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Protected: Busy Bee

04/09/2007, Current Affairs

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FUCK I’M FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN THIS IS NASTY!!!!!

02/09/2007, Current Affairs

FUCK I’M FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD I’M CRYING!!!!!!!! I’m gonna have Sunday brunch with a friend and I thought it would be nice if I take my size 34 (size zero) black Chanel skinny jeans for a spin and the snap button closure keeps on popping out when I try to sit down. There is nothing more repulsive than being a "size 0" with a muffin top, no? I take pride in being able to fit into the smallest Chanel size and to think, Chanel is really generous when it comes to pret-a-porter sizing but god damn if the smallest size doesn’t fit it only means one thing: I’m FAT!

Chanel jeans

PLEASE GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY TELL ME I’M NOT BACK TO A SIZE 2 or worse, a 4. It’s funny how I have things from size 0 – 4 (I fluctuate) but man, today is a bad day, I swear. I hate it when I fluctuate and clearly I’ve gained again. I thought I lost major poundage but I gained it all back in the past few weeks because of all the cakes, donuts and fast food I’ve been eating. It’s your fault Mauricio. You and your stupid bear fetish got me all reaching out for the carbs again. I think it’s a ploy for you to make me gain and it worked!

Water fast (does red bull count?), grean leafy vegetables and adderall (just kidding. where are those damn chinese crack pills when you need them most?), here I come. I should be able to flush this poundage down the drain in a few days.

PS. I really want to wear Chanel today because Chanel is having a moment with their fantastic Mademoiselle campaign around the world. Check it out at and tell me which is your favourite city. I think they did it best in Paris. Nobody even bat an eyelash when they ran the campaign in London.

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Protected: Life is full of surprises

25/08/2007, Current Affairs

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Postal ID

23/08/2007, Current Affairs

Postcards from the third world: Postal ID

Ignore that photo. Damnnnn I look like a fat jailbait retarded. That shit is soo old I can’t be bothered to take a new one. I went through hell fire and back just to get one of these cheap-ass laminated IDs that is oh so third world.

Postal ID

Click click click!


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Protected: Mad about McDonald’s + Natasha Poly & Snejana Onopka Showdown at Missoni

22/08/2007, Current Affairs

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Protected: Boy. Girl. Camp it up fag. Tomboy.

17/08/2007, Current Affairs

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Bryanboy’s Hobby Outfit #2

16/08/2007, Current Affairs

Bryanboy’s Hobby Outfit #2

Here’s another outfit I came up with… well, I made everything except the shirt, the pearls, the boots, the sunglasses and the handbag. To quite simply put it, I made* the shorts, the headpiece, added the little ribbon on the shirt and finally, the lightweight black thing that to this date, I still don’t know what to call it. It’s as long as a coat but it has a hood and pockets on the front like an oversized cardigan. Is it a parka? Or should I call it… the coatdigan? It’s a start eh? What do you think?


More pics and videos coming up! Don’t you just LOOOOOOOVEEEE rainy days? Everyone looks pretty during rainy season except peasants like the fat bitch behind me.

Just kidding. I’m nice. PROMISE!!!! I’m an equal opportunity lover in real life! I only say mean shit online to get attention because I’m a big fat whore! Case in point: take one good look at her chubby face and then take a look at mine and no doubt we’re both alumnis of Brookhaven Obesity Clinic. The point is…. I’m 116 pounds and she’s 118. Maybe 117 if you push it. Got it?

*I didn’t make them as in I didn’t sew them myself. I went to the sewing people with my stick figure, crayola sketches and instructions.

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They tried to make me go to McDonald’s…

15/08/2007, Current Affairs

They tried to make me go to fat camp…

and I said, no, no, no.

This is what they should do to people who go to McDonald’s.

bryanboy got hit by an armoured vehicle

Just kidding. Pictionary galore and faggotry in motion coming up!

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Surprise surprise!

09/08/2007, Current Affairs

Surprise surprise!

I have a surprise tomorrow but it will only happen if the weather is good… and by good means gray, cloudy, windy and rainy. I need it for "effect".

It was cloudy today though I don’t think it rained where I live (I spent the entire day sleeping). Weatherwise, it’s been a fantastic week and I’m not really looking forward to 35 degree celsius afternoons, thanks very much.

Thea Aquino is that chu?

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08/08/2007, Current Affairs


You know, I really should be jumping for joy because it’s finally raining in the third world. Calling Jackett-a Wheeler! It’s that time of the year when all the brownie flips take their hideous nylon windbreakers out for a spin (just kidding). It was fun at first but for the life of god, it’s been raining non-stop for the past three days! Farmers need this rain because the third world is suffering from a drought but I need the sun and the blue sky so I can take pictures. I only look good in natural light. I know I hate the sun and the heat but this is WAYY too much. I need to take pictures of me god dammit and the rain is making me immobile!

I don’t know about you but when it rains, all I want to do is to stay indoors, snuggle up with my anorexic cat in bed, watch DVDs and feast on home-made chicken noodle soup.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past three days. I need to snap out of it. Really. I already gained 5 pounds from all that pasta.