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Scarlett Johansson for Self Magazine China November 2008

04/11/2008, Celebrity Gossip, Press Coverage

Scarlett Johansson for Self Magazine China November 2008

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of the November 2008 issue of SELF Magazine China.

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Angelina Jolie for Harper’s Bazaar UK December 2008 Cover

03/11/2008, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style

Angelina Jolie for Harper's Bazaar UK (December 2008)

Well well well, what do we have here? The "face shot" on magazine covers trend continues. This time it's Angelina Jolie on the cover of the December 2008 issue of British Harper's Bazaar magazine.

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Paris for President VIDEO – Paris Hilton

27/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Paris for President – Video

And how does this make you feel?

Paris Hilton is also on the November 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Drew Barrymore cover).

Paris Hilton for President photo posing with a pink white house on the background.

HB: Please summarize your presidential platform.

PH: I will carry out a foreign-policy platform that will transform America’s role in the world to that of a proactive, not reactive, superpower that will use diplomacy and incentives to head off trouble in unstable regions before they unravel out of control. I will also be wearing platform shoes when I meet with foreign dignitaries to accentuate my well-toned calves.


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Fat Beyonce as Etta James for Cadillac Records (Movie)

24/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Beyonce as Etta James for Cadillac Records (Movie)

Big gurl you are beautiful! Beyonce Knowles (whoops… Beyonce AKA SASHA FIERCE) recently piled on a mind-blowing 15 pounds for her role as Etta James in a new movie called Cadillac Records.

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Mr. Blackwell Dead at 86 (RIP Richard Blackwell)

20/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Mr. Blackwell Dead at 86 (RIP)

Dang! Here's something for you celeb addicts out there. You know the annual Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List? Well, the old dude who wrote the annual list of celebrity fashion horrors, Richard Blackwell, passed away over the weekend.

*photo credit: hollywood grind

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Victoria Beckham’s Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Shoes

20/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Victoria Beckham's Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Shoes

You know those ultra-cool, spiked Christian Louboutin for Rodarte shoes we were all lusting about back in February of this year? Well, here's proof that there are bitches out there who seem to have it ALL.

*photo credit: faded youth blog

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Suzy Menkes, Marc Jacobs, Jennifer Lopez, CNN

19/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style

Happy Anniversary Suzy Menkes!

It’s nice to know Suzy Menkes is human, too. I was going through Karen Kooper‘s amazing fashion week videos. Someone was interviewing Jennifer Lopez backstage at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 show in New York… lo and behold I saw International Herald Tribune’s Suzy Menkes walk past and whoopsie daisy, she spotted J. Lo.

Jennifer Lopez backstage at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009

Suzy comes closer..

J.Lo backstage at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 fashion show

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Ruffa Gutierrez at Supreme to the Extreme Awards

18/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Ruffa Gutierrez

Oh my god. I almost had a heart attack during my encounter with Ruffarigno last night. I got starstrucked! Oh my gas… lumabas talaga ang inner jolography ko!!! Ruffa Gutierrez, as you know, is one of the major celebrities here in the third world. Her family is 104% showbiz! She’s EVERYTHING — ex-beauty queen, actress, tv host, etc etc etc.

Ruffa Gutierrez

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie DIVORCE

16/10/2008, Celebrity Gossip

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Oh my god it’s so official. After almost 8 years of marriage, pop queen Madonna and Guy Ritchie are now divorcing!

Madonna, Guy Ritchie Divorce

According to AP, here’s their official statement: “Madonna and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after seven-and-a-half
years of marriage. They have both requested that the media maintain
respect for their family at this difficult time.”

How sad!

*photo credit: TMZ

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Roshumba Williams

26/09/2008, Celebrity Gossip, New Zealand Fashion Week

Roshumba Williams

Roshumba Williams is one of the front-row fixtures during New Zealand Fashion Week. Out of EVERYONE in Auckland, she worked it like she owned it. According to one of the fashion week minders volunteers I chatted to, Roshumba had 5 costume changes on Day 1 alone. Tinsley Mortimer is dat chu? People were talking about her throughout the week — the press and photographers love her. All the kiwis were all like “she’s a supermodel promoting her book” etc etc etc. OK. Who is Roshumba and why have I *NOT* heard of her before?