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Le Look Total

07/09/2012, Current Affairs, Jason Wu, Marni

I don’t usually do head-to-toe looks (no, seriously) but I guess it’s alright when you have very little time to decide what to wear and you’re on a mad dash. I wore a few things from Marni’s cute pre-fall collection and took these pics en route to the Rag & Bone spring/summer 2013 show.

Bryanboy wearing Marni pre-fall 2012
Bryanboy wearing Marni pre-fall 2012 and Jason Wu bag

Sunglasses by Celine, top, trousers and shoes from Marni, bag from Jason Wu

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Fashion’s Night Out 2012: Marni

07/09/2012, Current Affairs, Events, Fashion and Style, Marni

How did you celebrate this year’s Fashion’s Night Out? I hosted a cute party at Marni Edition at their Meatpacking District (1 Gansevoort Street) store. DJ Indigo Clarke and Jisoo Hong provided the music and guests were treated with lovely bubbly and nibbles. Finding myself hand out Marni balloons (featuring illustrations by Brian Rea) to shoppers and random passersby was my highlight of the night. Who, afterall, doesn’t like balloons?

Bryanboy holding balloons outside the Marni Edition store in Meatpacking District, New York

Shirt, cardigan, shorts and shoes by Marni

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07/09/2012, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers

Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, is my hands-down, my favourite street style photographer. I have nothing but pure respect to his work. He’s able to capture his subject’s true sense of style in a very authentic manner. I went to the private viewing of his exhibit at the Danzinger Gallery a couple of days ago. I suggest that you pop by and visit, or, if you are not able to go to the gallery, buy his new book, ‘Closer‘.

Bryanboy and Rumi Neely at The Sartorialist's Closer exhibit at Danzinger Gallery, New York

“Closer” by Scott Schuman is available for viewing at the Danzinger Gallery (527 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011) from September 6 until September 15, 2012.

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Donatella’s World

07/09/2012, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Fashion Designers, Versace

Donatella and Me

I’m very excited for Donatella Versace’s official online e-commerce store which is going to be launched very soon. I’m a big fan of Donatella’s work. The energy and creativity she brings to the house is very much synch with her brother Gianni’s legacy. Donatella has worked with fashion bloggers in the past and I’m thrilled to be working with them once again this season — I’m very curious what outfit I’ll wear to her show! Anyway, I suggest that you immerse yourself in Donatella’s world — visit their website, subscribe to their email newsletter and visit their YouTube page to watch the latest runway and backstage videos of Donatella’s collections.

YouTube Preview Image
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02/09/2012, Current Affairs

And just like that, summer is now on its final leg. It’s almost autumn, you guys! I thought I’d spend the last few days of summer with my partner. I haven’t seen him in almost three months. People often comment on how crazy long distance relationships are but when you’re in love, you have to do what you have to do in order to preserve your relationship. If you have to talk on the phone and skype a couple of times a day then so be it.

Bryanboy after a concert in Stockholm

Moving along, I went to my first classical music concert last night. For real. My man, don’t laugh now, likes to sing as a hobby and he was invited to perform at the choir. Sweden’s greatest conductor, eighty five-year old Herbert Blomstedt, conducted Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D Minor.

My partner bought me 2nd-row tickets and boy, what a delight. These classical concerts, I’m telling you, are major. Sitting there made me feel like my ears were on a roller-coaster ride. Imagine your ears and your brain playing a game, guessing where the sound is coming from. Is it the violin on the left side of the stage? The right side? Wait, there were 500 violins and little wooden musical instruments with strings etc. It was intense. And brilliant at the same time.

I honestly thought I’d fall asleep after the first five minutes but I survived the whole duration of the concert. And I loved it! OK, fine, I initially felt I stood out like a sore thumb because I’m young (compared to majority of the silver-haired guests), and I probably was the only Asian in the entire concert hall.

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Exclusive Preview Of The New Margiela Collection

28/08/2012, Current Affairs, Prada

Just kidding!

Bryanboy with an empty rack of garment bags
Bryanboy wearing a Michael Angel t-shirt and Prada shoes
Empty plastic garment bags
Rumi Neely and Bryanboy walking to Jeffrey store at Meatpacking District

On me: t-shirt by Michael Angel (click HERE), shorts by Theory, sunglasses by Celine, backpack and shoes by Prada. Photos by Fabian Hart.

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Very Village People

28/08/2012, Accessories, Current Affairs, Hats, New York City

Rumi and I trekked to the East Village this Sunday for brunch at Via Della Pace. It’s been a while since I last had eggs benedict, smoked salmon and mimosas on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I love the East Vilage. I really do. There are tons of cute little cafes, restaurants and vintage shops. I should come back there more often.

Sunday brunch at Via Della Pace, New York

Hat by Suzy O’ Rourke, shirt, black short-sleeved sweater, shorts by Theory, shoes by Louis Leeman, backpack by Prada

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A Mixture of Textures

25/08/2012, Accessories, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, J Crew, Oscar de la Renta, Prada

How are you prepping for fall? I bought this tweed outfit (top and trousers) from J Crew sometime last week and I thought it would be cool to elevate the look with this ultra chic and ultra luxe crocodile Oscar de la Renta small dex bag. Ditto with the floral appliques of the new shoe from Prada. Little touches of lady-like goodness certainly won’t hurt a boy from time to time.

Bryanboy in Pumphouse Park, New York City

Sunglasses by Celine, custom-tailored white shirt, Theory jacket, tweed top and trousers by J. Crew, shoes by Prada and Small Dex crocodile bag by Oscar de la Renta.

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American Eagle

21/08/2012, Current Affairs

It’s ironic how denim *anything* is the ultimate, effortless staple, like a crisp white button-down shirt or a soft, white cotton t-shirt and here I am, constantly struggling to find ways to integrate denim in my looks.I’ll be honest when I say that it’s my least favourite fabric. That doesn’t mean I’m completely discounting denim from my closet either. I do wear jeans from time to time, like, whenever I’m having ‘lazy’ days or the very rare occasion when I feel like doing so but really, denim is my last option. And I love it.

Rumi and I made a pit stop somewhere in between West Wendover and Winnemucca, Nevada to admire the insane view of dirty nothingness. And what better way to celebrate such moment than paying a nod to what was, historically-speaking, the fabric of choice of the working class. Gold rush, anyone?

Bryanboy wearing an American Eagle denim jacket

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Boys of Middle Earth

20/08/2012, Celine, Current Affairs, Phillip Lim, Prada

What’s worse than a crying infant while trying to sleep on intercontinental flights? A twenty-minute ferry ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn filled with children laughing, children crying, babies who ate their own fingers and hands, babies who dropped their pacifiers on the floor, etc etc etc. I’m very much pro-water taxis but yesterday’s trek was something else. Rumi and I were surrounded by screaming toddlers on the ride to Williamsburg.

Bryanboy smoking a cigarette in Williamsburg, NYC

Top by 3.1 Phillip Lim, shorts by 3.1 Phillip Lim, bracelet by Hermes, sunglasses by Celine, handbag by Celine, shoes by Prada