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Pawn my fucking fat ass.

11/01/2007, Current Affairs

Pawn my fucking fat ass.

Well… you know what they say. The show MUST go on. Who’s got the last laugh now betch?

Gawd. HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY LITTLE NARCISSISTIC SHRINE? I’m honestly perplexed why mean people out there get to have the luxury of free time. Don’t they have anything else to do other than hacking my site? I was busy having lunch (yes mother fuckers, lunch) with one of my former classmates who I haven’t seen in more than 8 years and a shitload of people called and sent me text messages, telling me my website got hacked. I thought it was some sort of a joke to scare the shit out of me so I told them it ain’t April Fools yet but little did I know it was true! Imagine the horror when I got back to this…


5:54 am

Former Philippine First Lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos is my new BFF.

10/01/2007, Current Affairs

Former Philippine First Lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos is my new BFF.

Isn’t she lovely?

Need I say more?


8:11 am

Little Black Book & Damn “Year-End Reflection” Bullshit

31/12/2006, Current Affairs

Little Black Book

"I believe we write our own stories and… each time we thought we knew the end? We don’t. Perhaps luck exists, somewhere between the world of planning, the world of chance and in the peace that comes from knowing that you can’t just know it all. Life’s funny that way. Once you let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong."

The question: how does a girl who jumps into a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos, come out unchanged? The answer: she doesn’t.


3:02 am


27/12/2006, Current Affairs


(One guy even asked me what my views are about the USA’s involvement in IRAQ. Go figure. I want questions like that!)

I’ll update in a bit. I love you all!

11:44 pm

Season’s Greetings!

24/12/2006, Current Affairs

Season’s Greetings!

Watch what you shove down your gob tonight, assholes!! Don’t succumb to temptation — ignore the familia de horreur and all the faggots around you. Let them revel in warm, home-made blinis, caviar, canapes, deviled eggs, seared foie gras, cheese, ham, fine wine and other Christmas delicacies. Afterall, you don’t want to be the one crying their heart out next year for being fat. Eating is a disease and food is the enemy.

As for me, here’s what I’m having tonight.

Enjoy the festive season and happy thinspirational holidays from me to you.

Your favourite third world fag.

8:00 pm

No, I am *NOT* dead.

12/12/2006, Current Affairs

No, I am *NOT* dead.

I’m not supposed to be on the computer but Niklas wanted to check his emails so I thought, what the hell, I might as well go online and search for guys who will pump, dump and breed my ass bareback.

I’m kidding.

So yeah… I’m still on holida, lots of sea, sun, sand, booze, drugs and sex. I got sperminated left and right by random pundits who thought my mangina is the third world’s best tourist attraction. Hahaha! I wish. Nah..

I’ll do a proper update when I get back… just give me a few days.

BTW, remember my self-imposed year-long Louis Vuitton ban? Well, guess who used moi (OH YES) as inspiration???? Ooooh la la. I fucking love it.


More pictures later…………. :)

I love you all! Email me and tell me you love me.

2:47 pm

Update from the crypt: lesbian chic

29/11/2006, Current Affairs

Update from the crypt: lesbian chic

So how do I look?
(other than stupid, silly, ‘like a fag’, ridiculous, hideous, fat, etc..)

I think I look like a lesbian. No?


10:26 am

Mrs. Granny Bee’s PICTIONARY ROYALE, Love, Text Messages Galore

28/11/2006,, Current Affairs, Drag, Fan Art, Fans, Mrs Granny Bee, Press Coverage


I’d like to do a special announcement before we continue with today’s pictionary. I know you’ve all been waiting to see Mrs. Granny Bee’s photos from last week but I’m kind annoyed cause I think I’ve gone FARRRR TOO GAY over the past few days. Hahahaha! I mean gawd, you know you did something wrong (BUT WE ALL KNOW HOW THE WRONG AND THE BAD IS SOOOO GOOOOD HAHAHA) when you suddenly get an avalanche of emails from people asking you to send them bras and panties by mail. I DO NOT WEAR WOMEN’S UNDERWEAR SO I DON’T HAVE "MOIST PANTIES" TO SEND YOU AND BITCH PLEASE, I AM NOT A FULL-TIME TRANNY! Hahaha! I only do it when I’m on crack. So yeah… here goes.



I know that photo was taken back in the dark ages when I got OD’ed on everything Patsy Stone loved but what the heck, shitake happens to the best of us. Good thing I’m clean and sober now. NO WONDER I’M FUCKING FATTTTTT!!! I hope that photo will serve as a reminder that I am a boy, I love being a boy and I will always be a boy, then, now and forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever infinity ever, no matter how many pairs of Manolos, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier or Pierre Hardy shoes I’ll get to wear in this lifetime.

Mrs. Granny Bee is waiting!!!! Click click click click! I’m bringing SEXY BACK!!!!


7:23 am

The Pauper and the Queen Bee

21/11/2006, Current Affairs

The Pauper and the Queen Bee

I’m the happiest, happiest, happiest person in the whole wide world! I’m still at a loss of words…that’s why I can’t be bothered to post on my blog. I’ve been staring at photo for hours… It’s been 3 fucking days already and I am still having a hard time believing I met Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos… for real!!! In flesh… and not a wax figure!


Spare me from crap and ignore the fact that I loook sooo geeky and fat fugly bastard student galore. Picture this for a moment: just a few seconds before this photo was taken, my eyes were as big as friggin golf balls!!


10:20 am will remain free. I repeat. Free! + PICTIONARY GALORE!

19/11/2006, Current Affairs

Freeloaders Galore

The answer is NO! I’m *NOT* going to charge a fee for you to read my blog. Not now, not tomorrow and definitely not in near future. No, no, no, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, infinity, ever. *

And no, I am *NOT* going to put a password for you to read my entries on either. I really don’t understand where that came from – I received 161 emails (PLUS all the comments on my blog) from people telling me not to charge a fee.

* except for my members-only area