Have you seen the February issue of Fashion magazine Canada? This nugget brought a smile to my face because I don't really consider myself as an IT person… but hey, I'll take the compliment, thank you very much. LOL.

IT Boys

I'm chuckling because I always get flashbacks every time I come across the term "IT".

My first exposure to the big, wonderful world of IT people was back in the dark ages when I used to buy all those British magazines. There was this woman called Tara Palmer-Tompkinson who was nicknamed, duh, "TPT". I'll never forget that photo of her in a bikini and some snorkeling gear…. and a big fur coat to top it all off. She was photographed EVERYWHERE. I was like who is she? What is her purpose in life? Why is she in all of these magazines? TPT aside, there's also that blonde Lady what's her face, oh yes, Lady Victoria Hervey. Hysterical. 

It's always nice that my Paris crew, my gurls Charles, Sonny and Jean-Paul, are getting attention. I miss you ladies!

And yes, we need an ad campaign. The four of us. Diversity represent.

Thank you so much Fashion magazine. You guys rock!

photo credit: tallulah_belle