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Rachel Bilson’s Chanel Wayfarer Sunglasses

22/07/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Caption This

Stop what you are doing right now and analyze.

Rachel Bilson, Chanel green wayfarers

So tell me buddy, how does Rachel Bilson (in Chanel wayfarers) make you feel?

4:22 am

What happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s MOLE?

17/07/2008, Celebrity Gossip

What happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s MOLE?

As a young child, I would often get into big, huge, big, HUGE arguments with my mother about Cindy Crawford’s mole. I insisted her mole was fake because I saw countless photos of her with and without her mole.

Cindy Crawford Mole

During my late teens (and for as long as I remember), Enrique Iglesias’ mole annoyed the SHIT out of me. Such an enormous flaw on a very pretty face. His ginormous mole reminded me of our President, her molexcellency, the fuglia Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo whose mole is so big it has its own zip code. Read my lips woman, that shit ain’t no mole… that’s a bloody wart! I’m so glad Enrique got rid of his mole though.

Enrique Iglesias Mole, President GMA Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Mole

Speaking of mole removals, it seems as if Sarah Jessica Parker got rid of her trademark mole.

Sarah Jessica Parker Mole Removal

OH NO SHE DIDN’T! I used to dislike her mole but I learned to appreciate it over the years. Her mole deserves a friggin award AND a bloody Upper East Side mansion! I can’t believe she got rid of it. *sigh*

2:54 pm

Chace Crawford: Before and After

26/06/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Chace Crawford: Before and After

How do you feel about Chace Crawford?

Chace Crawford gay, Gossip Girl

Yes they are the same person! Looks like someone went through a very awkward (and very camptastic fruity) gay twink stage. That smile is SOOO flaming!

9:05 pm

Christina Ricci @ The Met’s Costume Institute Gala

08/05/2008, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style

Christina Ricci @ The Met’s Costume Institute Gala

One word: FEROCIOUS!

Christina Ricci in Givenchy, Met Costume Institute Gala

Christina Ricci

I’m not a big Christina Ricci fan but come fuckin on. She looks sooo FEROSH in Givenchy. I think she’s the best-dressed of them all. She really came full circle eh?

1:33 pm

Amy Winehouse’s face

23/03/2008, Celebrity Gossip, Music

Amy Winehouse’s face

To be quite honest with you, I think this is more severe than a regular skin disease. She’s literally deteriorating right in front of our eyes!

Amy Winehouse face, skin disorder, disease, impetigo, aids, face

I’m not sure whether you remember the latest season of Project Runway but remember the HIV+ guy whose face blew up because he had staph infection and pus was leaking out everywhere? That’s what Daily News reported and I cannot help but wonder whether Amy Winehouse is suffering from the same thing.

Whatever it is, get well soon, Amy!

5:40 pm

2008 Best Dressed and Best Actress: Marion Cotillard

25/02/2008, Celebrity Gossip

2008 Academy Awards Best Dressed: Marion Cotillard

Another year, another selection of safe and boring choices made by the usual Hollybore suspects. As far as my humble opinion is concerned, I think Marion Cotillard deserves this year’s Best Dressed award. I love her Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture gown! Girl you are fierce!

Marion Cotillard, 2008 Academy Awards, Jean Paul Gaultier, Best Actress, Oscars

Work it! Work that Best Actress Oscar award, Work Marion Cotillard, work!

Big, big, big, big congratulations to Marion! You are amazing!

12:10 pm

Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) at the 2008 Academy Awards

25/02/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) at the 2008 Academy Awards


Oh no she didn’t. The venerable Nan Kempner must be rolling in her grave as I’m typing this. Ultra-exclusive and ultra-discreet secret haute couture club members around the world are probably popping xanax and clonazepam because of this Valentino disaster.

Miley Cyrus, 2008 Academy Awards, Valentino

I know it’s VERY wrong to hate (sorry guys) on a 15-year old girl but fucking hell. Congratulations, Miley Cirus AKA HANNAH MONTANA for single-handedly murdering one of Valentino’s last haute couture gowns for EVERYBODY. Ruined, I tell you, ruined!

Is that the foul smell of haute couture order cancellations littering the air? Click click click for more evidence of this monstrosity.


4:56 pm

Tara Reid and Julien MacDonald are FRIENDS???

24/01/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Tara Reid and Julien MacDonald are FRIENDS???

Fuck me with a fruitcake. I’m going through over 400 blogs right now using my blog reader and found this via Perez:

Tara Reid, Julien MacDonald, Nobu London

"… is escorted by a friend out of London’s Nobu Berkely restaurant…"

HELLO! Julien MacDonald is a totally important British fashion designer. I have no words. This is unbelievable. Julien MacDonald are you out of your mind??? What’s next, Miuccia Prada and Jason Biggs? Marc Jacobs and Bryanboy? Hedi Slimane and Stifler’s mom?

12:36 am

The day I defied my Britney ban

05/01/2008, Celebrity Gossip

The day I defied my Britney ban

Today is the day I’m gonna defy my personal Britney ban to bring you…

Britney Spears Insane

15 police cars, 3 ambulances, a dozen helicopters. I have no words, really. The world has gone insane the same way Britney did. Poor girl. Poor, poor, poor sad girl.

On the contrary, I’m back from my blogging holiday!

12:17 am

Mischa Barton – DUI, Drug Possession and Driving Without License!!!!

28/12/2007, Celebrity Gossip

Mischa Barton Busted – DUI!!!!

Say hello to the newest member of the celebrity DUI club. I really don’t understand why these bitches don’t have drivers. Why oh why oh why oh why can’t they be like the Olsen Twins? Or Naomi Campbell? Or Kate Moss? Hello! Driving is so pedestrian, if you know what I mean. To be quite honest, I would rather stay at the back of the car instead of driving!

"TMZ has confirmed that Mischa Barton has been arrested for DUI,
possession of illegal narcotics and driving without a valid license."

Mischa Barton Rap Sheet, DUI, Possession, Driving without license.

Hilarious. Can’t wait to see what Mischa Barton’s mugshot looks like. (Update – 4:08AM: I have the mugshot!! Will keep you posted in a bit.) Time to hook my fat ass on the webcam again. This is SO gonna be good. Just for your reference…

Click click click!