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6:48 pm

Blair Waldorf is dat chu?

19/02/2008, Current Affairs

Don’t be so ambitious, Bryan Waldorf!

I’m *so* glad that the writer’s strike is over. I know I’m gonna be shot on the foot for saying this but Gossip Girl is one of my guilty pleasures!

Bryanboy dressed as Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl, Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan, Marc Jacobs bag

Me: "I don’t like the shape of my trousers."
Sis: "Yeah?"

Click click click for LOADS of pictures! Blair Waldorf is dat chu? I think I need a headband or a bow, no?


11:41 am

How do you say SCARY in 100 languages?

19/02/2008, Current Affairs

How do you say SCARY in 100 languages?

Holy gaylord studded hysteric glamour batman! Even I was shocked. The following photo set is for the gays. I think it’s nice to play a character and ditch my inner fem bot for a change. I mean hello, we all know I’m one heck of a flaming clusterfuck but who knew I had this… whatever you call this… in me. Let’s play gender bender again, shall we?

Tranny? What tranny? Click click click!


10:24 pm

The Lone Ugly Duckling

18/02/2008, Current Affairs

The Lone Ugly Duckling

Don’t you just LOOOOVE it when friends who are moving overseas sell some of their unwanted wares via garage sales? And because you want to be a GOOD and supportive friend, you have no choice but to buy something, at least one item, from them, right? Well, guess what I got earlier this morning. It’s rather tacky but I think it’s quite cute.

Bryanboy, Missoni Cardigan, Hermes Birkin Bag, Chanel Belt, Zara Boots

The weather is good and it’s fashion week in Milan right now (finally!!) so why not celebrate it by taking the good ol’ Missoni out for a quick spin. Yes I know. You don’t have to tell me. I know I’m pretty. I see you lookin at me like I’m some kind of a freak so why dontcha do sumthin????? Hahaha! Just kidding. :-) Click click click and let’s play pictionary!!!


4:14 pm

Be Right Back

18/02/2008, Current Affairs

Be Right Back

Check back in a few hours for more photos/pictionary because I’m sooo sleepy and tired. Be sure to visit my site in a few hours. I’ll update when I wake up from my nap!


2:23 am


18/02/2008, Current Affairs


I spent the entire day at my grandma’s house this weekend and on our way back, we stopped by the gas station to stretch, smoke, buy some nibbles, etc.


At the convenience store, there were 2 very young girls behind me on the check-out line. They kept yapping and yapping and yapping and said some of the most hilarious things ever. Just like that. If you are gonna whisper, make sure nobody else can hear it otherwise, what’s the point?

Girl #1: Uuuy si Bryanboy yan ha!
(Oooh that’s Bryanboy!)

Girl #2: Anung gagawin niya sa red bull? Ang dami naman.
(What is he gonna do to all that red bull? That’s a lot.)

*BTW I had 5 red bulls, some water, a bag of chips and some chewing gum on my basket*

Girl #1: Ipangliligo niya!
(He’s gonna bathe in it.)

*they laughed so hard I ended up looking at them really quick but it was my turn at the counter so I asked the guy for 3 packs of marlboros*

One of the girls: Ayyyy chain smoker. (in a really condescending tone)

*After paying for my loot, I saw what they were holding and the bitches had 3 bags of chips ahoy.*

Me: Chips Ahoy. Niiiiiiiiiiiice! I LOOOOOVE binge and purge Sundays!

and I left the store. I lit a cigarette as soon as I got out and one of the girls screamed "Bryanboy we love you!!!" and gave me a fuck you finger.


7:31 pm

Piece de Resistance: THE BAG

14/02/2008, Current Affairs

Piece de Resistance: THE BAG

Strange eh? In spite of being rather, well, vague, on my last entry, one could argue and say it’s QUITE obvious, given the recent developments in my life. Oh who am I kidding. What bothers me (just a wee bit, don’t worry) is how I told no more than a handful of my closest friends about the big "thing" and in a span of 24 hours, it’s EVERYWHERE online. It’s crazy, this whole ‘flow of information’ on the internet sort of thing.

Bryanboy Marc Jacobs BB bag

Gisele Bundchen for Vanity Fair September 2007 issue is dat chu? Hahaha :-) Click click click!


4:28 pm

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Cigarettes

14/02/2008, Current Affairs

Georgi from Salt Lake City, Utah

Georgi from Salt Lake City, Utah (I typed it out loud because Yewww-tahhhh sounds so lovely and so exotic) sent me a little packet a few months ago… as in LAST YEAR. It’s absolutely ridiculous to be honest but what can we do? Gotta love good ol’ third world post office. I’ve sent/received far too many things in the post and they always fuck me up for some reason. It’s not unusual for folk to tell me they haven’t received anything from me… and I’ve also had people telling me they sent me things only to find out that my box is empty. Oh well.

Georgi mail from Salt Lake City, UT envelope

Click click click to see what Georgi sent me!


10:28 am

Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2008-2009

06/02/2008, Current Affairs


Don’t tease me bro! Spotted backstage at the Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Marc by Marc Jacobs show.

Marc Jacobs Loves Bryanboy

The most fabulous moment in the history of my 17 years coming up shortly.

Oh who am I kidding. Haha ;)

2:32 pm

Victoria Beckham Posh Spice for Marc Jacobs

30/01/2008, Current Affairs

Holy Kyle Avila for Marc Jacobs Batman!

I’m sure y’all heard by now how Victoria Beckham posed naked for Marc Jacobs and charity. I wanted to get that t-shirt because I love Mrs. Beckham but I’m not sure if it’s available in the third world so I asked one of my friends in New York to buy me one and mail it to me. Guess what happened when he popped by the men’s Marc by Marc store on Bleecker street yesterday night?

I won’t get into details but oh my god I’m sweating like a whore in church right now! Holy naked male model batman! His name is Kyle Avila and he also did Marc’s charity tees. Yes!!! That’s him below.

Kyle Avila for Marc Jacobs

Click click click for MOAR MOAR MOAR!


8:42 pm

Full Circle

23/01/2008, Current Affairs

Full Circle

Wow. The moon is soo bright, no? Valentino haute couture can wait later. Today is the big day!

Full Moon

It’s 8:40PM and I’m out to go jogging… then a couple of situps and crunches. I’m soo out of shape I need to take matter into my own hands!