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Chanel Iman’s YSL Shoes

11/03/2008, Fashion

Chanel Iman’s YSL Shoes

Fresh from the runway, I *LOVE* Chanel Iman’s Fall-Winter 2008 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche shoes.

(Chanel) Iman also revealed that she’s shooting the Victoria’s Secret Pink
campaign this week and has been optioned for a possible new Ralph
Lauren beauty line. But it was the sky-high stilettos she paired with
her Doo.Ri dress and Subversive jewelry that really caught guests’
eyes. “They’re straight off the fall runway,” she said shyly. “I love

Chanel Iman's YSL shoes

But more importantly, I love sngirl for telling me that one of my fave fash rags, The Daily, published a photo of Chanel Iman wearing them. Kleptomania for fashion’s sake is the new chic! That’s what I call TRUE DEDICATION.

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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2008 2009

03/03/2008, Fashion

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2008 2009

It’s here! Marc Jacobs’ fall/winter 2008-2009 collection for Louis Vuitton is here!

Video via Frillr.

The clothes! The shoes! The headpieces! OMG I **LOVE** the headpieces!!! You know what they remind me of? Chocolate shavings!!!! Yep! You know when you order desserts like cake or ice cream or what have you from a fancy schmancy place and they always have these chocolate shavings on top of the dessert? The headpieces remind me of those!!!

Click click click for MOAR… and my personal favourites in this collection.


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Siri Tollerod, Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2008-2009

01/03/2008, Fashion

Siri Tollerod, Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2008-2009

Backstage at Viktor & Rolf, Fall-Winter 2008-2009.

Siri Tollerod, Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2008 2009
Photo via catwalking


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Givenchy Fall Winter 2008 2009

29/02/2008, Fashion

Givenchy Fall Winter 2008 2009

God damn I wish I was a woman. It’s not every day I’d want to be a gurl but yesterday was one of those days. Givenchy is definitely one of the strongest (and fiercest) collections this Fall, hands down!

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Fall Winter 2008-2009

No, I don’t want want to be a woman to be able to wear these clothes. Hello… you don’t have to be anything to be able to wear what you desire. I want to be a lady so I can get major money (easier) to BUY those beautiful, beautiful clothes. Think how easy it would be! All I need to do is lie down there with my legs open, let my she-pussy do all the working and bam wham bam I’ll buy that delicious gold dress. Bam wham BAM!! I’ll buy those gorgeous trousers. Bam wham BAM!! I’ll buy those shoes. Riccardo Tisci, you are good. You are the hotness!

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Ali Michael Kicked Out of Paris Fashion Week For Being Too Fat!

29/02/2008, Fashion

Ali Michael Kicked Out of Paris Fashion Week For Being Too Fat!

Have you guys read the very disturbing Wall Street Journal article? February 2008 Teen Vogue cover girl Ali Michael got booted out of Paris fashion week for being too fat! Ali debuted on the runways in Fall 2007. She walked 31 shows during Spring 2008 show season (Dior, Chanel, etc she even opened Lanvin) and for Fall 2008, she only walked 10 shows in New York, ZERO shows in London and Milan… and only 1 show in Paris. Why? According to Ali’s mother, she got sick for trying to keep her weight down… now that she decided to get "healthier", she gained five pounds and everyone thought she got thick in the legs!

On Tuesday morning in Paris, as the fashion elite were
gathering at the Balenciaga show, 17-year-old model Ali Michael was
heading home to the U.S. far earlier than anticipated.

Miss Michael was last season’s model du jour, and she
looks wraithlike, with a still-developing body and a 23-inch waist.
this season, after gaining five pounds, Miss Michael was told by
casting directors for the runway shows that her legs were too plump,
according to her mother, Mary Ann Michael, who travels with her
daughter to appointments and shows. And so, after doing a string of
major supermodel shows in September, Miss Michael snared only the Yohji
Yamamoto show in Paris this time around.

You know what’s even sad? On that one and only show that she walked in Paris, she didn’t even get to strut on her own. She appeared in a group setting!

Ali Michael Fat

This is terrible! Of course her body is still developing. She’s only 17!!!! I applaud Ali Michael (and her mother) for keeping their head up high though. If Ali Michael is fat, what am I? Obese multiplied by 3000? Meanwhile…. I need to lose 5 pounds myself so there.

PS. This is WHAT Ali Michael’s "fat" legs look like. Photo was taken during the Anna Sui show 3 weeks ago in New York.

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Fashion Critics Make Typos, Too

24/02/2008, Fashion

Fashion Critics Make Typos, Too

I love Cathy Horyn of the New York Times. I love Bottega Veneta!

Cathy Horyn, Bottega Veneta, New York Times

I know, I know. Don’t start. It’s my inner nazi talking. Haha!

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Coming Soon…

12/02/2008, Fashion

Coming Soon…

It’s been SUPER crazy the past 48 hours. Crazy as in beyond surreal… in a great way. I want to share to you guys the best thing ever… I will, soon, but I don’t want to jinx it. Give me time. I need to gather my composure, regroup, rethink, etc… and then I’ll announce it in a big way, fireworks and all. Here’s a clue… and guys, one of your wishes (and mine) had come true!!

The Hermès Kelly bag was named after Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco…

Grace Kelly, Hermes Kelly bag

Click click click!


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Do you still remember?

11/02/2008, Fashion

Do you remember?

There’s a first time for everything. My first Marc/Marc by Marc piece was this shiny, shimmery varsity reversible jacket. I remember vividly how I wore this with pride back in the day and people would stare at me like I’m some sort of a gay alien. Don’t get me wrong, people still stare at me now and I LOVE IT and I actually do put some effort so that people would stare at me but back in the dark ages, the kind of stares that I got were unwarranted and unwanted.

Marc Jacobs Jacket

I’m embarrassed to say what year I got the jacket (with the fear of revealing my age) but let me tell you that it was the same collection as that of the rainbow stripe belt with the enamel pears (or was it apples) buckle.

Do you remember that collection? Do you know what I’m talking about? If you do, welcome to the senior citizens club! Haha! You won’t find it at Answers on a postcard. ;)

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Farewell, Valentino!

10/02/2008, Fashion

Farewell, Valentino!

I finally got hold of the full-length video of Valentino’s final haute couture (Spring 2008) and his last ever collection. Homegirl is probably soaking up some sun somewhere in the world but whatevs. Watch the finale. It’s wayy too emotional and I had tears running down my face. Can you say tearjerker? What a great, graceful and dignified way to bid adieu to the world of fashion.

Valentino will always be remembered and never forgotten. Kudos to everyone except for the fourth girl who screwed up the line by walking the opposite way she was supposed to. LOL.

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Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Bags

09/02/2008, Fashion

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Bags

I love the new Marc Jacobs bags! Gone are the quilts, the patent leathers, the chains and the gloss. This is major gorgeousness right here. The shapes are so nice and so are the leathers. With the it-bag declared dead (Fashionista even reported "nobody wants to carry one, buy one, or talk about how they can’t get one.") and people aren’t spending as much as they used to and all these fears about recession going on, it makes perfect sense to "acquire" a classic bag that will get you some mileage longer than a season. This is where the new Marc Jacobs bags come in.

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008-2009 bags

*drools* Look at that ostrich piece of beauty. Gorgeous no?

Click click click for MOAR.