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Marc by Marc Jacobs, Greenbelt 5

11/05/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Greenbelt 5

I came, I saw, I bought something and I took pictures. As promised to you previously, I finally went to the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Manila.

Marc by Marc Jacobs store Manila, Greenbelt 5, handbags

You would never believe the trouble I went through for the pictures you are about to see. Click click click!


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Marc by Marc Jacobs – Men’s, Size Small

11/05/2008, Current Affairs

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Men's, Size Small

To be honest with you, the reason why I dress the way I do (which I've been doing so for YEARS) is the fact that I cannot seem to find anything I like in the men's department IN MY SIZE. Take the most basic Marc by Marc t-shirt for instance. It's a size small.

Marc by Marc Jacobs polka dot t-shirt

Is it a tent or is it a dress? It's not like I'm a midget or anything. I'm probably taller than Marc himself! Shit… if I had it my way I would roll up the sleeves, wear my red Hermès belt to cinch it on my waist, go bottomless and don a pair of red skyscraper pumps but no, there's no way I'm gonna do that because I don't want my ding a ling a ling ding dong and my bollocks exposed for everyone to see.

The good news is… I found something at women's (as always) in my size, which is small. Hah!

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Corelli’s Cafe, Newtown

10/05/2008, Australia, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Travel

Bryanboy’s "A-HA" Moment #16,310: Corelli’s Cafe, Newtown

The ever so helpful Patty offered my third world ass a ride to Sydney domestic airport earlier this week.  We stopped by Corelli’s Cafe in Newtown for a quick brunch. Y’all know me. In spite of my obsession with all things thinspiration, I’m a very voracious eater, I’m not picky and I’m willing to eat anything and everything edible. I love food! I really do.

Bryanboy, Patty Huntington, Corelli's Cafe, Newtown Sydney

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10/05/2008, Australia, Current Affairs, Travel


On the last leg of my OZ trip, I went a little further up north of Sydney to visit a friend overnight. I wasn’t able to shop AT ALL in Sydney because a lot of the stores were closed on Sunday and I really didn’t have the time. I did visit the Chanel store for a few minutes… boy oh boy oh boy, that Americana collection is fantastic. But $6,000 (was it 6 or was it 8? I’m not sure) for a jacket? Rupert Murdoch lend me your mastercard please.

Bryanboy at Byron Bay
Bryanboy in trainers? SHOCK HORROR!

One of the shops I thoroughly enjoyed, believe it or not, was Woolworths… the Australian version of Walmart. It was a grocery store alright, smacked in the middle of nowhere New South Wales, and going there was soo surreal! If you have seen The Simple Life, think of me as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie going to Walmart in bumfuck America. It was a visual feast seeing normal, non-fashiony, non-Margiela wearing Australians.

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Meedja Whore

08/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Meedja Whore

One of the things that surprised me the most during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is how the organizers (IMG) AND traditional media gave much-needed credence (and a very warm welcome) to bloggers. I’ve always considered myself as a fashion outsider/voyeur/spectator so for me to actually fly my arse out of the third world on my own dime to experience and witness fashion in action for the very first time was mind-blowing. I was nervous and scared at first. I’m no journo who often goes to sponsored junkets and international events backed by big media corporations. In the words of Clueless Tai, I’m a virgin… who can’t drive. 

But yeah… never in my life I’ve been proud to say “I’m a blogger”. Being the one-man circus that I am, I confess that it was somewhat intimidating to be milling around the tents, the “media” room and the front-row surrounded by hardworking journalists of impressive resumes and backgrounds: people who truly worked their way to where they are to deliver information to the public. I highly doubt (I said doubt… correct me if I’m wrong) Australia is the same as the Philippines
where anyone with the “right” last name can get a position in the media with a snap of a finger. In any case, everyone in RAFW was super, super nice and I learned so much from everyone just by interacting with them.

And then there’s ickle ol’ me. The online freak who lives in front of the computer blogging about himself and his unhealthy obsession with all things fashion all-night long. Isn’t it amazing? I don’t know about you but it’s a bit weird waking up to Australia’s leading newspapers with my fug fug fugly mug on it. But yes… I’m extremely glad they are promoting blogs, bloggers and blogging. I even made it on Australian television! ROFLMAO!

We live in interesting times indeed. I know I have lots to learn. Every day is a new day and I try to absorb as much as I can with every experience, good or bad. I was telling a friend on my way to the airport how I want to take up further education (journalism, english classes, etc.) to improve my craft and expand my vocabulary. I have a little laundry list that I want to fulfill. We’ll see. Here’s a toast to evolution… cin cin!

PS. Thanks to The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne) and Sun Herald.

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Front Row at LIFEwithBIRD

08/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Current Affairs


It’s nice to finally have met Bali-based Aussie designer Nicholas Morley. I love this guy. He’s one of the reasons why I started obsessing about Australian fashion. Him and the non-existent email customer service at Tuchuzy, who, until this date, had not replied to my email from last year. Haha!

Nicholas Morley and Bryanboy, front-row at LifeWithBird

LIFEwithBIRD is a cool clothing label started by Bridget McCall (Alice McCall’s sister) and Nicholas Van Messner. They’re based out of Melbourne.

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Beautiful Bondi Beach, Speedos Cafe, Bondi Icebergs

06/05/2008, Australia, Current Affairs

Beautiful Bondi Beach, Speedos Cafe, Bondi Icebergs

With the rush of fashion week behind us, Sonny, Patty and moi went to Bondi for food, fun and frolics.

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Bryanboy at

05/05/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at

Have you seen me at recently?

I’m truly, truly honored! Thanks Nancy and Jason!

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Totally Exhausted

04/05/2008, Australia, Current Affairs

Totally Exhausted

It’s 10PM on a Sunday and I just got back from a little cocktail thing with Sonny and Patty. I’m going to stay indoors tonight to catch up with my emails, blog entries (I have so many stories to tell!!), etc. I’m 104% exhausted. This is what happens when you haven’t slept in Manila for 2 days before hopping on a plane for a 9 or 10 hour flight… and then try having 2-3 hours of sleep EVERY DAY in Sydney for an entire week. I look like a complete mess! I don’t know how the fash pack does it but I feel like my eyes are literally gonna pop out anytime soon. I wish I brought my vitamins with me.

I look forward to having a good 2.5 hour full-body massage (+ facial, mani, pedi, etc… i’m getting the works!) when I return to Manila. As much as I had fun in the past week, I just want to go back home in my lovely cocoon in the third world.

Sydney… I shall see you again. We’re not yet finished!
(and Melbourne, too)

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Manila

25/04/2008, Current Affairs

Marc by Marc Jacobs Manila

Good lord our prayers have been answered! After 200 years of shopping online and overseas, the Marc by Marc Jacobs store finally opened here in Manila yesterday and the folks at Store Specialists Inc. (they own the franchise) threw a nice party and a little show for everyone. I was *THIS* close to not attending because I’ve been very antisocial recently (I also have soo many things on my plate). Thank god one of my friends slapped some sense to my face. What the heck, I have nothing to lose… and boy am I glad to be there!

Me with the super lovely Marc Jacobs folks who flew from New York. They’re all so pretty and chica! We look like family and hell, I look underage haha!!

I met lots of people, both old acquaintances and new ones. It was VERY awkward at first; maybe it was paranoia or what have you but I felt like lots of eyes were on me. It also didn’t help that it was friggin 400 degrees out and I’m wearing a bloody jacket. Hah! A lot of nice people asked to take my photo and I only have one thing to say to them: good luck how it turns out because I know I look fug in them! Hahhaha!


To be quite honest with you, I know this is awful for me to say but I didn’t go inside the store because I KNOW (104% SURE) I will end up with a few racks of clothes… I can’t overspend now because I have a big event coming up (You’ll know SOON!!) but judging from what I saw on the windows, my god, it was pure delight! EVERYTHING I want was there — I have my eyes set on those geometric circle/polka dot tops with the collars… and a few shorts… bags… my god! It’s soo me!!! Insanity! MarC my words; I’ll go to the store again as soon as I’m done with my big project.

I love Marc by Marc. Welcome to Manila. It’s about time!