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A Very Thai Lunch

30/01/2013, Bangkok, Current Affairs, Fashion Designers

Back in Bangkok, I had lunch at the Greyhound Cafe (it’s a quintessential Bangkok institution) with several Thai designers. I told them that the pleasure was all mine. Although I’ve been to Bangkok a handful of times over the years, I never really had the opportunity to get to know the (thriving, if I may add) local fashion scene until now. Fun times!

Bryanboy at Greyhound Cafe, Siam Center
Thai designers at Greyhound Cafe
Greyhound Cafe, Siam Center Bangkok

Greyhound Cafe at The Siam Center, Bangkok
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Trunks by Timo

19/01/2013, Bangkok, Menswear

I found the perfect swimming trunks! I’m obsessed with these geometric and graphic swimming trunks by Thai brand Timo. So cute! Love the colors, the cut, and the fit. No one in this planet should ever wear board shorts unless they’re a surfer. Also, no one should ever, EVER wear those icky bikini speedo-cut trunks unless you’re part of the (US) Olympic swimming team.

Yellow and blue Timo swimming trunks
Red, white and blue Timo swimming trunks
Geometric Timo swimming trunks

Available at Siam Center, Bangkok

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Siam Center Bangkok

19/01/2013, Bangkok, Shopping

As you already know, I recently went to Bangkok for the reopening of the iconic Siam Center after extensive renovations. It’s one of my favourite shopping destinations in Thailand. The Siam Center is one of Bangkok’s first shopping malls. If you ever visit the city any time soon, you must go to Siam Center. They alo have multiple ongoing art exhibitions in the shopping mall — as of today, you’ll find a few works by Andy Warhol (Silver Factory), Yohji Yamamoto (Anatomy of Black) and Jiro Endo’s The Illumination of Light.

Siam Center Bangkom Reopening
Silver balloons at Siam Center Bangkok
Siam Center interiors

The Siam Center is quite accessible. Just tell your taxi driver to take you there, or, take the super speedy Sky Train and get off at the ‘Siam’ exit.

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The 48 Hour Trip: From Florence to Bangkok (Part 2)

13/01/2013, Bangkok, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Milan, Swiss Airlines, Travel, Zurich

The high-speed train ride from Florence to Milan was so smooth I pretty much slept throughout the entire journey. One of the attendants woke me up just minutes before arriving into Milan’s Central Station.

Milano Centrale

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Longest Layover

17/08/2011, Bangkok, Mumbai

How do you feel about television spoilers? Unlike most people, I don’t mind knowing how a story (or season) ends before watching the actual episodes. It’s like knowing your destination in advance before traveling. Like what I recently said on Twitter, most of the fun happens during the journey itself.

Bangkok Airport Arrivals Area
Bangkok Airport Departures Area
Bryanboy's black suitcases

After what I went through this week, I feel like taking that statement back. It’s been a madhouse over the past few days but I finally made it here in Mumbai, India. The journey here (via Thai Airways) was hardly smooth as silk. My flight to Bangkok was a disaster. What was meant to be a two and a half hour flight turned into a whole day affair. I went to the airport at 11AM for a flight that was meant to leave at 1:05PM. Due to technical difficulties on my original flight, I ended up taking another flight a full eight hours later… at 9:30PM! It was midnight by the time I arrived in Bangkok and because of my luggage situation, I didn’t get out of airport until around 1:30AM. Since I missed my connecting flight to Mumbai that night, I was placed on the next available flight at 8:40AM the next day. That means a) I had to be at the airport a little after 6AM and b) no sleep for me in spite while waiting at yet another airport hotel for five hours…

Fast forward to Mumbai, I was stopped by Indian Customs Officials when I got here. They opened my suitcases in front of everyone and found a laptop, a camera, an iPad and three cellphones. They tried to pull a fast one on me. They invented some random perceived value for my USED electronics, before demanding that I pay 36% taxes even if a) they’re for personal use and b) I’m not an Indian citizen. They asked me why I have three phones and I said well, one is my Asian number, one is my US number and one is my European cell. One of them argued that I’m giving away my phones as a gift. I have no idea what drugs they were taking because clearly they are incapable of telling the difference between a used and a new phone. Do I look like the type who give used phones as presents? I refused to budge on what clearly was an extortion attempt so I called my Indian hosts. While waiting, I saw that they stopped this pretty Indian lady because she had an iPad. Same thing — they tried to extort money from her but she said her iPad was used and for personal use. She then showed personal photos to Customs Officials. Ka-ching! That prompted me to do the same thing with my phones — to counteract their argument that I’m giving away phones as gifts, I showed them yes, naked (but tasteful, think Blake Livelyesque shots) pictures of me in the bathroom. I told them I have very personal photos on my phone and there’s no way I’d give them out. They eventually believed me and let me go without paying a single dime.

It was a harrowing experience but to be honest with you, it could’ve been worse. I was surprised they didn’t open my camera tripod case. That’s where I keep my vibrator — an exact, latex copy of my boyfriend’s peen ( Don’t judge now. Homegirl got needs too! Can you imagine some middle-aged Indian guy waving my vibrator around the airport asking what that thing is? That would be THE day.

Namaste Mumbai! I’m glad to be back in India.