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Meedja Whore

08/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Current Affairs, Press Coverage

Meedja Whore

One of the things that surprised me the most during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is how the organizers (IMG) AND traditional media gave much-needed credence (and a very warm welcome) to bloggers. I’ve always considered myself as a fashion outsider/voyeur/spectator so for me to actually fly my arse out of the third world on my own dime to experience and witness fashion in action for the very first time was mind-blowing. I was nervous and scared at first. I’m no journo who often goes to sponsored junkets and international events backed by big media corporations. In the words of Clueless Tai, I’m a virgin… who can’t drive. 

But yeah… never in my life I’ve been proud to say “I’m a blogger”. Being the one-man circus that I am, I confess that it was somewhat intimidating to be milling around the tents, the “media” room and the front-row surrounded by hardworking journalists of impressive resumes and backgrounds: people who truly worked their way to where they are to deliver information to the public. I highly doubt (I said doubt… correct me if I’m wrong) Australia is the same as the Philippines
where anyone with the “right” last name can get a position in the media with a snap of a finger. In any case, everyone in RAFW was super, super nice and I learned so much from everyone just by interacting with them.

And then there’s ickle ol’ me. The online freak who lives in front of the computer blogging about himself and his unhealthy obsession with all things fashion all-night long. Isn’t it amazing? I don’t know about you but it’s a bit weird waking up to Australia’s leading newspapers with my fug fug fugly mug on it. But yes… I’m extremely glad they are promoting blogs, bloggers and blogging. I even made it on Australian television! ROFLMAO!

We live in interesting times indeed. I know I have lots to learn. Every day is a new day and I try to absorb as much as I can with every experience, good or bad. I was telling a friend on my way to the airport how I want to take up further education (journalism, english classes, etc.) to improve my craft and expand my vocabulary. I have a little laundry list that I want to fulfill. We’ll see. Here’s a toast to evolution… cin cin!

PS. Thanks to The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne) and Sun Herald.

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Front Row at LIFEwithBIRD

08/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Current Affairs


It’s nice to finally have met Bali-based Aussie designer Nicholas Morley. I love this guy. He’s one of the reasons why I started obsessing about Australian fashion. Him and the non-existent email customer service at Tuchuzy, who, until this date, had not replied to my email from last year. Haha!

Nicholas Morley and Bryanboy, front-row at LifeWithBird

LIFEwithBIRD is a cool clothing label started by Bridget McCall (Alice McCall’s sister) and Nicholas Van Messner. They’re based out of Melbourne.

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Bryanboy’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Highlights – Part 1

06/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809

Bryanboy's Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Highlights – Part 1

(in no particular order)

1) Material Boy shoes

Alice Burdeu
Photo by Sonny Vandevelde

2) The gorgeous, gorgeous clothes of Akira Isogawa
3) Catching Alice Burdeu backstage and on the runway
4) Getting lost and arriving super late at the Romance Was Born show only to see the finale (at least I got to see the clothes backstage)
5) Lovely, lovely dinner with Jayson Brunsdon at China Doll restaurant
6) Gorgeous dinner with Kirrily Johnston at Icebergs, Bondi until we were the last table left
7) Meeting Marc (of Camilla & Marc) backstage at their show
8) Mistaking Adam as Simon Lock of IMG
9) Chatting to Jodhi Meares, Alex Perry and Jonathan Pease
10) Meeting Fern Mallis (and sharing a table TWICE)
11) Been given the tip by Albert, the buyer of London superstore Brown's, that a cool place to go for basic menswear for thin, slim guys like me is the boys section of Brooks Brothers
12) Photo booth session with upcoming designer Dion Lee at the Little Hero party
13) Shaking Grant Pearce's hand (I know, I know)

More to follow…

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Jodhi Meares at Alex Perry

04/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809, Fan Art

Jodhi Meares at Alex Perry

Jonathan Pease aside, guess who I bumped into at Alex Perry’s show earlier this week?

Jodhi Meares

It’s Jodhi Meares, host of Australia’s Next Top Model! I love her! I really do! Isn’t it funny how I obsessed about AusNTM last year and now, all of a sudden, I have met some of them in flesh?

I need to catch up with Cycle 4. I’ll do that as soon as I get home.

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Akira Isogawa

04/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809

Akira Isogawa Finale

Akira Isogawa is one of Australia’s brightest fashion stars! His show this Friday was the last show on the official RAFW schedule. I took this video from the front row.

What a beautiful collection. A lot of the dresses are absolutely stunning, especially the colours. Gorgeous!

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04/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809


Polly is the buyer for Selfridges and like me, she's (she WAS) here for fashion week. She's the funniest person you'll ever meet. She's smart, absolutley hilarious and sweet. I really like her! We even have these funky names – Polly is P-Chick, Julien from Villa Moda is J-Dawg and I'm B-Boy.

Polly, Selfridges

I learned SO MUCH about buyers after spending time with Polly and Julien the past few days. They were very, very insightful.

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Swag, swag, swag

04/05/2008, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809

Swag, swag, swag

Here’s the first batch of the freebies I got in the past week from attending the shows. My favourite has got to be the cute keychain from Akira, the neon-coloured rubber bands from Sass & Bide Vie, the handpainted scarves (?) from Easton Pearson, MAC lip conditioner and yes, I even got a rubik’s cube!.

The $64 million question is… what should I do with this 500 ml bottle of Fluffy Ultra fabric softener? Excess baggage is US$25 per kilo…

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Front Row at Illionaire

02/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809

Front Row at Illionaire

The Ilionaire show was quite fun. The clothes are youthful and cute. I *love* the gold shoes on the guys and of course, I love their little look book/catalog as well.


Check out what it says on the front.

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Lovely Lunch

01/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809

Lovely Lunch

3:47PM and I just got back from a lovely lunch at this quaint Thai restaurant called “Sailors Thai” with Jason of JC Report and Julien, the ooh la la hot buyer from Villa Moda. Had a very interesting conversation about life in general. Believe it or not, it’s my first PROPER meal of the week, rice and all. I love it!

Julien is the hotness! I swear, he is even more chica in person. Check out his Prada man bag.

Mas gwapo siya in person, I swear. Mahal ko na siya grabe nakakaloka!!!

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Quick Break

01/05/2008, Australia, Australian Fashion Week Spring 0809

Quick Break

Day 4 of the shows here at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and I'm just taking a break from all the action. Went to the Camilla show this morning, sat front row right beside the OMGGORGEOUSNESS buyer from Villa Moda. Also went backstage to take photos for The Age, a broadsheet down in Melbourne. Hotness!!

I love you all! More updates soon!!