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We love Suzy Menkes!!!

01/07/2007, Fashion

We love Suzy Menkes!!!

Now that Paris is free, it’s time to move on to the upper echelons of the fash pack.


Mauricio: I think Marc Jacobs is plotting against us.
Bryanboy: why?
Mauricio: it smells like his perfume all over our house
Bryanboy: it’s your paranoia kicking in.

suzy menkes

Bryanboy: don’t tell me jason preston is knocking on your doorstep
Mauricio: it smells like jurgen teller’s crotch! i have a feeling that all the fashion people reading your blog are either gonna hate us or love the entry. i think we did piss most of them off.
Bryanboy: you think? we’re just joking though. besides, i’m sure they have a sense of humor. i mean, i like to pretend i’m this huge gloryhole loving bareback cum dump when in reality i’m clean as a cupcake but hella i don’t care. anyway, i’m sure most of them have a sense of humor
Mauricio: most of them don’t actually. they take everything too seriously
Bryanboy: what do you know? you’re in Mejico!

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PS. My next target is the sexy Tim Blanks.

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Fashion & American Politics

13/06/2007, Fashion

Fashion & American Politics

It’s funny because I have ZERO interest when it comes to politics yet here I am again with a politics-related blog entry.

Anna Wintour and the american flag

Which super hot, super OMG please fuck me doggy style I wanna feel your chest hair rub against my back super sexy hunk of a man designer loves Barack Obama? Which gay designer who just got out of "rehab" supports Republicans?

Click click click to find out!


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Street Style my ass

05/06/2007, Fashion

Street Style my ass

There used to be a time when I browsed global "street style" websites (you know the usual suspects) like clockwork. I mean, it’s always nice to see what the average day-to-day unknown people on the streets are wearing. However, when such sites feature photos of people who go to fashion or fashion/style-related events, it all becomes an extremely boring party photo album. Why? Because everyone is REQUIRED to dress up and look fabulous. People during fashion week? check. People in nightclubs? check. People in press events? check. People in product launches? check. It’s an event for god’s sake. The people are beautiful alright and style is overflowing but really, whatever happened to spontaneity, you know what I mean?

Blah, it’s hard to explain it in writing so bear with me. What I’m trying to say is… "integrity" is lost somewhere because it’s "easy" to take photos of fashionable people at events versus spotting the stylish unknowns ON. THE. STREET. I went to one of my favourite street style websites, Stockholm Street Style and there’s loads of people on "events" versus random people on the street. Oh well. At least some of the photos on the site didn’t fail compared to other street style sites that makes me want to punch my monitor from predictability/boredom.

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05/06/2007, Fashion


It finally happened. After months and months and months and months of hard work, my good friend Mrs. T‘s shop is finally open to the public. Actually, it’s been open for two weeks now but my internal body clock is fucked up. I was supposed to visit her last week but a few urgent things came up. Some kind of a friend I am. *smack* But yeah… ladies… I present you… Tresorie!


Click click click!


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Bryanboy’s Dream Job

04/06/2007, Fashion

Bryanboy’s Dream Job

I had an epiphany this morning.

I fucking found my dream job.

No, I don’t want to be a designer. I also don’t want to be a stylist, journalist, editor or a writer. And no, I definitely don’t want to be a manwhore.

Click click click!
(Don’t bother you have a slow internet connection)


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From the diary of Hedi Slimane

31/05/2007, Fashion

From the diary of ex-Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane…



Pure perfection. Sharpspiration!

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TEAM Steph H!!!!!!!!!

31/05/2007, Fashion

TEAM Steph H!!!!!!!

Whores of the world, Australia’s Next Top Model is clearly my favourite show. Next week is the finale and I can’t wait to see who wins! I don’t know what planet you’re from but if you haven’t watched AusNTM, now is the time to catch up. I want Steph H to win!!!!! I originally wanted Alice to win (hello, she’s 6 foot 1 and what, 100 pounds… what more can you ask for) but she’s such a downer. She’s beautiful alright but she’s soo dull and shy and have no confidence whatsoever. I’m glad she bitched it out on the last episode but really, bitch should work on her personality more — I hate how Alice has the tendency to drag everyone’s mood to the ground. Ugh. Alice already has a potential career in her hands but really, she doesn’t deserve the AusNTM crown. So yeah, Team Steph H everybody! She may not be thinspiration material galore but ho-bag deserves it more than anyone else.

Click here to learn more about Steph H.

PS. You know who reminds me of Alice? A taller, redhead version of Audrey Marnay.
PPSS. Calling the attention of my readers in OZ, press the green button, whatever the fuck that is, and vote for Steph H!!!!

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I died.

29/05/2007, Fashion

ThumbI died.

I’m speechless.

Click this link and watch the two videos. You have to watch the first vid before you look at the second one.

I’m not even gonna comment on the 2nd vid because if I do, people will think I’m a nasty bitch — which I’m not.

Let’s just say I have emotional scars.

PS. That ain’t a John Galliano faux tattoo gauze top… those are real tattoos.

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15 Photographers and 1 Snejana Onopka

25/05/2007, Fashion

15 Photographers and 1 Snejana Onopka

This photo made me think. I was quite moved when I saw it. I mean, will you look at the number of photographers in THAT tiny spot? Multiply it several times… I bet you there’s at least 100 photographers on that show.

God damn those legs are hot hot hot!

Does anyone know how it feels like to have a SHITLOAD of photographers right in front of you, taking photos of every millimetre of your body…. and in all of those photographs you look nothing but perfect?

I bet you it feels damn good.

Or not. Especially if you’re not flawless.

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Matronic Madness & Productivity

12/05/2007, Fashion

Matronic Madness & Productivity

Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. I think I’ve gone wayyy too obsessed with matronic class as of late. I was just looking at pictures Miss Aissa took the other day and man, I fucking look like a 40 year old bitch. I think I’ve been looking at old Italian Vogue editorials too much.


I really need to dress my age more often no? Part of it is coming from my own personal insecurities — for some strange reason, I feel like it’s totally inappropriate for me to wear tank tops and tees anymore. Don’t ask me why. Click click click.