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BBlicious: Vogue Italia, Tyler Kenyon, Gisele, Lauren Conrad

17/07/2008, Daily Cheesemax


* The sold-out-EVERYWHERE July 2008 All-black issue of Vogue Italia
can now be found on eBay for US$45 a pop! Get your copy now before it’s
too late! One of my friends is bound for Hong Kong this Friday and
she’s gonna try to get me my own copy… if they are still available,
that is. This issue is a must-have. It has “collector’s item” written
all over it. [ebay]

* Diane Pernet recently visited Westminster University in
London to critique their fashion students’ work. I love Gam
Ukkachartkul’s “blue bird” pieces. [a shaded view onfashion]

* Dutch blogger Runway Today also bought that Summoning the Storm
top I blogged a few weeks ago. The result: dayumm she’s so chica! Check
out her legs. God I hate Dutch people. Just kidding!!! =) BTW, I’m
amazed people actually buy what I recommend. Amazing eh? Buy your tees here. [runway today]

* Confession time! I know I’ve said before that I’m not really big when it comes to muscle marys because a) they scare me and b) a lot of them look like douchebags but jeezus bajeezus, Tyler Kenyon (from my beloved Major Models) is so, so hot! Say hello to Tyler and be sure to put him on your radar. Now when is he gonna send me a lovely sign pic? That’s the question. Haha! [the imagist] [frillr]

Tyler Kenyon
Tyler Kenyon, Major

* Why do people pay attention (and big bucks) to Lauren Conrad? I really loathe vapid, worthless manufactured “chicken-of-the-sea” celebrities like her. Lauren reportedly threw attitude and refused to walk on a charity fashion show… after organizers flew her and her assistant in! ASSHOLE! [ny mag]

* Supermodel Gisele Bundchen bares her buttocks on the cover of V Magazine (V54). [fashionologie]

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Coming Soon!

17/01/2008, Daily Cheesemax

Coming Soon!

Watch this space and check it every day! ;)