Dsquared² <3 Bloggers?

Will someone please put a stop on the clocks, please? Fall/Winter 2010-20111 Milan menswear is about to kick off in a little over a week!

A fellow blogger emailed me last night and mentioned in passing that he was invited to attend both the Dsquared² and Burberry men's show in Milan. Burberry, as we know, has been inviting bloggers for quite some time now but Dsquared²? This ought to be interesting — I'm very curious what they have up their sleeve. 

Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2010 Milan
Dsquared² Spring/Summer 2010

With last year's astronomical hype on bloggers, the new season will most likely be the barometer whether bloggers are to stay in the circuit or not. Will fashion houses in New York, London, Milan, Paris roll out a bigger, more welcoming carpet for my online colleagues? Will the international media embrace them further? I guess we'll find out soon.

As for me, I wish I could fly to Milan and Paris in a heartbeat to keep the momentum going but alas, I've got bills to pay so I'm staying put where I am. Just like the good ol' days.

Unless, of course, you get Aunt Donatella to send her jet over to pick me up and book me at the Principe Savoia.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Delusional much?

I kid, I kid.

photo credit: catwalking