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Boss Women: Anna Wintour

28/08/2012, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style

This video is a must-see. In 2000, the BBC profiled my beloved Anna Wintour. Very ‘September Issue’-esque, if you ask me. There’s a lot of similarities on the way they edited the documentary. Keep an eye out for the John Galliano cameo. TONNE GOODMAN LOOKED LIKE TILDA SWINTON NOW and Plum Sykes (“The clothes that people wear here during the day are the clothes that most people would wear on their most glamorous night of the year! Who else would wear a Dolce & Gabbana chiffon skirt like THIS to the office? Only me or only someone who works in Vogue, you know!“), god I love her, was hysterical! I also love how Anna wore a lot of trousers (vs her now-trademarked printed shift dresses) back in the day. Fashion and styles have changed dramatically over the years but her passion and dedication to her work and the fashion industry remains the same. She’s a visionary woman.

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Anna Wintour: Don’t Be Late

05/06/2012, Anna Wintour

Bravo Mama Anna for endorsing Mr. Obama!

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Diamonds Are Forever But J. Crew Is A Gurl’s Best Friend

26/02/2012, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style

Something funny really happened earlier this morning at the Marni show. Before taking Anna’s photo, she quipped, ‘wearing your diamonds today…’. I couldn’t help but smile AND wished my cubic zirconia aka broken glass necklace from J. Crew were from Graff instead. He he he ;-)

Anna Wintour at Marni fall/winter 2012

Always a delight to see Mama Wintour!

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The Scene At Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

19/02/2012, Anna Dello Russo, Anna Wintour, Backstage, Fall Winter 2012, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs

I’m on a time crunch (packing for Milan, working on a few deadlines) but allow me to share some images before and after the Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2012 fashion show earlier this week. It was so lovely seeing Marc once again — and he looks so handsome, as always!

Marc Jacobs backstage at Marc Jacobs fall winter 2012 fashion show
Anna Wintour wearing a Celine fur coat at Marc Jacobs fall winter 2012 fashion show
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Direct or Indirect Order?

16/02/2012, Anna Wintour, Ralph Lauren

It’s the final day of New York Fashion Week and my first show was Ralph Lauren. Said hi to Anna Wintour earlier in her seat. After taking her picture, she asked me if ‘m going to London. I replied by saying I’m going to Milan and Paris; then she told me “I think you should. It’s good!”

Anna Wintour at Ralph Lauren
Anna Wintour at Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2012

I rang my boyfriend after the show and he said, ‘I think it’s a direct order that you should hop on a plane once New York Fashion Week is over’. Anna’s right. There’s a lot of interesting and talented young designers in the London scene, everyone from Erdem to Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane and my friend Mary Katrantzou, Jonathan Saunders and JW Anderson. If it only wasn’t so expensive to go to London I’d go in a heartbeat but alas, my commercial relationships in NYC and Milan outnumber to my slim-to-none in London. Ahhhhh there’s always next season.

Always so lovely seeing Anna. She’s my heroine!

Next pit stop is Calvin Klein show at 2PM. That’s 45 minutes from now.

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The Mothership

05/11/2011, Anna Wintour, Current Affairs, Louis Vuitton

The moment arrived at the Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando earlier this afternoon.

Anna Wintour at Louis Vuitton at Fashion's Night Out Tokyo 2011

Belated happy birthday Mama Wintour! It was so lovely seeing you again.

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The Scene At Chanel Spring Summer 2012

19/10/2011, Alexander Wang, Anna Wintour, Chanel, Fashion and Style, Spring Summer 2012

People always, always shake their heads in disbelief whenever I tell them I need to be home early the night before a Chanel show. It’s important for a girl to get a lot of sleep. Afterall, one has to wake up early. I like to go to the Grand Palais at least an hour before the show starts to see what the incredible Karl is up to. What I like about Chanel shows (at least the ones I’ve been to) is that you can guess the theme of the set based on the invitation. I had a hint that it’s going to be an aquatic set when I received mine. However, no amount of guessing or hinting can replace the actual experience of being there and seeing it for yourself. Karl and his team have always blown my mind (and expectations) away. They turned the Grand Palais into a magical ocean bed, complete with underwater creatures — octopus, seahorses, fish, clams, starfishes, etc.

The set of Chanel spring summer 2012 fashion show in Paris.

After the jump: Alexander Wang, Carine Roitfeld, Franca Sozzani, Lady Amanda Harlech, Uma Thurman, Hamish Bowles, Anna Wintour and more!

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Saint Wintour

25/08/2011, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, Vogue USA

Have you seen this video interview of Forbes Magazine featuring Anna Wintour? Watch it.

I’m extremely fascinated by her. I really am. I find her truly inspirational. What I like the most is her clear point of view. She knows what she wants, she’s decisive and she always strives for the best. If anything, she’s gracious and very professional.

I thought the advice she gave about remaining true to yourself was spot-on. Simple but powerful words.

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Ab In Die Front Row!

15/07/2011, Anna Dello Russo, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, Fashion Editorials, Glamour

I don’t speak German but I can if you like.

Glamour Germany, Ab In Die Front Row

My reader Emily emailed me scanned images from German Glamour magazine’s July issue. They cheekily paid tribute to their favourite characters on the Front Row: the Anna trifecta (Wintour, Dello Russo and Piaggi), me, Tavi amongst others. Although I no longer wear heels anymore, I thought the styling was cheeky, approachable and very commercial. And fun!

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Anna Wintour for Marriage Equality

20/05/2011, Anna Wintour

Reason #1,907,472 why American Vogue’s Anna Wintour rocks: she supports gay marriages and marriage equality! Major!

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