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If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven

12/04/2012, Austin, Current Affairs, Rag & Bone

Do you ever get those lazy, cloudy days when it feels like there’s nothing interesting and important to do in life but shop? Rumi and I (translation: Rumi took charge of the steering wheel, I took charge of google maps on my iphone) drove aimlessly around Austin for what seemed like hours before deciding to just cave in to our desire to buy things. You know… little things, small things, new things, anything! We ended up at good ol’ Barney’s where I picked up this cute, chevron-printed silk-blend Rag & Bone shirt.

Bryanboy at Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin
Bryanboy wearing a Rag & Bone chevron shirt
Door with stickers at Mean Eyed Cat Austin Texas
Taxidermy Feline at Mean-Eyed Cat Austin

9:33 pm

Back At Your Local Pump And Dump

10/03/2012, Austin, Bally, Current Affairs

I always feel a sense of a pride every time I master a new skill. In America, people pump their own gas tanks (is it New Jersey where they don’t? not sure) so naturally, pumping gas is something that is absolutely foreign to me. Until my gurl Rumi taught me how to do it during our quick jaunt to Austin. The act of filling your tank with something so dangerous and lethal is something that is so scary and fulfilling at the same time.

Bryanboy getting out of a car at a gas station in Austin
Bryanboy pumping gas in Austin, Texas
Austin pump and dump

Sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent, fur collar from Adrienne Landau, shirt from Dolce & Gabbana, jeans from Acne, bag gifted by Bally, shoes from Givenchy

7:53 am

Texas State Capitol, Austin

07/02/2012, Austin, Current Affairs, Givenchy, Hermes, J Crew, Versace

No visit to Austin is complete without popping by the Texas State Capitol. Afterall, Austin IS the state capital. Rumi told me for the most part,  American capitals are not the biggest cities in the state, ie the capital of California is Sacramento (and not Los Angeles), the capital of New York is Albany (and not New York City), so on and so forth.

Bryanboy wearing a printed Versace shirt and J Crew sweater
Bryanboy outside Starbucks in Austin

Sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent, sweater by J. Crew, shirt gifted by Versace, bracelets from Hermes and J. Crew, belt by J. Crew, jeans by Acne, boots by Givenchy (click HERE to buy), fur collar by Adrienne Landau, bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim (borrowed from Rumi)

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Mean-Eyed Cat Bar

05/02/2012, Austin, Current Affairs

Quite possibly one of the most interesting bars I’ve been to. Imagine a real real American dive bar with bartenders with real guys with moustaches and beards etc in the movies where you sit on a stool etc… that’s what it’s like. Amazing!

YouTube Preview Image
12:53 am

South Congress, Austin, Texas

05/02/2012, Austin, Current Affairs

A visit through Austin’s South Congress (aka SoCo) is a MUST. It’s Austin’s coolest area brimming with great cafes, cute little shops, etc. I’ll post a list of my favourite places in Austin. Also, you MUST visit JO’s…

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