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5:58 am

A Polish Portrait

28/11/2010, Fan Art

A Polish Portrait

It's nice to wake up finding delightful things like this in my inbox. Meg from Poland sent me a portrait she made.


Thank you!

10:39 pm

Bear-y Cute

24/07/2010, Fan Art

Bear-y Cute

This brought a smile to my face. Why a polar bear?

David from Opening Ceremony Los Angeles

David from California sent me that pic a few hours ago. He works for Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, which I really need to visit soon but I can't because I don't know how to drive.

7:09 pm

Banner Boy

25/05/2010, Fan Art

Banner Boy

In other news, Gav (who thinks my ego deserves its own PO Box number) emailed me some Tuesday cheer. Wherever they are in the world, I LOVE my loyal readers. I think they're just as cray cray as me. Haha!!!

Proof that my supporters are simply the BEST.

Thank you so much for bringing a much-needed smile to my face. I'm mourning the loss of my new blackberry.

11:04 pm

London Love

08/05/2010, Fan Art

London Love

Look at what I saw inside the Topshop flagship store in Oxford Circus, London earlier this afternoon.


3:07 am


03/05/2010, Current Affairs, Fan Art


Well, well, well, look at what the cat brought to my hotel room.

My friend Larry, who I last saw in September last year during the Peter Som spring/summer 2010 presentation, is here in Singapore. He’s been traveling around Asia on one of those soul-searching trips. He spent a few months in Japan and now he’s in Sing Sing. He’s soo handsome. It’s funny how he’s grown facial hair now lol.

I’m soo happy he’s here! It’s always nice to see friends you haven’t seen in ages.

9:36 pm

From Russia With Love

20/12/2009, Fan Art, Russia

From Russia With Love

Thank you so much Konstantin for the very kind and heart-warming gesture.

From Russia With Love

Happy holidays to everyone!

1:50 pm

Kim Jones, Cole Mohr and… Bryanciaga!

22/08/2009, Cole Mohr, Fan Art, Fashion and Style, Kim Jones, Models

Kim Jones, Cole Mohr and… Bryanciaga!

KimMohr'a Bryanciaga is dat chu?

Two of my favourite men in fashion, my beloved Kim Jones and of course, male model superpower Cole Mohr, joined forces Friday night over a pair of some fierce Balenciaga shoes. This brought a major (and much-needed) smile to my face when I hauled my ass out of bed earlier this morning. Thank you :-)

Why am I not *THERE* to wear those Bryanciagas?

Hope to see you guys soon!

Meanwhile, I know I haven't updated recently because I've been on the road EVERY day for the past few days. In fact, twitter is my only connection to the online world! If you're not following me, do so now —

It's almost 2PM and I'm already late for 2 fittings. Will try to post moar when I get back.

10:06 am

Valeria Dmitrienko and Jules Mordovets

11/08/2009, Fan Art, Fashion and Style, Models

Valeria Dmitrienko and Jules Mordovets

Well hello fresh-faced beauties! My gurls Valeria and Jules recently visited Los Angeles and had a fun day with my friend Cecilio.

Valeria Dmitrienko, Jules Mordovets

Click click click!


9:38 pm

This made my day…

05/08/2009, Fan Art, Would You Hit It?

This made my day…

I got up this morning with these pics on my inbox. J from the UK totally made my day. Uhh did that sound right? Anyhoo, y’all know me. I have a weakness for them tall, cute guys and this brought a smile to my face.

J said, “considering that most of the guys on your site are male models, I’m probably shooting myself in the foot.”

Um… male models are nice to look at (sometimes) but real guys rock!

PS. Gurl you need to tell me who made your lip gloss.

8:36 pm

Yes or No?

16/07/2009, Fan Art

Yes or No?

That's *my* question.

What's your answer to Matteo's (from Firenze) question?