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Behind The Scenes With Tobey Maguire

11/07/2011, Ad Campaigns, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, Prada

Here’s a quick, behind-the-scenes video of Tobey Maguire’s fall/winter 2011 Prada menswear ad campaign photo shoot with David Sims.

YouTube Preview Image


I thought it was totally random, not to mention surprising, for Miuccia to use a celebrity for her fall/winter menswear ad campaign but the result, nonetheless, is quintessentially Prada. I love how Toby’s mysterious, curious and innocent look matches the collection’s aesthetic. There’s also that undeniable element of geekiness that makes it oh so cool. And those lurex pieces? Mark my words — they’re the new season’s must-have!

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Emma Watson for Vogue USA July 2011

14/06/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Magazine Covers, Prada, Vogue USA

Once upon a time, I’ve looked up to the international editions of Vogue to find something new to inspire me. You know… something new, something that isn’t the same old, same old, something extraordinary. But what happens when most of the international Vogues become repetitive and the big elephant in the room, the grand-daddy of all Vogues, start flexing its muscles? Well, one cannot help but feel its powerful presence. This is what’s going on at the moment. American Vogue is on the right path (war path, perhaps?), taking me on this rollercoaster ride of glamorous extravaganza as of late. When young starlet Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame chopped her locks last year, the first thing that came to my mind was — VOGUE cover! Fast forward a year later, here’s Emma, in Prada, on the July 2011 cover of American Vogue. I love the transformation! Dudette is finally a lady.

Emma Watson in Prada on the cover of Vogue USA July 2011

I can’t wait to get this issue. Bravo Anna, bravo!

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Lady Gaga’s 2011 CFDA Acceptance Speech

08/06/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Lady Gaga

The CFDA awarded Lady Gaga the “Fashion Icon” award on Monday. Here’s her acceptance speech. Her quip about her text message exchange with Anna Wintour was hysterical.

YouTube Preview Image

Gotta love Anna for being a good sport.

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Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

02/06/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Musings

Robyn has a new music video — Call Your Girlfriend!

YouTube Preview Image
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Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside

30/05/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Lady Gaga, Music

You have to watch this intimate interview that was aired on MTV a few days featuring Lady Gaga. Between you and me, her music and her outlandish spectacle of outfits and crazy sets are almost secondary on what I like about her. I love what she represents, I love what she stands for, I love her message, I love her vision. No other artist pushed the envelope like Gaga in recent years. She’s the best.


Click click click to continue watching.

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Penelope Cruz for American Vogue June 2011

22/05/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion and Style, Magazine Covers, Vogue USA

Following the blockbuster Lady Gaga (pink hair) and Rihanna (red hair) covers, how refreshing is Penelope’s US Vogue cover? She wore Dolce & Gabbana throughout the issue. What a natural beauty!

Penelope Cruz for US Vogue June 2011 cover

THUMBS UP: Joan Small’s editorial was my favourite. I also love the Novak Djokovic piece. His body is pure perfection. Dasha Shishkin’s feature was a great read. Liu Wen in Prabal Gurung looks glamorous.

THUMBS DOWN: Slightly disappointed with the “America Beautiful” fashion spreads — I liked Karlie and Raquel, Arizona was too practical and Isabeli, for the lack of a better word, looks cheap. Also, Index was very weak.

I’m gonna read the whole magazine soon.

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Britney Spears for Harper’s Bazaar USA June/July 2011

16/05/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Magazine Covers

Brit Brit Britney Spears is on the cover of the June/July 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar USA magazine.

Britney Spears cover of Harper's Bazaar June/July 2011 issue

Phillipe Blond is dat chu?

YouTube Preview Image


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Met Ball After Party at the Top of the Standard Hotel

04/05/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Current Affairs, Events, Fashion and Style

You know you’re having a jolly good time when you’re in the same room, chatting, dancing and drinking with the world’s fashion and entertainment royalty at the Top of the Standard Hotel (formerly known as Boom Boom Room). The room was filled with one major star after another…. it felt like you have to be a star to be there!

Bryanboy at the Top of the Standard Hotel 2011 Met Ball After Party

Hat, bowtie, vest, jacket, trousers from Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Jil Sander

After the jump: Dr. Lisa Airan (in Alexander McQueen), Alexander Wang & Fergie, Brit Maren & Nicole Richie, Sally Singer, Hamish Bowles, Stefano Pilati, Renee Zellweger, Fabiola Beracasa (in Givenchy) Iman, Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan & Calvin Klein, Chace Crawford, Marc Jacobs and more. Click click click to continue.

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The Royal Wedding

29/04/2011, Celebrity Gossip

At long last. William and Catherine finally wed!

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

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Reese Witherspoon For American Vogue May 2011 Cover

11/04/2011, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, Magazine Covers, Vogue USA

Reese Witherspoon, in Roland Mouret, is on the cover of May 2011 issue of American Vogue.

Reese Witherspoon in Roland Mouret on the cover of Vogue USA magazine May 2011

Reese looks terrific. The cover photo, shot by Peter Lindbergh, looks great! Very cinematic. This is the power of American Vogue at its best: the ability to transform Dorothy-next-door actresses into untouchable, unreachable, high-voltage glossy amazons.

Also, I must say that I’m very impressed that Anna Wintour picked a non-advertiser on the cover. Forgive me if I’m wrong but as far as I know, Roland Mouret doesn’t advertise yet.

I can’t wait to get my issue!