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“The Male Gaze” can kiss my fat she-male ass!!!!!

07/05/2007, Fashion

The Male Gaze

Artist Slava Mogutin must be reading my blog. Hay ho bag how are you? Kiss kiss kiss kiss. Great. Just great. Miguel emailed me something oh so chilling. Oh well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At this point, I am certain of one thing. I’m a great source of inspiration for people…. and that includes artists. Geography is definitely no boundary when it comes to **MY** faggotry.

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Hermes Gloves + Obsession du Jour/Fingerless Gloves

06/05/2007, Fashion

Hermès Gloves

This is driving me insane for hours now. I spent the ENTIRE day looking around online for gorgeous, **white** (I don’t want black, I want white… or something super light colored) leather fingerless gloves. It has to be made out of leather (I don’t want lace and I definitely don’t want fishnet) and it has to be super lightweight/thin leather. I can’t believe I spent like 6 hours obsessing about it. I tried the usual suspects online — google, eBay , etc. I even called 5 Chanel boutiques already to see if there’s old stock or something similar but nope, nothing.

Is it criminal offence (or punishable by law) if I go to a local tailor and have them mutilate those Hermès gloves that I pretty much have no use for? The size is just right, the fit is perfect, the leather is soo thin, lightweight and soft, the design is cute… overall it’s gonna be fabulous. However, I don’t want to regret it in the end. The thought of vandalising such beautiful peace is somewhat disheartening.

What do you think?

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Laundry List Thursday: Fendi White Shirt

03/05/2007, Fashion

Laundry List Thursday: Fendi White Shirt

This white shirt, size 40 (for perfect fit or 42 with ‘allowance’), from Fendi is giving me nightmares. I can’t take my mind off it. It’s sooo gorgeous and it’s soo me! You know, I have it on my shopping cart and the only thing that’s stopping me from pressing the check-out button is the price tag! I don’t usually wear shirts… let alone white shirts… so I don’t think I’m gonna get mileage out of it. Ugh!

Fendi  white puffy long-sleeve shirt, US$1040 from eLuxury.

Repeat after me: must. not. buy. super expensivo $1040+tax. white. shirt. that. i. will. probably. use. just. once.

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Australia loves Henry Holland/House of Holland

02/05/2007, Fashion

Australia loves Henry Holland

Photo credits: House of Holland,, Smoking Area

Well, what do you know. Looks like Bali-based Australian designer Nicholas Morley sent models down the runway with this "Four Kilo Anti Hero" t-shirt. House of Holland must be loving this no?

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Who did it better?

02/05/2007, Fashion

Who did it better?

Bryanboy (March 2, 2006) or Iekeliene Stange for Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2007?

Mauricio: I give points to Iek just because Jurgen Teller took that picture
Mauricio: But I can see your panties so that’s a big plus for u

Answers on a postcard…

PS. I think she did it best cause I was morbidly obese back then no? Who am I kidding. I’m still obese now haha!

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Bryanboy invented post-its

30/04/2007, Fashion

Bryanboy invented post-its

Actually, I invented a special kind of glue. Um, well, ordinarily when you make glue first you need to thermoset your resin and then after it cools you have to mix in a Poxide which is really just a fancy schmancy name for any simple oxygenated adhesive, right? And then I thought maybe, just maybe, you could raise the viscosity by adding a complex glucose derivative during the emulsification process and it turns out I was right.

Romy & MIchele’s High School Reunion is my favourite movie of all time!

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Chanel + Signe Chanel + 10 Years

25/04/2007, Fashion

Chanel + Signe Chanel + 10 Years

"No one is indispensable on this earth."
Madame Pouzieux

First things first — if you are in London (London, England not London, Ontario as in London bridge is falling down London London), get yourselves the May issue of OUT magazine…it should be out NOW. Rumor has it that I’m gonna make a little cameo appearance there. Be sure to scan if you see me and email it to my oh so crazy email account, I need it for my records. Do it for the third world children. Do it for the poor. Do it for the whales. Do it for the seals. Do it for the endangered species and last but not the least, do it for me!!! Merci my little whores!!!

1, 2, 3. Breathe.

I love Chanel. I really do. In fact, my love affair with the house that Gabrielle built is still going strong after ten (10) whole years. If you look at the photo above, I’m holding the ‘thing’ that was responsible for my love with Chanel — the spring/summer 1997 pret-a-porter catalog featuring the gorgeous Stella Tenant.

How old was I back then? Don’t ask. I won’t tell.


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Yes or No? Fill in the blanks.

23/04/2007, Fashion

Yes or No?

Decisions decisions.

A little over a month ago, the OH SO FUCKING FABULOUS powers that be at _________ offered a super sweet deal that would feed me for a loonnnnnnng, very lonnnnng time (unless I gamble, snort it all away like Maggie Rizer’s stepdad). In fact, two of their execs flew to the third world (well, it was a side trip) for a day just to "casually" discuss it with me.


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Geckos, Cavalli and Tummy Tucks

21/04/2007, Fashion

Geckos, Cavalli and Tummy Tucks

A lot of people are surprised (and bombard me with questions) whenever they see my little tattoo which, thank god, doesn’t happen on a daily basis because I’m in a serious and desperate need of a tummy tuck. My friend Louise told me that she’s currently doing 500 situps ON A DAILY BASIS and I was like screw that. My tat is nothing special anyway. There’s no "story" behind it. It’s a little 2-inch tattoo that I got when I was 14. The tattoo person wanted me to pick something from a book and then I saw this gecko crawling on their wall so I told him I want that. The end.

Imagine the delight when I saw these cute wooden Cavalli bracelets. Gorgeous eh?

Roberto Cavalli gecko wooden bracelets
€429 each
Luisa Via Roma

PS. Thank GOD I didn’t get one of those stupid tribal or chinese characters whatever tattoos. NASTY, I TELL YOU. NAST-EEEEE!

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Weekend Slut: JD Ferguson (Visionaire/V Magazine)

21/04/2007, Fashion

Saturday Slut: JD Ferguson

He’s not bad-looking for an aging old man no? My scandinavian twink fetish would be oh so totally over if only all the geriatric perverts who cross my path on a daily basis are as HOT as him. The keyword for today is VISUALISE. Visualise visualise visualise. VISUALISE JD Ferguson stark naked, on viagra, with nothing but his cock on his hand slapping YOUR face while YOU utter the words ‘daddy do me’. I love it. I fucking love it. I love JD Ferguson. I think you should love him too.

Photo credit: V Magazine Blog

Y’all should watch the Chanel video. Clearly I’m one obssessed, deranged son of a bitch. You’ll also see the lovely wicked witch of the east Sally Singer with her spot-on comments about global warming, jackets, knits, something about "fake snow in the middle of winter" and chiffon-y dresses. JD Ferguson said it best: "yeah yeah definitely and the haaaayyrrrrreee I laaahhhhhvvv the haaaaaaayyyrrrree"

PS. I can totally see it coming now. One day, Sally Singer is going to give me a makeover and JD Ferguson will do a before and after shoot with me as the star! Kumbaya my lord kumbaya! JD’s website is