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Robyn (Dancing On My Own) at’s 10th Anniversary

16/09/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Events, Music, Robyn

Robyn (Dancing On My Own) at's 10th Anniversary

This has got to be my favourite non-fashion moment this season. Yes kiddies, it's Robyn singing in front of me. Not more than a meter between us in fact.

Watch this vid. Emotional eh?

Some of you may remember how I met her in Stockholm last month at the Cheap Monday show.

When I heard the news how Robyn's gonna be at the party here in NYC, I went straight to the front. I love Robyn and her songs and I've always wanted to see how she performs live. She didn't disappoint. I still want to see her in concert.

I couldn't control myself I ended up singing with stylist Sam Spector, designer Prabal Gurung and models Siri Tollerod and Alana Zimmer and everyone else in the audience.

I love Robyn!!!

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Halle Berry for Vogue USA September 2010 Issue Cover

12/08/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, Magazine Covers, Vogue USA

Halle Berry for Vogue USA September 2010 Issue Cover

Here it is… the cover we've all been waiting for. Forty three-year old Halle Berry is the star of American Vogue's September 2010 issue.

Halle Berry for American Vogue Cover September 2010

First impression: WOW!!!!

Second GLANCE: WOW!!!!

Third look: Woah, that is some SERIOUS jawline…. and the neck.

What a glamorous cover. The haircut suits her well, too. Very sharp.

However… I think I'm the only one who will say this but isn't she supposed to be a black woman? She looks a few shades lighter…

I can't wait to see the magazine in print. I love Halle Berry and of course, I love American Vogue.

photo via: usa today

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Elle UK September 2010 – Emily Blunt + Bryanboy

10/08/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Current Affairs, Elle UK, Magazine Covers

Elle UK September 2010 – Emily Blunt

British actress Emily Blunt, in Valentino, is on the cover of Elle UK's September 2010 issue which is out on newstands now.

Emily Blunt on the cover of Elle UK September 2010 magazine

I also made a cameo appearance on their Little Black Blog feature.

Bryanboy for British Elle

Thank you so much Elle UK for the lovely feature. I'm honored!
Also, special thanks to Kaye S., my reader from the UK who scanned the page for me. You're a doll!

scan credits: mackers79, kaye s.

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Caption This: On The Front Row

02/08/2010, Caption This, Celebrity Gossip, Elle UK

Caption This: On The Front Row

A Twitter follower recently spotted me on this item at British Elle's Fall/Winter 2010 Runway supplement.

Rachel Zoe, Christopher & Tammy Kane, Anna Piaggi, Me, Lindsay Lohan, Clive Owen and Courtney Love.

How would you caption that photo?

  • “Sorry about the queue guys. The nurse will see you now, Ms Zoe. I hope you haven’t been to the bathroom before you came.”
  • Being mentioned in one sentence with Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love can’t be a good thing. Before you know it people will speculate on your substance abuse problem.
  • Did Clive Owen effectively just de-closet himself?
  • Clive Owen’s dropped his standards, being seen in that lineup, it’s not exactly Reservoir Dogs.
  • "I can make out a woman who looks rather like Halle Berry, but can’t spot Bryanboy."

I just think it's amusing to be included in that list of boldface names… special thanks to British Elle for the lovely mention.

photo via: twitpic

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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos

01/08/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Politics, Vera Wang

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos

Some dubbed it the American wedding of the century.

<p.Former American First Daughter Chelsea Clinton married investment banker (I want one) Marc Mezvinsky yesterday in Rhinebeck, NY.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos - dress by Vera Wang

Chelsea Clinton’s dress, as previously reported on WWD, was made by Vera Wang.

Click click click for more photos!


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Taylor Momsen for John Galliano Fragrance Shocker

24/07/2010, Celebrity Gossip

Taylor Momsen for John Galliano Fragrance Shocker

John Galliano is releasing a new fragrance this fall and Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey), yes, that Taylor Momsen, is the face of the advertising campaign.

Taylor Momsen for John Galliano Fragrance

My first reaction was: OH MY GOD THE END IS NEAR!
My second reaction was: OH MY GOD THE END IS NEAR!
My third reaction was: OH MY GOD THE END IS NEAR!
(Ok, that's a lie)

Is big Papa John back to his shock-and-awe tricks cause let me tell you, I'm in shock but I'm definitely not in awe.

I love John Galliano with all my heart but this is just disappointing. Taylor Momsen? Really? Has it really come to this?

No, it doesn't smell like teen spirit to me.

It smells like the final nail to the coffin if you ask me.

Sorry but for now, show's over.

photo via: just jared

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Anne Hathaway’s 2nd Vogue Cover?

22/07/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Vogue USA

Anne Hathaway’s 2nd Vogue Cover?

Here’s Anne Hathaway on her January 2009 American Vogue cover shoot.

Anne Hathaway Vogue Cover January 2009

Blake Lively got her 2nd cover this year… will Anne Hathaway get another cover at American Vogue?

Let’s see… Anne is working on a few films — “Love and Other Drugs” which is due to be released on November this year, “Rio” and “One Day”.

I guess we’ll see in the next few months.

I wonder when Tilda Swinton get her own American Vogue cover. Paging Anna?

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The Scene at Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010-2011

15/07/2010, Aliona Doletskaya, Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Celebrity Gossip, Chanel, Current Affairs, Fall Winter 2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Haute Couture, Paris

The Scene at Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010-2011

Ahhh Chanel. The crown jewel of haute couture collections. Chanel is Chanel; it’s the grand-daddy of shows in Paris. I squealed with delight when the lovely folks at Chanel asked for my mailing address in Paris. I had no idea what they are about to send me. It could be anything, you know? Mailing list? Promotional material? A new fragrance? Lookbooks? Nope, they sent me my first haute couture show invitation. Although I’ve done the NY/Europe menswear and womenswear circuit for a few seasons, I’m still a couture virgin.

Until now.
(Well, until last week lol)

Bryanboy at Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010
photo credit: ana clara garmendia

Click click click!


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Boss Black/Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2011 Finale

10/07/2010, Berlin, Celebrity Gossip, Hugo Boss, Spring Summer 2011

Boss Black/Hugo Boss Spring Summer 2011

View from my seat at the BOSS Black/Hugo Boss spring/summer 2011 fashion show here in Berlin.

Some of the models I’ve spotted at the show: Rose Cordero, Jourdann Dunn, Jessica Stam and Iris Strubegger.

Also, the super cute German Actor, David Kross was one of my seatmates. See the video above. He sat beside me on my right. It’s funny because I didn’t recognize who he was until after the show when a frind told me he was one of the actors on that beautiful film The Reader, starring Kate Winslet. I saw that movie on the plane from Manila to Amsterdam not too long ago.

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Jessica Alba in Paris and Berlin

10/07/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba in Paris and Berlin

How funny. I saw Jessica "Don't Call Me Latina" Alba at Chanel Haute Couture in Paris just a few days ago…

Jessica Alba at Chanel Haute Couture

… and then she sat a few seats away from me at the Hugo Boss show here in Berlin.

Jessica Alba at Hugo Boss

Don't call her Latina…