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Worthy of A Backstabber

27/05/2011, Accessories, Alexander Wang, Current Affairs, Handbags

And the backpack obsession continues. I fell in love with this Alexander Wang leather and canvas backpack the first time I saw it when Rumi and I went to the Opening Ceremony store in LA. We both weren’t in shopping mode at that time so I held off for a few days before buying it on Shopbop. It’s been years, no decades, since I last used a backpack heavily. It feels so good and liberating to be able to walk around the city streets with free hands and free arms, no wonder this bag is now my day-to-day bag. Cue ‘rolling with my homies’…

Alexander Wang backpack worn by Bryanboy
Alexander Wang backpack

Click HERE to buy or for more information. Turns out the Alexander Wang backpack is now on sale! Shopbop ships anywhere in the world for free, just a FYI.

3:28 pm

Kenzo Bucket Bag

23/05/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs, Handbags, Kenzo

Kenzo had a sample sale in Paris last week and I got quite a number of amazing things. This floral canvas bucket bag is very very cute. I love the jolt of colorful flowers against the hard, gladiatoresque leather details.

Kenzo Bucket Bag
Kenzo floral bucket bag
Kenzo canvas and leather bucket bag
Sunglasses from Miu Miu, t-shirt from APC, necklace and bag from Kenzo, jeans from Rag & Bone, shoes from Jil Sander

4:26 pm

Golden Addition

17/05/2011, Accessories, Fashion and Style, Watches

I told you. I don’t think I’d last this week without adding something new on my wrist. I popped by Colette earlier this afternoon and bought this gold Timex watch for 60 euros. I’m not really a watch person but I love the look of a big, clunky gold thing against all my bracelets. Perhaps someday, someone imaginary will gift me a nice, shiny, gold Rolex?

Gold Timex Watch from Colette, Paris

10:14 am

Neva Look Behind Yo Shawlda

15/05/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs

I am obsessed with all these ethnic-looking, Dries-y-ish scarves/shawls I found at the Moroccan markets on the cheap. I know it’s spring but it’s never too early to plan for fall looks.

Bryanboy wearing a scarf from morocco.

Click click click!

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I Think I’m Going Through An African Phase

14/05/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs

I had an epiphany earlier this afternoon before leaving the house for our picnic. I think I’m going through an African phase. I seem to add more and more bracelets on my wrist each day. Leather, stones, beads, the whole works. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next customs officer stop me for looking like a bracelet smuggler.

YouTube Preview Image


Bryanboy's bracelets as worn at a picnic in Stockholm.
Bryanboy's colorful beaded and leather bracelets.

11:05 pm

Wrist Candy

12/05/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs, Hermes

I took some of my new wrist candy out for a spin earlier this afternoon.

Bryanboy wearing various bracelets

Black tourmaline bracelet from Accessory Lab (click HERE), Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet (click HERE), hat and two leather bracelets from a souk in Marrakech, sweater from H&M, shirt from Prada, sunglasses by Karen Walker (click HERE).

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Marrakech Photo Diary

11/05/2011, Accessories, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Marrakech, Morocco, Shoes

I have never been anywhere as mysterious and exotic as Marrakesh. I had a vague idea of what to expect but I didn’t know it would be a million times overwhelming (in a good way!!!) in real life. Once you’ve seen the photos I’ve taken, you’d also be at a loss of words on how to describe what I saw. It’s like going through a time warp to be transported back to old times, except there are satellite dishes on top of every concrete structure everywhere. Talk about experiencing REAL “culture shock” for the first time. The city was a feast for the senses — marvelous colours, textures, scents… There’s always something to discover everywhere.

Bryanboy outside a store selling Moroccan carpets

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Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet

10/05/2011, Accessories, Fashion and Style, Hermes

After being separated with my man for almost two months, it’s nice to be back in his arms once again. Luggage in tow, I went straight to the Japanese restaurant near his workplace. I thought it would be nice to see him during his lunch break. There he was in his brown jacket, classic aviators, white tee and his so-called (this came from him not me) “fat jeans”. Reunited at last! I’ve been to many places, have met so many people but nothing beats the feeling of getting a big, bear hug from the one that loves you the most — and of course, the one that you love.

Purple Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet
Purple leather Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet

Speaking of love, look at my little homecoming present. It’s the Hermès Kelly Double Tour bracelet. I’ve been lusting over it for months, especially the green one that I saw in Paris during fashion week.

2:01 pm

Don’t Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

08/04/2011, Accessories, Shopping

I bought this red lego heart brooch from a store in Haji Lane, Singapore a few days ago. I wanted to give one to the BF the next time I see him but then again, it’s probably a bit too outré for his taste. I asked him on Skype if he would wear such thing. Our conversation went like this:

red lego heart brooch

Him: Where do you want me to wear it?
Me: On your coat?
Him: It’s summer soon…
Me: On your jacket?
Him: I only wear jackets if I go to formal events and the brooch is hardly formal.
Me: Ok I’ll give it to friends then.
Him: I can wear it on my t-shirt.
Me: Oh yeah.

Click HERE to buy a lego heart brooch online.

8:14 am

The Monogram Silk Scarf

08/04/2011, Accessories, Fashion and Style, Gucci

The kind folks at Gucci recently sent me a monogram silk scarf.

Gucci monogram silk scarf, blue

Gucci, established in 1921, celebrates 90 years old this year.