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Weapons of mass destruction.

16/03/2007, Current Affairs

Weapons of mass destruction.

The title says it all.

Shirt from Boudicca, trousers from Gucci, shoes from Lanvin, hat from Mich Dulce.

Blue-collar threesome, anyone?

12:54 am

White trash chic

16/03/2007, Current Affairs

White trash chic

Boy do I have lots in store for you. Before we play pictionary primetime, I would like to dedicate the following photos to our American white trash sisters. We all know I have a soft heart and a major weakness when it comes to caucasian white trash — the homeless, the social scum, people on the dole, the drug junkies, the ones who live in trailer parks and yes, that also includes people who live in bumfuck American states with their messy hair, bleached jeans, white sneakers, baggy tops. Think of the "normal" people from that old tv show Rescue 911.

That photo says it all. Even when I’m poor and homeless, I still look sooo. fucking. gorgeous.


1:40 am

Live from the 2007 Bloggies… in TEXAS

13/03/2007, Current Affairs

Live from the 2007 Bloggies… in TEXAS

Live from Texassssss in the US of A, I present you this year’s bloggies!

Photo courtesy of Nikolai (

Am I gonna win a bloggie? Join the fun on IRC! I have a feeling I’m not gonna win because that PingMag website is serious competition. I mean come on, how can a little blogger from the third world compete with a online design magazine?

Cross your fingers. If I win this gig it only means one thing.

I’m fucking pretty.

P.S. Being a finalist is good enough anyway which means I’m still pretty so there.

[Edit - 1:59AM: Well, I lost. Congrats to Tokyo Girl Down Under for winning the Best Asian Weblog award! Time for me to get a liposuction I guess.]

[Edit - 2:08AM: Congrats to Zoe/My Boyfriend is a Twat for winning a bloggie! As for you, Photojunkie, let's drown ourselves at the losers table.]

8:45 pm

Protected: Book Idea: An Internet Slut’s Guide to Life

05/03/2007, Current Affairs

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Andrea Sachs, where are you?

03/03/2007, Current Affairs

030307_emails Andrea Sachs, where are you?

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m online. Yes, on a Saturday night. Like what I said before, there’s just soo many things on my plate and I’m really really utterly sick of procrastinating. Wanna know my priorities?

1) Try to answer as many emails as I can. Just look at HOW MANY FUCKING EMAILS I HAVE ON MY GMAIL INBOX — and that’s just email account #1. I have like a dozen or so other email accounts. Go figure. I love it though. I really do. So don’t be surprised if you just got a reply from me when in fact, you emailed me a few months ago.
2) Work on my super neglected child. You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I think I’ll do a "soft" launch in about 5-6 hours.

I’m online so feel free to disturb/distract me. I LOVE the attention — and I’m sure you do, too.

You know my email address — I love you all!

8:21 pm

Forever Flawless?

01/03/2007, Current Affairs

Forever Flawless?

Forever flawless is something that I’m not. LOL.

I’m soo sorry for the delay with my pictionaries… I’ve been sooo busy the past few weeks it’s insane! Blogging bits and pieces are easy and effortless (hence all the little entries here and there) but y’all have to know that behind the scenes, there’s a huge backlog on my plate, soo many projects, soo many little meetings, soo many distractions, soo many soo many! Not to mention all the things going on around the world at the moment. I love it though — I’ve never been soo productive in my life!


7:23 pm

Somebody loves the little children…

28/02/2007, Current Affairs

Somebody loves the little children.

I’ve been wasting away precious time on MySpace and looking lookie at what I found during a random search.His name is Roy, he’s a poofter, he’s British, he’s 18 and he recently spent a lot of time in the Philippines on what looks like "volunteering" type of work that first world white trash youth do during gap years on their spare time. You know what I mean and I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the place — scruffy white teens running around the cesspit of the third world, trying to do something good for the humanity or worse, try to save the world. It’s quite an interesting concept actually. I for one have considered giving this volunteering thing a try in Mongolia but Im soo scared I’d get stoned to death for showing up in a gold lame sweater and my old Dior eskimo boots.


2:52 pm

Teeter Teeter, Wobble Wobble

24/02/2007, Current Affairs

Teeter Teeter, Wobble Wobble

I finally gave up yesterday afternoon and went straight to the salon (after blogging) to get a quick haircut. I didn’t have a lot of time because I have a little dinner in the city so my original plan was go to the mall, get a cut then leave — all in 90 minutes.

Ugh. Look at all that excess flesh on my arm. Yuck.

I ended up staying for 3 hours instead, doing something I haven’t done in years and boy you’re in for a treat. I went people watching!!!


6:19 pm


20/02/2007, Current Affairs


Ugh. I’m starting to lose my patience. HAHAHA! Me? Patient? Bitch please.

As I’ve said before, the last time I had a haircut was around the first week of December. I usually get my hair done once a month… cut, colour and highlights and to be honest with you, I already miss the industrial-strength chemical fumes you’ll only find in a salon. I’m growing my hair long because I’m sooo sick and tired of the same old fucking haircut I get.


9:09 am

Second Life: My new home

14/02/2007, Current Affairs, Second Life

Second Life: My new home

Ok.. I have a new home!!!!  I hope I don’t get evicted off the residential development because my house looks wayyy different than everyone else.

I need to figure out how to get a job there. I can’t "cheat" the system by spending real life money in exchange for Second Life money. LOL.

God it’s soo addictive. I think you should join, too. It’s free to join — all you need is a high speed internet connection. I don’t think people with dialup or dsl can use it… I’m not sure… it’s optimized for people with broadband. Whatevs. Anyway… see you there!

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492. I love you all, as always!

P.S. I am soooo sorry for not blogging ‘properly’ because I’m seriously hooked on this shit. Blah… in all honesty though I shouldn’t be fucking apologising to you because it’s my blog. Hahaha! But yeah, there you have it… Second Life is the SHITTTTTTT!