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Essential Monday Reads

22/12/2008, Current Affairs, Random Cheesemax

Essential Monday Reads

Just two more days left. How are you guys coping? It's been crazy around here. I'm just about to go to my grandma's.

To take your mind off the holiday stress, here are a few links you may want to check out.

  • Shopbop just updated their winter markdowns up to 70% off. Stock up on cold weather essentials and for those of you in tropical climes, shop for accessories! Shopbop ships anywhere in the world and if you live in the USA, you get to enjoy free shipping. Go! [Shopbop]
  • I tend to wish for the impossible but you know what they say – if you don't ask, you'll never get it. Here's my holiday wishlist published over at JC Report. They asked some of their favourite members of the international fasheen pack what they desire this holiday season. The best things in life are always non-material and all items (except for one) on my wishlist reflect that so check it out. And if you guys know Daphne or Aliona, tell them I adore them so much. [JC Report]
  • Who knew my hot papi, photographer JD Ferguson,
    doesn't drink? He hasn't touched anything in fourteen years! Now if
    only the same could be said about me and my cigarettes. I really need
    to stop. I love JD and so should you! [Starworks]
  • Are you taking advantage of the great British Pound to Dollar exchange rates? Koh Samui in London has a fabulous sale featuring frocks from Tsumori Chisato, Marchesa, Chloe and more. [Koh Samui]
  • The lovely folks over at COACD
    named their Top 25 Faces for 2008. It's nice to see my gurl Ali Michael
    on number four. I asked her what's the view like from the top of the
    list and she said COACD saved the best for last. LOL. April Fools' Day
    must have come four months early or eight months late. It's funny
    because I have this plan of conspiring with an agency to put me up on
    their website just for fun for April Fools' next year (and tell my
    readers 'y'all won't believe it but I'm now a non-werqing mo' but it looks like it came early. Just kidding. I'm truly honored! Thanks. You guys rock! [Confesions of a Casting Director]
  • Hop on the spiral bitch! If you're a big fan of art, fashion and amazing, inspirational photography, be sure to add my friend Ryan's blog on your blog feed. [Hop on the Spiral Bitch!]

Last but not the least, designers Michael Angel and Jaeha would like to wish y'all a happy & festive holiday season.

More updates in a bit. I'm late!

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16/12/2008, Current Affairs


Jesus bajeezus. I just had a haircut like two or three weeks ago and my hair is long again. Ugh. I was supposed to get a haircut earlier this morning but I got up late so I missed my appointment.

photo: filbert kung

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Bryanboy at Oryx Magazine, Qatar Airways

11/12/2008, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Bryanboy at Oryx Magazine, Qatar

I may have my feet on the ground right at this very moment but ladies and gays, I've invaded the friendly skies! With a monthly readership of 1 MILLION people, Oryx is Qatar Airway's inflight magazine and they featured several fashion bloggers this month. Yay. I hope all the oil sheiks and their glamazon wives swilling champagne and feasting on caviar at First Class take notice of me. Adopt me please and buy me beautiful nice things from Villa Moda. No wait. Buy me VILLA MODA. In Kuwait. As in the entire store!!!!! Just kidding.

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Live on the Web

08/12/2008, Current Affairs, Fun, Videos

Live on the Web

Bryanboy for Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia is dat chu? I’m so swamped with work I thought I’d take a break from it all and play around the the webcam with friendly internet randoms…

Oh the HILARITY… I swear to god I cannot stop laughing watching these vids you are about to see. It’s like reading an old copy of Vogue Italia while smoking crack. Just kidding!

NOW GO! Click click click!


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Point and Shoot

06/12/2008, Current Affairs, Malaysia, Malaysia International Fashion Week

Point and Shoot

There are so many things to blog about my trip to Kuala Lumpur so I’m gonna save blogging the shows for the last. 

Speaking of shows, the schedule on the first day of Malaysia International Fashion Week wasn’t as packed so upon the recommendation of one of the girls who worked there (imagine my surprise because I was expecting to do the shoots later towards the week), I skipped the afternoon to go to a shoot by one of Malaysia’s bright young photographers, Vince Paul Young, for two Malaysian magazines, NewTide and New Icon.

Click click click!


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Quik Pod Extended

04/12/2008, Current Affairs, Shopping

For Steve

Steve from London visited me while I was in KL. More about him later.

*photo via quik pod/ebay

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Bryanboy and Peaches Geldof @ No Magazine New Zealand Issue 4

03/12/2008, Current Affairs, New Zealand, Press Coverage

Bryanboy @ NO Magazine New Zealand Issue 4

Remember the spontaneous, last-minute morning shoot I did in Auckland a few months back? Well, the latest NO Magazine (issue four) is out now. Brit naughty IT-girl Peaches Geldof is on the cover.

Peaches Geldof on the cover of NO Magazine New Zealand

And here’s me in Jaeha who I love and adore. Too bad they didn’t show the red hooker heels which I LOVED.

Bryanboy in NO Magazine New Zealand

In spite of that busted face after a week’s worth of late nights out, I guess you may now add “International Part-Time Supermodel” in my resume. Hahaha! ;-)

Click click click for outtakes!


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Attention Singapore

03/12/2008, Contests, Current Affairs

Attention Singapore

If you haven't bought the December 2008 issue of Style: magazine, do so now! I FIIIINALLLLLLY got hold of the last four copies at the airport (Terminal 2). I'm not sure IF or WHEN they'll replenish it but I've been told by a few readers they're having trouble getting hold of their own copy because it's been sold out at a few locations. I really do hope that's the case. I want **MY** issue to be flying off the shelves so that Wayne Sterling can also say on camera that I'm moving issues like Natasha Poly… and then I'll get to shoot MOOOOAR editorials and spreads. Hahaha! No seriously, buy one or two copies now. I'm going to Singapore soon (when… I don't know. But still.) and I'd be more than happy to sign them for you. Feeling model/celebrity attention hog much?

7:20 am

At the airport…

25/11/2008, Current Affairs, Videos

At the airport…

Here I am again…

7:14AM and my face looks busted! I got here like about half hour ago and I’ve had no sleep at all! As always, I packed at the very last minute. Woe is me.

I also got a haircut yesterday. I wanna replicate what they did for me in Singapore but alas, I didn’t get what I wanted.

9:44 am

Style: Magazine Singapore December 2008

19/11/2008, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Press Coverage

Style: Magazine Singapore December 2008

If you’re in Singapore, get yourselves the latest copy (December 2008 issue) of Style: magazine. It should be out now. YOU HAVE TO BUY NOT ONE BUT TEN COPIES AND MAKE IT THE BEST-SELLING ISSUE EVER. I’LL EVEN SIGN IT FOR YOU IF WE SEE EACH OTHER!!! HAHAHA!

There’s a BIG editorial with me in it.

Bryanboy at Style Magazine Singapore December 2008

Click click click!