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Burgers, Backpacks and Nazi Officers

26/05/2011, Art, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Stockholm

I’m a sucker for cheap thrills. I bought this embroidered backpack during a recent trip to Marrakesh for almost nothing. I’m not really a backpack person as you know, but I am genuinely going through an ‘unconventional bag’ moment. I’m obsessed with bags that are out of the usual designer norm — bucket bags, backpacks etc. Bless whoever made the Moroccan backpack for not being consistent with the color of the straps — one of them was brown and the other was a darker shade of coffee bean.

Bryanboy wearing a backpack at Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Sunglasses by Karen Walker (click HERE), coat from Whyred, backpack from Morocco, socks from H&M, shoes from Lanvin

What was meant to be a healthy, ‘let’s have a salad’ for lunch trip ended up as a “burger n’ beer” binge with a side serving of a museum visit. We went to Stockholm’s Moderna Museet. Click click click for more pictures.

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H&M’s Your Art Here

09/05/2011, Art, Contests, Fashion and Style, H&M

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your work printed on a t-shirt and sold by one of the biggest fast-fashion retailers in the world? My beloved H&M has a contest for budding artists in the USA and I’m thrilled to be part of the jury.

Winners will receive a $500 H&M gift card, a $2,000 check and have their artwork printed on a t-shirt that’s going to be sold at H&M stores throughout the United States.

Deadline for submissions is May 25, 2011.
Contest is open to legal residents of United States only.
Click HERE to read the official rules of the contest or visit for more information.

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Guess the Hobby?

26/07/2007, Art

Guess the Hobby?

Here’s another clue… I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie if you figure out what I’m gonna use these for and no, it’s *NOT* what you’re thinking.

paintbrush and palette

Answers on a postcard…

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18/10/2006, Art, Current Affairs


You read that right.

It’s not every day I dream of something. The last time I had a dream was back in 1942 and it involved Valentino and his yacht as well as those silly little amphetamine pills they prescribe for children with ADD.


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An Autobiography: Richard Avedon + Malcolm McLaren

09/10/2006, Art

An Autobiography: Richard Avedon

Come on monsieur i take your hand if you got some time to spare.

Armed with a pint of ice cream, I decided to raid our mini library once again. I know I said I’m NEVER GONNA DO IT EVER SOBER but I need to keep myself occupied. This rather LARGE book caught my eye…

When I saw that 13-year old book on the shelf, I asked myself, "isn’t Richard Avedon a very important fashion photographer?" My sweaty hands and whatever internal organs I have left went convulsing: I just have to open the big brown book with the big red letters.


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Protected: Art Attack!, Greetings From The Third World, Donatella Versace in Da House, Random Cheesemax

13/04/2006, Art, Current Affairs, Fan Art, Fashion, Fun, Press Coverage, Random Cheesemax, Shilebrities

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