about you but I think it’s always nice to see the people you talk to on a regular basis (wherever they are in the world) on video. Listen to him share some insight and wisdom about modelling, being a model (yes!), being a photographer and more. I love JD. He’s the man!

To see more of Miss JD’s work (he’s working the NY backstage hardcore, taking hundreds… TONS of brilliant photographs) visit V Magazine’s blog today. Thanks, btw,, for the vid.

Some of my favourite boys, Terron Wood (Nautica), Garrett Neff (Perry Ellis) and Lawrence Stiers (Z Zegna). Lawrence LEARN HOW TO CRACK A SMILE, YOU HAVE NICE TEETH tsk!!! :-P

Terron Wood, Garrett Neff, Lawrence Stiers
Photo credit: JD Ferguson

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Lindsay Lohan Harper’s Bazaar March 2008 Cover

06/02/2008, Fashion

Lindsay Lohan for Harper’s Bazaar March 2008

You have got to be kidding me.

Lindsay Lohan for Harper's Bazaar American March 2008 cover

Lindsay Lohan
Harper’s Bazaar USA, March 2008 Issue
Photo by Peter Lindbergh

I have to admit Lindsay looks fresh and it’s nice to see covers with nothing but faces on them, just like in the dark ages. OK. FINE. WHATEVER. I’ll be honest and I’ll tell you how I really feel: that cover is surprisingly fantastic!

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Anna Wintour & Marc Jacobs at 2008 amfAR New York Gala

01/02/2008, Fashion

Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs

Another day another doller. How FABULOUS is this pitcher? It’s always nice to see the Queen Bee crack a smile. Here’s the most powerful woman in fashion herself… right beside America’s most influential fashion designer.

Photo via FYB (Thanks for the tip!)

Marc is soo HOT, no? Dontcha just want to shake his hand and hug him? If any of you are meeting him over the next week, will y’all please take a pitcher of him? PLEAAAAAAASSSSSSEE?? For me? I know I could email the man but I’m not gonna ask him anything when homegirl is working during the most stressful week ever. In any case, I can’t wait to see his latest collection. It’s New York Fashion Week, people!

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Oki-ni Sale: Raf Simons & Martin Margiela Sale

01/02/2008, Fashion

Oki-ni Sale: Raf Simons & Martin Margiela Sale

I just discovered this little gem of an online shop based in the UK called OKI-NI. They have a generous sale going on with sale items marked down a generous 65% off. They also stock cool menswear labels like Raf Simons, Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, Acne etc. Prices are in UK£ and they ship anywhere in the world. Here are some of the items that caught my fancy…

Raf Simons t-shirt, Raf Simons shoes, Martin Margiela Waller

Raf Simons Pattern T-Shirt – £119,  Raf Simons Pocket Trainer – £389 and Martin Margiela euro wallet – £195. There’s also a Martin Margiela striped tee on sale for £40 I think and I *love* stripes.

Go go go! Click here to check-out OKI-NI.

PS. A bit of advice… when I tried to order using firefox, I
got that "must enable cookies" whatever error even when my cookies are
"on" so you may want to use internet explorer instead.

PPSS. Raf Simons for Jil Sander will start selling sunglasses starting January 2009!

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Mysterious Model Rash…

01/02/2008, Fashion

Mysterious Model Rash…

I just got word from a source that some of the models who walked the ____ _____ show in New York City today are breaking out in rashes on their faces…

They came to the agency and then ran to a doctor! Poor things…walking around in sunglasses all day like a freak!

OMG. Was it the make-up? Some of the girls are getting better now though. Guess the designer!

Edited: "Now it’s not the makeup…the show lights were UV lights and burned their skin! Like a sun burn. ___ of our girls went to the doctor today.  All the girls who did it have
red skin now.  One of the other agents here asked a friend at ____,
and all the girls who did the show have red skin.


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Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon

31/01/2008, Fashion

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon

You give me Betsey Johnson and I’ll give you Zandra Rhodes. Zandra is one of Britain’s IQONIC fashion designers. Her creations are often bright, colourful and dramatic. She has dressed Princess Diana as well as Freddie Mercury. Anyway, Zandra, along with Natt Weller (OMG HE IS SO FIERCE!!!!!) threw a super fabulous dinner party late last year in her London penthouse for some of their amazingly chica fashion friends. Ben Charles Edwards captured some raw, intimate moments on tape and turned it into a little art film. Y’all know how I love fashion and art and it’s my pleasure to share this with you. Oh who the hell am I kidding. Me? An art lover? Shit, I know absolutely nothing about art! It’s funny because one time this artist told me how I shouldn’t say things like how "I know nothing about art". He also told me that everything I do is ‘art’ — yes — all those crazy-ass faggotry wacko moments I’ve had over the years –  he thinks that’s art. Well… who am I to dispute that? ENOUGH ABOUT ME AND MORE ABOUT REAL ART! Watch this promo video clip of Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon.

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon by Ben Charles Edwards

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon by Ben Charles Edwards featuring Zandra Rhodes.

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon comes in several installments and stars Zandra Rhodes, Natt Weller (keep an eye out for those lips. FIERCENESS!!!!), Marios Schwab, Andrew Logan, DJ
Bishi, Piers Atkinson and all these fabulous people I have never heard
of until now because y’all know I’m clueless just like that. But go, go, go and
watch the film online. It’s brilliant… click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.

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Jil Sander is dat chu? Jessica Stam is dat chu?

29/01/2008, Fashion

Jil Sander is dat chu? Jessica Stam is dat chu?

I was so intrigued by the Balenciaga look-alike photo scanned by The Happy Lab so I ran to the bookstore earlier this afternoon to get myself a copy of Preview magazine and lookie lookie at what I found.

Jil Sander Spring 2008

Jil Sander is dat chu? Run Raf Simons for Jil Sander, run!

What happens if you multiply Steven Klein and Jessica Stam for V Magazine with a touch of Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia… not once, not twice, not thrice but six times? Click click click!


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Balenciaga is dat chu?

29/01/2008, Fashion

Balenciaga is dat chu?

So there I was, hopping from one blog to another, and I found this page from the latest issue of Preview Magazine (Jan/Feb 2008).

Balenciaga rip-off

Photo courtesy of The Happy Lab

Balenciaga is dat chu? Run, Nicolas Ghesquiere, run!