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2007 Grammy Awards: Jay Manuel

12/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Destination Amsterdam!

Everything about this guy is fake and he is sooo not perfect. I doubt the word "NATURAL" exists in his vocabulary. He is just wrong! SOOO FUCKING WRONG! Business must be booming for the folks at the International Male Catalog, purveyor of clothes to the world’s finest gigolos. Jay Manuel, this isn’t the fucking 73rd Annual Man-Whore Awards!!

I love the shoes though. The shoes are fabulous. The trousers? Hideous. Hideous!

10:40 pm

2007 Grammy Awards

12/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip, Music, Television

2007 Grammy Awards

Bloody hell.

Boy do I have a lot in store for you. All these photos from the Grammys are pouring in! I’ll be online for a few hours and I made a little "Celebrity Gossip" section on my site where you can read all my billion dollar thoughts on the beautiful ones.

Be sure to add this link on your bookmarks and/or keep refreshing it every once in a while. I’ll post all my Grammy-related entries there. Just give me some time to get my act together. There’s gonna be a lot and I don’t want to clutter my BEAUTIFUL homepage with photos of badly-dressed, overpaid larks who can sing do re mi fa so la ti do do do better than me.


I love you all!

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Coming soon!

12/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, Shopping Guide, Travel Guide

Coming soon!