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Attention-Hogging is an art form.

13/11/2007, Current Affairs

Attention-Hogging is an art form.

Are you keeping track of all the entries on this year’s gay bloggies? Well, the first challenge is up and all 12 bloggers were asked to confess something they’ve never written on their blogs. The ones who don’t know any better are going to be surprised on what I wrote on my latest entry.

Bryanboy attention whore

Remember to vote for me by clicking the "thumbs up" button found at the bottom of every single one of MY blog entries. I need your votes! Competition is tough and all those gays on that site are pests. Winning validates my existence and let’s face it, it hurts being a loser. In any case, I’m a nice person so I’m not gonna ask you to "thumb down" THEIR entries (I think it’s silly) but hey, if you want to do it then who am I to stop you doing things for MY BENEFIT. Hahahhhaha!

The most important thing is that you thumb me up — and always do so — whenever I post a NEW blog entry there. Finalists are going to be eliminated one by one ala Survivor-style and with your help, I want to make sure I’m the last woman standing. Tell your friends! Tell your family members! Tell everyone you know! Thank you thank you thank you!

I love you all! Team Bryanboy!

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Stop! In the name of love…

12/11/2007, Current Affairs



Bryanboy sheer pants

Work work work work work!

Let’s play pictionary, shall we????? 20+ Photos inside! Click click click click click click click click click!


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Shock Horror OMG

09/11/2007, Current Affairs

Shock Horror OMG

Y’all know I went out yesterday and ran some errands, right? Unless I am mistaken, it just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I probably went to a Philippine Senator‘s house yesterday afternoon without me "knowing" it. Or maybe not. One of the nice lovely ladies I met yesterday share the same last name and when you have 90 million people in the country, there’s a high chance of you meeting someone that have the last last name as yours so maybe they’re like relatives or whatever and it wasn’t his house. Oh I don’t know anymore. With all the experiences I’ve had and all the people I’ve met in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case but still.. thinking about it now is soo surreal.

All I know is this:

1) Calling it a house is an understatement. It’s more like a huge-ass palatial compound with several buildings inside a gated wall and a couple of security guards outside.

2) The first thing that greets you on the driveway is this little mini chapel/church-like structure. Maybe it’s not a church but more of like a little private museum. Who the hell knows. The Philippines is a country where people have candy-coloured mausoleums so anything goes when it comes to architechture. Either way, I thought it was pretty. How many people do you know with churches inside their houses? Not many so there.

3) I’m surprised I got out of the house alive because there was this huge big ginormous dog, even bigger than than me an elephant, who barked at me on my way in. I bet he could smell the scent of a peasant like me from a mile away whereas my own dog can’t even smell his own shit. LOL. I was on my own in one of the rooms for a few minutes or so and I got really scared the dog might follow me and eat me alive! Thank god it didn’t happen.

4) I wore this. AND THANK GOD I didn’t see the honorable senator. LOL.

Bryanboy fucked Colin Farrell

I’m not kidding! That’s what I wore yesterday (before I changed into sheer pants). Oh my god, if I knew where I was going I would’ve worn something a little bit more appropriate, don’t you think?

This is so gonna go down on my personal history books just like the night I had dinner with my "BFF" Mrs. Imelda Marcos. Can you imagine? I’ll be known as the fag who went to Senator Juan Ponce-Enrile’s house wearing a "I fucked Colin Farrell" t-shirt. Bloody hell. Shame on me!!

I obviously didn’t ask the lady I met if she was related to the senator because, you know, like, "celebrities" and "stars" like me (oh deflate that ego bitch) like to pretend we’re cool and shock-resistant. Oh please. Hahaha! Besides, I went there to do one thing and I got it accomplished and there was no time for dilly dally.

God help me.

PS. And if you were one of the ladies I met yesterday afternoon let’s pretend I didn’t write this entry. I need to get it out of my chest and get over it. LOL!!!

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Get Innocuous!

08/11/2007, Current Affairs

Get Innocuous!

Sing after me just like at the Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2008 show: YOU. CAN’T. NORMALIZE. Don’t it make you feel alive? I like them black boys… I like them white boys… I like them asian boys… I like them mixed-race boys. Get innocuous! I need a rainbow brite runway — quick!

Bryanboy sheer pants, duerr cardigan, shorts, marc jacobs gladiator boots, chanel sunglasses, bag, derby bowler hat

Uhh why do my knees look like doorknobs? Pictionary and Faggotry in Motion coming up. What do you think?

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Bryanboy is scared of…

03/11/2007, Current Affairs

Bryanboy is scared of…

I made a list.


Do you ever look at your reflection on the mirror late at night and wonder how different you look now compared to, like, 10 years ago… and then you get worried how you’re gonna look like 10 years from now? I’m soo scared. I mean really. For the first time in my life I actually feel changes in my body. As in real changes. It’s not puberty, no, no, it’s more like a "god I’m SO old" feeling. My metabolism slowed down, my skin is dry, I have the odd line here and there, etc etc etc. It’s driving me insane.

Sooo… do you ever get that feeling? Go grab a mirror and take one LOOOONNNNNGG good look at your body from head to toe, starting at your face.

Tell me what you think. I would like to hear from those of you out there in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and geriatrics. When did you get that "I’m old" feeling and how did you deal with it?

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From London with Love

24/10/2007, Current Affairs

From London with Love

OK. Duties and taxes (about £75 or $150) killed me but it’s totally worth it. The booties are probably gonna be a bajilion bucks more expensive if bought in-store in the third world but for the life of god, will the Marc Jacobs Collection boutique in the third world please open already?

Marc Jacobs Box

My little obsession baby arrived today. THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN SEX. I’M HAPPY NOW. I don’t need cock anymore. For real. At least for the next… month. Hahaha! Click click click!


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Protected: Bitch got no balls.

23/10/2007, Current Affairs

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Has it really been a year?

17/10/2007, Current Affairs

Has it really been a year?

Has it really been a year since I opened my post office box?

Post office

I went to the post office earlier this morning because to drop off some envelopes (yes — you guys should get your little packets soon!!!) and to pick up my mail, only to find out that my PO BOX expired back in August.

I confess — I don’t really check my PO BOX often because that
particular post office is about 15 miles away and according to the lady
there, ALL my mail got returned to the sender. I was pissed cause they
never sent me any notifications that my PO BOX expired but then again, I
should be responsible for checking it. I opened the box strictly for fan mail. Ugh. Silly me.

The good thing is, they haven’t
released my box to anyone else and I have the option to renew it on the
spot… that’s what I did. Once again, I’m now the proud owner of MCPO Box 2044 in Makati Central Post Office, Makati, MM 1250, Philippines.

Go me! Now go bombard my PO box with mail. Surprise me. I like getting things in the mail!

MCPO Box 2044
Makati City, MM 1250

PS. Thank you, bienenkise, for the fabulous Masha gift. Masha is love! Celebrate Masha indeed.

Masha Tyelna

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Motivation Coach.

04/10/2007, Current Affairs

Motivation Coach.

I thought I’d take a break from answering this in-depth interview (my god) to share to you all one of the questions — and my answer. I’m telling you, the amount of shit I am able to pull out of my ass never cease to amaze me.


Q. In your opinion what industry/companies have the
coolest opportunities for people such as yourself?

My answer: All
industries have the coolest opportunity for the RIGHT person. What I
think is cool may not be suitable for someone else. I also don’t
believe in looking for opportunities. Why look for something that a
million other people are also looking for? I’m not the type who is
willing to fight tooth and nail or claw others down the ladder or sit
idle forever waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Do you
have any idea how many millions of peasants are there in this country?
It won’t be long until we reach 90 million. Whatever happened to
population control? In my opinion, opportunity either lands on your
lap, or, like me, you create them yourself.

It all starts in believing yourself, finding what you are
TRULY passionate in life about, capitalizing on the things that you
enjoy doing the most and of course, create ways on how to make revenue
out of it.

Like being gay for instance. Being gay is a full-time job.


Ok. I didn’t include the last sentence (hahaha) but whatever. Maybe y’all could learn a thing or two from what I just said. No? Am I goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood or what? Answer me. Am I fucking good?

Love me love me, say that you love me.

PS. I don’t care about anyyyyyyyythinnnngggg but…… ME!

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Protected: Bryanne Wintour

03/10/2007, Current Affairs

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