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Has it really been a year?

17/10/2007, Current Affairs

Has it really been a year?

Has it really been a year since I opened my post office box?

Post office

I went to the post office earlier this morning because to drop off some envelopes (yes — you guys should get your little packets soon!!!) and to pick up my mail, only to find out that my PO BOX expired back in August.

I confess — I don’t really check my PO BOX often because that
particular post office is about 15 miles away and according to the lady
there, ALL my mail got returned to the sender. I was pissed cause they
never sent me any notifications that my PO BOX expired but then again, I
should be responsible for checking it. I opened the box strictly for fan mail. Ugh. Silly me.

The good thing is, they haven’t
released my box to anyone else and I have the option to renew it on the
spot… that’s what I did. Once again, I’m now the proud owner of MCPO Box 2044 in Makati Central Post Office, Makati, MM 1250, Philippines.

Go me! Now go bombard my PO box with mail. Surprise me. I like getting things in the mail!

MCPO Box 2044
Makati City, MM 1250

PS. Thank you, bienenkise, for the fabulous Masha gift. Masha is love! Celebrate Masha indeed.

Masha Tyelna

7:36 am

Motivation Coach.

04/10/2007, Current Affairs

Motivation Coach.

I thought I’d take a break from answering this in-depth interview (my god) to share to you all one of the questions — and my answer. I’m telling you, the amount of shit I am able to pull out of my ass never cease to amaze me.


Q. In your opinion what industry/companies have the
coolest opportunities for people such as yourself?

My answer: All
industries have the coolest opportunity for the RIGHT person. What I
think is cool may not be suitable for someone else. I also don’t
believe in looking for opportunities. Why look for something that a
million other people are also looking for? I’m not the type who is
willing to fight tooth and nail or claw others down the ladder or sit
idle forever waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Do you
have any idea how many millions of peasants are there in this country?
It won’t be long until we reach 90 million. Whatever happened to
population control? In my opinion, opportunity either lands on your
lap, or, like me, you create them yourself.

It all starts in believing yourself, finding what you are
TRULY passionate in life about, capitalizing on the things that you
enjoy doing the most and of course, create ways on how to make revenue
out of it.

Like being gay for instance. Being gay is a full-time job.


Ok. I didn’t include the last sentence (hahaha) but whatever. Maybe y’all could learn a thing or two from what I just said. No? Am I goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood or what? Answer me. Am I fucking good?

Love me love me, say that you love me.

PS. I don’t care about anyyyyyyyythinnnngggg but…… ME!

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Protected: Bryanne Wintour

03/10/2007, Current Affairs

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Top Secret.

03/10/2007, Current Affairs

Top Secret.

I can’t say what this is for. I’m just waiting for people to sleep (it’s 11:56PM) and then I’ll take photos. I can’t be seen by anyone wearing a striped shift dress or else I’m gonna get a bullet in my head!!!! HAHAHAHA!

All I need now are beige or red Manolos and my outfit is complete. But where the hell can I get them at this time of the night in the third world? Carine Roitfeld are you reading this?

10:19 pm

Skin White

28/09/2007, Current Affairs

Skin White

Kris Aquino hydroquinone addict is that chu? I took some photos earlier this afternoon and I’m pale as a ghost. The lighting didn’t help either — it was pretty gray (and rainy) outside. Blah blah beurk! I have some major catching up to do when it comes to self-tanners. Funny how lots of third world folk go to extreme lengths to be pale — glutathione injections and all. I’m NOT KIDDING! Someone told me before that people inject shit in their bodies in order to be white and here I am, well, let’s just say I’m no Kris Aquino skin white but my NATURAL real skin color is quite pale compared to, say, random third world commoners.

Note to self: tan this weekend and get a bloody haircut. It’s about time!

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Hairspray, gel and Brazilians.

21/09/2007, Current Affairs

Hairspray, gel and Brazilians.

For those of you who emailed, no, I didn’t have any control with my hair whatsoever. None at all. In fact, I told the stylist before the shoot I want my hair done a certain way but they were adamant with their decision. Even if I know (after all these years of being self-obsessed and camwhoring) what looks right for me, who am I to question things? I stated my opinion, they listened to it, they want to give me a different look then so be it. I’m trying hard not to be a diva (because I’m not!! haha) if you know what I mean. At least that’s what I learned from watching American, Australian, British, Canadian even bloody Abyssinian bloody Next Top Model. So yeah, just cross your fingers and hope that THEIR pictures turn out to be alright because I know there’s a baby jesus crying somewhere as I’m writing this.


Click click click!


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Get your freak on.

20/09/2007, Current Affairs

Get your freak on.

Cecile… look at my hair!!!

I had my outfit planned — I was going to wear this thing from my closet that I really want to wear AND my good ol’ pompadour (minus the watch and the bracelet) but the powers that be changed my outfit from head to toe… and then they gave me a slick back.


Isn’t it funny how I still look androgynous (AM I A FAG OR AM I A LESBIAN? YOU DECIDE.) in spite of the fact that I’m wearing a jacket, trousers, a white shirt that Uncle Karl would be proud of and a bowtie.  Ugh I look sooo old!!!!

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The hair, the horse and the hound.

05/09/2007, Current Affairs

The hair, the horse and the hound.

I left my camera at home and I’m too lazy to put some effort. I want to be low-maintenance for a change: simple basic top, shorts, flip flops, ditch the maquillage other than a teeny, tiny coat of clear lip gloss. And the result? NOT A PRETTY SIGHT.


Isn’t it funny how trying to look effortless is the hardest thing on earth? So effortless I should’ve worn a plain white tee instead — the fact that I forgot to do that means I didn’t put an effort at all. LOL. Click click click for more hair pics!


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Protected: Busy Bee

04/09/2007, Current Affairs

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FUCK I’M FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN THIS IS NASTY!!!!!

02/09/2007, Current Affairs

FUCK I’M FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD I’M CRYING!!!!!!!! I’m gonna have Sunday brunch with a friend and I thought it would be nice if I take my size 34 (size zero) black Chanel skinny jeans for a spin and the snap button closure keeps on popping out when I try to sit down. There is nothing more repulsive than being a "size 0" with a muffin top, no? I take pride in being able to fit into the smallest Chanel size and to think, Chanel is really generous when it comes to pret-a-porter sizing but god damn if the smallest size doesn’t fit it only means one thing: I’m FAT!

Chanel jeans

PLEASE GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY TELL ME I’M NOT BACK TO A SIZE 2 or worse, a 4. It’s funny how I have things from size 0 – 4 (I fluctuate) but man, today is a bad day, I swear. I hate it when I fluctuate and clearly I’ve gained again. I thought I lost major poundage but I gained it all back in the past few weeks because of all the cakes, donuts and fast food I’ve been eating. It’s your fault Mauricio. You and your stupid bear fetish got me all reaching out for the carbs again. I think it’s a ploy for you to make me gain and it worked!

Water fast (does red bull count?), grean leafy vegetables and adderall (just kidding. where are those damn chinese crack pills when you need them most?), here I come. I should be able to flush this poundage down the drain in a few days.

PS. I really want to wear Chanel today because Chanel is having a moment with their fantastic Mademoiselle campaign around the world. Check it out at and tell me which is your favourite city. I think they did it best in Paris. Nobody even bat an eyelash when they ran the campaign in London.