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Aliona’s Interview

01/12/2011, Aliona Doletskaya, Fashion and Style, Moscow

Aliona Doletskaya is the new Editor-in-Chief of the new Interview Russia and the soon-to-be-launched Interview Germany magazine. I’m a HUGE fan of Aliona’s work. She’s a beacon of strength and vision. I always look forward to seeing what she’s doing.

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Dinner With Jean Paul Gaultier in Red Square, Moscow

29/07/2010, Aliona Doletskaya, Fashion and Style, Fashion Designers, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vogue Russia

Dinner With Jean Paul Gaultier in Red Square, Moscow

I’m still trying to recover from yesterday’s tragic news.

The folks at Vogue Russia just posted a recent video of Aliona Doletskaya having a lovely chat with Jean Paul Gaultier.

Aliona is bad ass! How many chain-smoking, BRA-LESS (?), tank top-wearing, husky-voiced Editors who still looks chic while interviewing a legendary French designer in the middle of Red Square do you know? She’s irreplaceable!

We’ll miss you Aliona!!!!!!!!

Please come to America! There are tons of magazines out there who need your ferocity.

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Aliona Doletskaya Resigns From Vogue Russia [Алена Долецкая]

28/07/2010, Aliona Doletskaya, Fashion and Style, Vogue Russia

Aliona Doletskaya Resigns From Vogue Russia

I am in shock. This is truly unbelievable and I personally didn’t see this one coming considering I just saw her at Chanel FW2010 haute couture three weeks ago.

If you were to go by the official statement on their website, my favourite Vogue Editor in Chief Aliona Doletskaya, whose work I genuinely admire, left Vogue Russia after thirteen years.

Aliona Doletskaya

I have great admiration to her vision.

Her magazine is extraordinary. What separates Vogue Russia from the rest of the snoozefest mainstream glossies is that it has the perfect balance between high fashion and commercialism. Her editorials are always interesting, always strong.

Unlike many, many magazines who usually conform or cater to the masses, Aliona is never shy to make a statement. She breaks the mold, she sets standards and she also creates beauty out of something new, something we’ve never seen on other magazines.

That’s what makes her exceptional.

It’s the end of an era if you ask me. A great loss to the Conde Nast stable of publications.

Aliona, thank you so much for the memories, for inviting me to moscow, for welcoming me to your office, for inspiring me, inspiring us and also, thank you for your support over the recent years.

I wish you nothing but the very best on your future endeavours. I hope to see you sometime soon.


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The Scene at Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010-2011

15/07/2010, Aliona Doletskaya, Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Celebrity Gossip, Chanel, Current Affairs, Fall Winter 2010, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Haute Couture, Paris

The Scene at Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010-2011

Ahhh Chanel. The crown jewel of haute couture collections. Chanel is Chanel; it’s the grand-daddy of shows in Paris. I squealed with delight when the lovely folks at Chanel asked for my mailing address in Paris. I had no idea what they are about to send me. It could be anything, you know? Mailing list? Promotional material? A new fragrance? Lookbooks? Nope, they sent me my first haute couture show invitation. Although I’ve done the NY/Europe menswear and womenswear circuit for a few seasons, I’m still a couture virgin.

Until now.
(Well, until last week lol)

Bryanboy at Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010
photo credit: ana clara garmendia

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Aliona Doletskaya for Black Square Magazine Russia

23/12/2009, Aliona Doletskaya, Magazine Covers, Russia

Aliona Doletskaya for Black Square Magazine Russia

Russian Vogue's Aliona Doletskaya cheekily posed topless for the winter 2009/2010 issue of Black Square, an art + style magazine based in Moscow

Aliona Doletskaya for Black Square Magazine cover


Black Square Magazine

Mama Aliona is the coolest!

photo via: nika che

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Aliona Doletskaya’s Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bag

02/12/2009, Aliona Doletskaya, Current Affairs, Cycles & Seasons, Fashion and Style, Handbags, Louis Vuitton, Russia, Vogue Russia

Aliona Doletskaya’s Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bag

You’ve seen Victoria Beckham debut that cheeky and chic Louis Vuitton messenger bag with the fox fur tail keychain. Well, here’s yet another bag from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, this time it’s Aliona Doletskaya’s, beside from my very old Goyard. Like what I said before, I went straight to the Vogue Russia office as soon as I landed into Moscow after traveling for 26 hours with no time to drop my bags or change clothes at the hotel.

You honestly have no idea how GLAD I am not to have worn pyjamas to the airport (like I usually do)….

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 bag

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Reporting for Duty

26/11/2009, Aliona Doletskaya, Fashion and Style, Vogue Russia

Reporting for Duty

Just a quick post to let you know I arrived here in Moscow safe and sound after being away from the computer for almost 30 hours. I got here three hours ago.

Five minutes after checking-in at my hotel, I rushed to the Vogue Russia office to meet Aliona Doletskaya once again. This time, not in New York, not in Milan and not in Paris but in Moscow. Aliona, as you know, Editor in Chief of Vogue Russia. Aliona looked stunning as always and her team, super friendly and chic girls, are the best!

Aliona Doletskaya, Vogue Russia

I'm in tears right now, I swear. It's so surreal. I had goosebumps every where I looked in the office — there are so many images of beauty and fashion and art, it's inspirational!

Thank you to my new Russian friends for making everything possible.

I'll post more entries and photos later. I need to get ready soon because I have several events I need to go tonight and I'm kinda late.

I love you all. The best has yet to come. Keep dreaming like I do and don't let ANYONE stop you from doing so.  Because someday, you never know, your dreams might come true! 

Ok ok time to put on my fur.

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Алёна Долецкая – Истории в Деталях (video)

21/11/2009, Aliona Doletskaya, Fashion and Style, Russia, Vogue Russia

????? ???????? – ??????? ? ???????

My knowledge of Russian is very limited but I love this video interview of Vogue Russia’s Aliona Doletskaya at ??????? ? ??????? (History in Details).

I wish some generous soul put English subtitles to it but oh well.

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19/10/2009, Aliona Doletskaya, Vogue Russia


I know it's a little too late but I've just received my mail fedexed from home. You probably have seen images of Vogue Russia's September 2009 issue with Kate Moss but have you read the Editor's Letter? Inspirational words from Aliona as always.

I am convinced that if a woman has found her calling, only then does she understand her true worth. Take supermodel Kate Moss, for instance, who refuses to give interviews. The silent beauty (what need does she have to talk?) earns serious money by just doing what she does best. And no matter what tests and humiliations she must endure, she recalibrates the world to suit herself, becoming more beautiful, strong and successful in the process. Or take director and actor Renata Litvinova, who beats her own path through the arts - fearlessly and effortlessly. These and many other heroines of September issue -- indisputable professionals in their fields - are real women: beautiful, elegant, attractive and, in their own way, touching. They are the Thelmas and Louises of our time, who feel constricted in the cage of bourgeois values. They are happier going against the grain, beating the boys at their own game - when their blood races with success, and independence is no enemy of women's happiness. This month's Vogue is dedicated to these strong women - may there be ever more of them - and the no less strong and independent fashions they espouse. - Aliona Doletskaya

Don't move. The only thing I want to hear from you my dear reader is the word 'amen'.

Am I right or AMIRITE? What say you?

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Amazing Aliona

16/09/2009, Aliona Doletskaya, Fashion and Style, Vogue Russia

Amazing Aliona

Right before the Marc Jacobs show on Monday, I had an afternoon meeting/chat and drinks at the Gramercy Tavern with Simon Robins and the stunning Aliona Doletskaya of Vogue Russia, my favourite edition of Vogue.

Aliona Doletskaya

As you know, I’m a super big fan of Aliona and to spend time with her is something I never thought would happen. She’s INCREDIBLE! That’s all I have to say.

More updates to follow.

PS. Thank you for giving me a ride to the MJ show!