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21/09/2008, Current Affairs

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Bored with the hysterical queens and queers at Family (Auckland's "this is it" gay bar) last night, YEN Magazine's (Australia) Fashion Director Imogene and I took crazy photos.

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Bryanboy for NO Magazine

20/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand

Bryanboy for NO Magazine

Speaking of Jaeha, I had a photoshoot early today for NO Magazine. I was SO worried I wasn’t gonna be able to make the shoot because I got back to my room at round 6 or 6:30AM. Don’t ask why because it’s a LOOONG story. Anyway, I got up at 10 and I managed to sleep for 2-3 hours… not bad I guess. It would be interesting to see how the photos would look like considering a) I went to the studio all haggard (my skin is shitty and I didn’t put make-up on)and b) it was a super quick shoot – no make-up or hair people at all so it was raw. I could only wish for the photo chop gods to do their magic. Haha!

Now. This is me in Jaeha.

Bryanboy in Jaeha for NO Magazine

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Front Row at AG Research, Verge Breakthrough

20/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

AG Research & Verge Breakthrough

Look at all those raging queens on the front row at AG Research. From left to right: Imogen (the blonde one), Ryan in a feathered "Bryanboy Originals" neckpiece and Rick Owens top, Me and Jolyon from Grazia.

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World of Wonder

19/09/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, New Zealand Fashion Week

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This ginormous paper bag was made for World's runway show.

So tell me, how does this make you feel?

World, New Zealand

Thats all.

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Video Outtakes – Tank Magazine

12/09/2008, Current Affairs, Videos

Video Outtakes – Tank Magazine

Thank GOD for the weekend. I know I haven’t been posting a lot of updates as of late but I have so many things to do on my laundry list. It’s been crazy the past few weeks. Every day is a new day and 24 hours are SIMPLY. NOT. ENOUGH. Several insensitive readers even complained about the recent content of my site and how I should go back to “real” blogging. Whatever that is. Since when did blogging become a big fucking burden? An obligation? Although I completely understand where they are coming from, I, like everyone else, have my own set of P-R-I-O-R-I-T-I-E-S, a set of deadlines to beat. The problem with these people is that they expect far too much (which is already SO wrong) when, at the end of the day, they’re just spectators. I don’t even have time for a facial for goodness sake let alone sit here just to attempt to please everybody!

Enough whining. Here’s a super quick video of something I did for the next issue of Tank. Enjoy!

Tomorrow I’m doing L’Officiel. Which one… I guess I can’t tell.

And then I have my niece’s birthday to worry about.

God I need a vacation.

PS. I just read and re-read what I typed above and I apologize if I sound like a raging cunt. Don’t get me wrong. I *love* being busy. It’s all fun and good (while I’m still at my prime)… and I’m thankful for everything that is coming my way.

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10/09/2008, Current Affairs

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So I finally learned how to tie a necktie

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Bryanboy at Milk Magazine Hong Kong – 09/04/2008

07/09/2008, Current Affairs, Marc Jacobs, Press Coverage

Milk Magazine Hong Kong

Get yourselves a copy of this week's Milk Magazine, out now!

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Rajo Laurel + Rajo Red Gala

07/09/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Manila

Rajo Laurel

I had the opportunity to visit Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel’s beautiful office/atelier/showroom yesterday afternoon. Rajo is one of the Philippines’ most established designers. This man has dressed countless Filipino socialites, celebrities, etc… pretty much the who’s who of Manila.

One of the things I love most about my country is that you can practically visit any local designer and have something made (without buying off the rack) to your liking and your size. Think of it as having your own mini-”couture” experience (sketches, fittings and all) without the stratospheric price tags and thousands of hours of labour.

Bryanboy at House of Laurel
(btw the shirt is from Filippa K which I wore to go there…so ignore that. haha)

I wanted a few things made to match that sequined Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket I recently got. It’s funny how I’ve known him for a few years now and this is the first time he’s doing something for me. Here’s little video of Rajo in action. Ignore our voices please, especially mine. Baklang bakla talaga! LOL

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At Rajo Laurel’s Atelier

06/09/2008, Current Affairs

House of Laurel

I visited my friend Rajo at the House of Laurel earlier this afternoon.

My god. Since WHEN did I get a tiny waist?
(at least in pictures haha)

Rajo Laurel

Naomi Campbell for Yves Saint Laurent who? Manifesto what?

(No, those heels aren't mine.. they're just for the photo. Hah!)

That's all.

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Jet Magazine Hong Kong – 6th Anniversary Issue

04/09/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Press Coverage

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

I made a little cameo appearance on this month’s Jet Magazine (Hong Kong).

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

They interviewed four of their favourite bloggers, me, Jamie of Just Jr, Garancedore and Tommy of Jak and Jil. Click click click for an English translation of my answers.