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A completely hypothetical question…

19/12/2007, Fan Art

A completely hypothetical question…

As a holiday present… if I were to invite a guest blogger (just for an entry or two) to blog in my little, humble online abode, who would you choose?

someone loves you even when you don't think so

I’m just curious, that’s all!

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Lawrence with MAJOR

10/12/2007, Fan Art

Lawrence with MAJOR

Here’s something for the ladies. You know, people often complain to me with the pettiest reasons. Things like how I almost never write about third world people or how I often only write about female models or how I don’t really feature cute guys etc etc etc. No one is EVER satisfied blah blah blah. I write whatever it is on my head, the things I see, yaddi yaddi yadda. You want guys? Fine. I’ll give you guys. Remember how I had this little voting contest back in May of all these guys I talk to online? Well, one of them is now a budding male model (oooh la la) with one of the agencies with the BEST men’s board around. Ladies, meet Lawrence with Major NYC.

Lawrence Stiers Major Models

Click click click!


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Slut of the Day: Mick

30/11/2007, Fan Art

Slut of the Day: Mick

I love markers! God damn I love them red markers. Red is the colour of love. Let me tell you something. When I was a child, I lost my virginity not to a cock but to a marker. Oh yes. I was soo curious what it was like to put something up my bum so what I did was, I got the odd pentel pen whiteboard marker, covered it with a condom, spat on it and punched my prostate with it.

Mick loves Bryanboy

Mick is the hotness!

As always, Email I love you all!

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Slut of the Day: Oregon Beefcake

14/10/2007, Fan Art

Slut of the Day: Oregon Beefcake

From gay boys in Minnesota, let’s move up to the northwest… Oregon to be exact. Today’s slut is Sam. He makes my mangina wet.

Slut of the day

Bryanboy: send me that bloody pic or else I’ll send my goons to sort you out!

* 5 minutes later*

keep in mind i’m in a pair of swim trunks, a white under shirt and a bath towel
did you put some blush on?
Beefcake: no
Beefcake: the hot tub is a crisp 104 degrees F, so i was still hot from it if my cheeks look red
Bryanboy: oh yeah i forgot. you just got out of the tub. LOL
Bryanboy: well you look nice. they don’t look red. they look like peachy pink blush. nars orgasm or some sort. you know, people pay $60 for that shit.
Beefcake:  you are an odd one.

Too bad he’s straight. Ladiesssss (real ladies BORN with the vajayjay…) if you’re interested, pop me a note or leave a comment on this page. Sam is quite a doll in real life. Oh and NO GAYS!!!!!!!!!

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Slut of the Day: JM from Minnesota

10/10/2007, Fan Art

Slut of the Day: JM from Minnesota

Nothing cheers me up more than adorable guys from bumfuck, America.


Keep em coming! My email address is

I love you all, as always.

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Postcard from Spain

10/09/2007, Fan Art

Postcard from Spain

Ed from the UK just got back from his holiday in Spain and sent this cute little postcard. Bitch spelled my name wrong cause he was drunk. Whatevs. I give him A- for effort. :)


You know, you should pop down over to the third world for a holiday — clear blue skies, coconut tries and powdery white sand bitches I mean beaches awaits!!!!

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Bryanboy for Teen Vogue

05/09/2007, Fan Art

Bryanboy for Teen Vogue

I died when I saw Oswald from Mexico’s blog…

bryanboy teen vogue

I really LOLed on that one, I swear. Hahaha! ;)

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Friday Sluts: Love me, love me, say that you love me

10/08/2007, Fan Art

Friday Sluts: Love me, love me, say that you love me

Speaking of gayzians, here’s a little batch of gayzian reader photos from around the world doing my little pose and sign pics and boy am I glad to add them to my collection. I mean really, my goal is to have a million pics from all over the place and then I can die as a happy little queen. Anyhoo… I’m so sorry for the delay… going through my email account is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

love me, love me, say that you love me!

On that note, click click click for more gayzians from around the world!


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Sponsor a needy child, now!

03/08/2007, Fan Art

Sponsor a needy child, now!

Boy those internet people are fast. Here’s a VERY funny chop made by Alex F. from NY. Click the pic for the full-sized version.



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Slut of the Day: Matthieu from Los Angeles

31/07/2007, Fan Art

Slut of the Day: Matthieu from Los Angeles

Oooo. I can’t even imagine the hordes of Dior Homme-worshipping Swedish boys who will die when they see this entry. It’s funny cause I was talking to a friend from L’Officiel and we both agreed that we love Swedish guys, we think they’re hot (well, I do anyway haha) but at the end of the day, a majority of them are like sheep. Although Swedish guys have a perfect sense of style, they copy everything in the book/catwalks/runways/ads from head to toe. LITERALLY. Every single one of them looks exactly the same, like clones in the same clothes etc. I’m very interested as to what the kids are gonna obsess now that Hedi is out of the picture at Dior Homme. I heard everyone’s doing Saville Row/British sartorial style, ja? Nej? In any case, I still think Swedish guys are prettier than, say, your average American. Ugh. I know I’m making sweeping generalizations so please don’t stone me to death!!!! I love everybody, I really do. I guess that’s what happens when everyone looks soo fucking good except me!!! hahaha. Back to Matthieu, oui oui oui, I love him. Isn’t he adorable?


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Well, well, well, look what the cat brought in. That Jason Preston, who tattooed "Marc Jacobs" on his arm have nothing on my Matthieu. Click click click!