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Chris Crocker at V Magazine Halloween Party

02/11/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Chris Crocker at V Magazine Halloween Party

Oh so now he’s also invading the fashion, too? Does Cecilia Dean know about this?

Chris Crocker, V Magazine 2007 Halloween Party

I am *so* jealous much!!!!! V Magazine better put me on the cover or else I’m officially turning my back against the magazine I loved since I was 13 and cancel my Visionaire orders. Emmanuelle Alt, please adopt me under your wing. NOW! I’ll bring my favorite leather jacket, striped tee, skinny jeans and my Marc Jacobs gladiator boots.

Just kidding. Do you really think Emmanuelle Alt will acknowledge my fat ass? That woman is so chic I bet she only likes chic people.

Excuse me while I throw up. Happy All Souls Day, everyone!

6:08 am

Zac Efron. Again.

22/10/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Zac Efron. Again.

Is it just me or is there anyone else on the face of the planet getting that "why do I feel like a dirty rotten cradle snatcher every time I see his photo" vibe?

Zac Efron

Note to self: stop reading A Socialite’s Life unless they enforce a Zac Efron ban. NO MORE TWINKS! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

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EEEEW!!! THIRD WORLD TV vs Victoria’s Secret 2006

31/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

EEEEW!!! THIRD WORLD TV vs Victoria’s Secret 2006

This is why I don’t watch mainstream third world TV. It’s one thing for fugly entertainers to sing other artists’ songs (copyright and all) and get paid for it…. it’s another to copy a concept altogether. In this case, bitches on TV copied the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, fake SEXY lights, fake cheap-ass fat midget angels with hideous hologram wings and a fake Justin Timberlake. Y’all should be stoned to death for putting crap like this on television.

NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is how you do it….

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PS. Tang inang yan, let me channel Malu Fernandez for a second… matapobre na kung matapobre but that act is really kacheapan! Masa to the max!

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Protected: What happened to Renee Zellweger?

28/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

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Introducing… BEARFORCE1

15/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Introducing… BEARFORCE1 FROM HOLLAND!!!!!!


NothingMauricio: we should be fat
Mauricio: I’m tired of being anorexic
Bryanboy: omg me too!
Mauricio: i’m going to grow fat and be a bear and drive around in a hummer
Bryanboy: and be hairy
Mauricio: i’m already hairy. but it’s like i’m not happy
Mauricio: i lose a size and i’m still not happy. i guess fat people are happier
Bryanboy: then get fat and just let yourself go. i’m letting myself go.
Mauricio: the fats want to be thin, the thin wants to be thinner. nobody is ever gonna be happy so i might as well just go buy a caftan
Bryanboy: HAHAHA. that is so true. being fat is a sign of happiness… too much happiness leads to depression and too much fat makes you even more depressed so you eat more.
Mauricio: you know being fat was a status symbol? like centuries ago
Bryanboy: yep, i know that. like women in maldives or malawi or mali or mal whatever
Mauricio: we should just grow fat
Bryanboy: i’m already fat
Mauricio: and you know what? galliano still has to make the dress fit us
Bryanboy: who makes clothes for fat people anyway? lane bryan? lane bryant? i forgot. where does velvet d’amour shop?
Mauricio: velvet d’amour doesn’t shop. she wears sheets because she’s poor
Bryanboy: OMG i died hahahaha you’re so nasty
Mauricio: and bryan?
Bryanboy: what?
Mauricio: don’t you LOVE food?
Bryanboy: fuck you.

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Zac Efron Wallpaper

15/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Zac Efron Wallpaper

I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist. Zac Efron has got to be on my desktop at least over the next few days. The funny thing is that I don’t even like him THAT much — hello, god forbid I get busted for pedophilia — how old is Zac Efron anyway? 12?. I’m dunzo with twinks, I’M TELLING YOU, DONE DONE DUNZO, but there’s just something (strangely) attractive with that child.

Zac Efron on Bryanboy's desktop

Please, good lord almighty, help me.

3:44 am

Sienna Miller for US Vogue September 2007 Cover

14/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Sienna Miller for US Vogue September 2007

Here’s a preview of the most highly-anticipated magazine issue this year (and American Vogue’s biggest, thickest, heaviest, extra extra large issue ever)… Sienna Miller for September Vogue!!!!

Sienna Miller for September Vogue 2007 Cover, Marchesa dress
Photo credits: NY Post/

Here’s a zoom…

Sienna Miller for September Vogue 2007 Cover

Looks like she ended up wearing Marchesa instead of Valentino and the photos she took in Rome will most likely end up as a fashion editorial. After all the hype and Amy Winehouse Vogue cover rumors, can I just say I’m a little disappointed with the cover? Another Hollywood blonde in a white dress. Typical. Predictable. Boring.

In any case, it’s Vogue’s biggest issue ever (840 pages with 727 pages of ads) so I’ll prolly be the first one to get it because at the end of the day, extremely boring and dull covers and whatnot, we still love Vogue.

6:46 pm

Remember the old days?

12/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Remember the old days?

When Sweet Valley was our Gossip Girl, YM was our Teen Vogue and Teenbeat used to be our Us Weekly? Before they had the Zac Efrons and the Shia LaBeoufs, they had….

Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Andrew Keegan

And who could’ve forgotten Melissa Joan Hart and Larisa Oleynik? I just wish the ground would open up and swallow me alive like right now.

Don’t y’all dare lie to me and tell me you don’t know ANY of these people. I know you do. In fact, I bet some of you still have those Tiger Beat and Teen Beat centrefolds… HAHAHAHA!

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I don’t like Josh Hartnett anymore.

09/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

I don’t like Josh Hartnett anymore.

Josh Hartnett is one of those guys who I think is really cute amongst the young Hollywood set but after watching this disgusting sleazeball little tramp named "Thea Aquino" do her tricks on him, who was hired to play the role of a stripper on Hartnett’s new film, all I have to say is thanks but no thanks. 

According to the TV interview, that girl Thea went "all the way" and went NAKED with Josh Hartnett for 6 hours, wearing nothing but sandals. Also, Josh Harnett wasn’t able to look at her and she didn’t knew what he felt. SHE LOOKS LIKE A BLOODY TRANNY WITH CHEAP DENTURES!


Pass me the sick bucket please. I want to throw up.


PS. Can you tell I’m seething with envy?
PPSS. At least they used a "nobody" instead of say, an established third world whore actress who will prolly use that scene to get extra mileage/bragging rights. Good for you Thea, good for you.

9:15 pm

Amy Winehouse for Vogue USA (September 2007)

04/08/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Amy Winehouse for Vogue USA (September 2007)

I died.

Just kidding. Thanks, Jezebel, for the laughs.